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Constant Increase in Crime in China. The true cause. [Copy link] 中文

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Who is deleting the messages that I posted

Dear editor

I understand it might take some time for you to post the messages since there are so many of them here.However, the messages I posted with pictures of developer's deceptive site before and after are all true. Why is that those pictures can't be posted here?

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I notice that silenced and inquisition (one and the same?)have

gone mysteriously quiet on being asked for a more detailed explanation.

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Hahaha...on the spot executions??? Are you INSANE?

I was actually amused to see that someone finally posted about the rampant street crime.
I have heard of people stealing cellphones, right out of your hand/pocket etc. I merely put mine down and it was stolen...but that was my fault I guess.
Most disgusting is the number of robberies against young females. I know many girls who have been held up at knife point(including my own girlfriend). Some cut or beaten as well.
Problem with this is as loss4words said. NOBODY interferes, nobody talks, nobody calls police. People don't trust the police and are scared of the petty mobsters that preside over the little gangs of knifeboys, scared of connections, and some actually believe that these operate with the consent/protection of the police.
How is this 'the foreigners' fault??
*sarcasm light on* Well the foreigner hath bestowed opportunity unto a few individuals who chose to then horde it for themselves. In the OLD china everyone used to share, right??Jealousy is a foreign concept right??As is poverty right?? As is greed right??SOOoo solly...***
Now to blame this on foreigners is ludicrous, but it is expected of certain forum-MITES.
Silenced/Inquisition in particular (one and the same).
As for muzzling, it is merely to stop big dogs from drooling all over the forum.

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Had my scooter stolen...

...and almost nobody knew anything. Very unusual as it had just broken down, and a friend of mine said he saw somone towing it by bicycle up the road. Nobody else had seen anything.
My friend had a brand new motorcycle stolen a few months before.

I suppose that since the average Chinese opinion is that of Sil/Inq, we should despair, claim that nobody likes us, and go home. Or maybe just become hostile all the time. Naw...that is his plan. I cannot possibly explain why else we would claim that a nationwide increase in crime, is the work of .00001% of the people in it.

Here are a few outrageously stupid claims(j/k :).
I'm just trying to match the stupidity of the original post.
-the civil war was instigated by the chinese...
-drought in the praries?? Due to the Chinese experiments with weather domination!!
-Black on black crimes in South Africa?? Chinese for sure...more and more Chinese are going there on business. Coincidence?? I think not!!

Anyone can see how idiotic these accusations are...same as anyone can see the stupity of the original assertion. Why are there agreeing posts? Simple, it's the same guy. Multiple personalities, but sadly, all clones.

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jodysong has been deleted
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My purse, my cellphone were stolen in a week

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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Sorry 'bout your scooter tek,

I bet s/i has it. More about the influence of o/seas Chinese on crime. Did you know Sydney has a high crime rate, it also has a large population of Chinese, so it follows that ...............? It seems wherever in the world there is a large population of Chinese there are crime problems. I don't know about you, but using s/i logic I'm coming to the conclusion that something is afoot. Maybe foreign governments should look more closely at these Chinese communities to find the cause of all this crime.

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Pleasant experience

One time I was waiting for the train (subway) on one of those side benches... As the train came, we hopped on, then realizing that I have just left my cell phone on the bench!... I had it in sight, I was looking straight at it from the train, and as I tried to step off the train, the doors closed in my face... At that moment, a "subway worker/cleaner" picked up MY phone, looked at it for awhile and stuffed it in her pocket... Note, I'm watching her do this as the train speeds off.

I figured, ok, a "public" worker, one that I can seemingly trust, has found my phone, so I simply go back and get it.... right? WRONG

When I got back, she was no where to be found, so we asked one of the other workers there to help us find her... She was found, it was her, I remembered her face exactly... and we simply explained our story, and asked for the phone back.... she denied "I never saw a phone, yada yada yada"... meanwhile, furious, I kept repeating "I saw you with my own eyes!... stop lying, or go to prison"

She looked scared, frightened, and asked to <i>privately</i> talk to her worker friend in the washroom... 2 minutes later, the other girl comes out holding my phone... BUT WAIT, she doesn't give it to me just yet... why? "you must apologize for yelling at her" she said (the audacity, jees).... "Me? apologize? SHE should apologize to ME for LYING" I was fed up "give me my phone or else both of you are going to jail"... As we come back after getting a police officer, she instantly handed me MY phone... I never got an apology from her, but I <i>did</I> get one from the officer.

Just a story of many similar ones, no relevance to this particular thread.... But just to note that "public workers" aren't ones to trust. here.

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