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Constant Increase in Crime in China. The true cause. [Copy link] 中文

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poverty and crime

watched cnn few years ago, it told a story in russia -- a farmer killed his neighbour.

The farmer was asked-- why you kill your neighbour?

the farmer -- he stole my potato

ask -- is it bad enough for you to kill him?

the farmer -- this is the only food I have, he stole my potato, then my children have to die


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my cellphone story

last year in a big city in northern China, I took taxi for lunch with my friend, and of course, I forgot my cellphone in the taxi.

called my phone when I realized what I forgot, the phone ring, and then the phone shut off, and then no answer.

for curiosity, I checked with a used phone store how much my old cellphone worth, I was told -- 200RMB.

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IT's still your fault, you foreign devil,son of a mangy dog!! Grandson of a scurvy Jackal! Great-grandson of a moulting vulture!!!! ARRRGGHHHH!!!*Tek wakes up*
Tek: Sorry, just having a bad embarrassed...
Forumites: What was the dream about??
Tek: I dreamt I was Silenced!!
Forumites: Gasp! How terrible...oh poor you...

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The good, the bad and the ugly

Since we are telling stories, here is mine.

Went to a bar one night and took a bag with me that contained a digital camera, my passport and some foreign currency. When I arrived at the bar I gave it to one of the bar attendants who placed it behind the bar for safe keeping. At the end of the night I left, got in a taxi and drove for about 2 minutes before realising I had left the bag behind (yes, yes, silly me)

So I go back to the bar, arriving within 10 minutes of leaving and most of the customers and staff had already left. The boss let me look behind the bar but my bag was gone, she assured me that she was sure it was in the safe keeping of one of her staff and to return the next night at 8pm when she was sure my bag would be returned.

Next night I get there and the bag has not turned up, all the staff were questioned and no one had seen it. It was at this stage that I suggested looking at the security videos (thankfully it was a big place and they had cameras). While reviewing the tapes, which unfortunately did not have the required field of view, the cleaner comes in and informs us that he has my bag. He said he came in at midday and found it behind the bar; obviously a lie because I had been back the night before, but he didn't know this. Anyway I wasn't going to argue as I was just happy to get my bag and more importantly, passport back.

So he gives me my bag back and I started to look through it - he hurriedly assured me all my belongings were still there - how would he know this if his story had been true? If his story was true, then the bag was sitting there for 9 hours before he even found it!

Anyway, although I knew he had lied about the incident I offered him 50rmb to say thanks....he had the audacity to tell me it wasn't enough!! After some arguing I gave him 100rmb and left - he was still argueing btw. It was later when I was checking my camera that I found he had taken 3 photos of the inside of his house with it, they were taken about the time I had returned the previous night and was looking for it.

Now the funniest part of all - all my belongings, including cash were were present with the exception of one thing, an Indonesian 100,000 rupiah note. It was actually the note of the lowest real value in my bag but had the most zeros. He probably thought he was rich. lmao.

Anyway, all that aside, I maintain that on the whole, Chinese people are some of the most honest and respectful of other peoples property that I know. Of course there is still a lot of petty crime, but that has to be expected with the huge population. I would be surprised if the per capita crime rate is much different to any other country in the world.

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Reply: Constant Increase in Crime in China. The true cause.

If you think crime is bad in China, you must visit USA, plenty of rapes, hate crimes, murderers, pedophilers, gangs violence, drugs, you name it.
I been to China. I feel safe there than in my own backyard.



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I have never been the victim of a crime.

Niether in China or the U.S. (or any other country that I have lived in).

The question I'd like answered is (perhaps westdragon could answer this one):  if the U.S. is so dangerous and China is so safe, then why are there bars on all the windows in China, but my mother in America doesn't even lock her doors at night?


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Maybe there aren't a lot of Chinese around where your mother lives.

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