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Constant Increase in Crime in China. The true cause. [Copy link] 中文

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Every man is guilty for all the good he didn't do.

I once, in broad daylight, saw two pickpocketers (a girl and a guy) trying to open another girls napsack from behind while walking.. I noticed this and quickly shouted and pointed to the theives, in hopes to prevent what was going to happen.. others stopped, some kept walking, security or police were nowhere to be found.. they DID stop, but the boy reached into his coat and pulled out a knife, as if to say "mind your business, or else"... I was puzzled and afraid.. called the police, as they (thieves) walked off...

What bothered me the most, is that these very two theives, if even caught, would be set free, with "lack of proof", as explained by the police... "lack of proof", meaning there'd have to be more eye witnesses to actually testify, and in most cases, people choose to be silent... then he later explained that I should just keep to myself and let the police handle such crimes... I guess that's fair, because it's only care for my safety... But I still wonder, as this does not solve anything.. the solution lies in the very root of the problem...and no, it's not foriegners, nor the "elite chinese".

Some people are afraid to step in if they encounter such incidents, not only fear for their lives, but fear to waste their time, for results that favour the criminals... as time passes, more people are afraid and choose to be silent, and before you know it, here becomes a whole society full of fear and doubt, in which case, the criminals knowing this, perform even more crimes, with the knowledge that they can very well get away with it.

It seems there has been a backward movement in social development.... it which lies one root of the problem... If only the initial fear was overcome, others would follow to prevent these crimes, and testify against them... slowly, criminals would then realize this, giving them less opportunity to perform such crimes.... and before you know it, crime will forever dissapear... ok, not totally, but it will no doubt decrease... but for now, that is obviously not the case... Is it reversible? well, with a population of 1.4 billion, and a very small percentage being the criminals... it should be quite easy... it's just a matter of  "breaking the ice", who would like to step up?... The other root? is well, pure evil, there's no point blaming who or why theives steal, or why others kill, hurt, lie.. etc. etc. etc... there is no explanation for evil, except evil itself.

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talking too loud

In Chinese something similar, I think, is called "da hua" or big talk. That is what this inq. guy does. And normally he is ALWAYS barking up the wrong tree.

In this country the security problems and 98% of crimes, according to the same country's authorities, are commited by Ch&nese. The other 2% have, in one way or the other, a foreigner involved.

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Classic chairmanesque thinking

The ghosts are back to their old tricks.

Here you have Silenced and Inquisition, claiming to speak for the typical Chinese, claiming to give the average Chinese person's opinion, but spewing forth paranoid xenophobia.  Making completely outrageous claims:  foreigners are responsible for street crimes in China.

Obviously it's ridiculous to make such a claim.  You know it, I know it, and the writer knows it.  Average Chinese people are not so foolish.  By purposely and maliciously misrepresenting the Chinese people, these ghosts are intentionally harming China by giving outsiders a bad impression of the welcoming, kind, warm-hearted Chinese people.

I say again, the typical, average Chinese person is <b>not</b> paranoid and xenophobic!!  They typical average Chinese person is welcoming, kind, and warm hearted.

ahchoo, aloss4words, wowzers, vagabound, and others, <b>please do not be fooled by these ghosts.</b>


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Who is the Torqemada?

The problem here is the person who is behind Inquisition, Silenced and quite a few of other nick names is one of chairman  worshippers.

I see wchao, chairman,yapchongee as genuine ,3 different persons and different from the above.
The way you see chairman behind Inquisition is misleading you.
Inquisition tries to copy cat the style of chairman. He or she is the true, blind follower "till the day I die".
The endurance which is shown tells me it is a woman. Man would not show such desperate  pursue. Woman are more faithful and trusty in this manner, they will follow the angel to heaven and the devil all the way to hell. Chinese and arabic women (and from some other countries) will tear you in pieces with tips of nails , if you dare to say anything against their idol. In case of defending chairman she wold do it quicker than he could stop her. She is in a desperate need of having the idol(s) back on scene.
And here is the problem.
Wchao is a typical ,perfect product of British Empire. He is all imperialistic nationalist. Not ultranationalistic yet. He has very good level of english, quite a considerable knowledge and to me he is a next incarnation of types of doctor Goebbels and Sampan. These guys find women as an inevitable balast, necessary to exist, but they won't let women  do anything more in politics than clean tables. So she intuitevly backs up wchao only for the reason of the reinforcement of chairman. No mistake about it. If there would be hypothetical clash between chairman and wchao (almost impossible to happen) she would stay on chairman's side.
Wchao did not realize the supporters of chairman were a few of original voices and a woman under different names. Whoever would blame her for going under different names will fall on her death ears. Woman will not get this is something wrong. She was defending and supporting the idol, thus all means are right. The aim absolutes the tools. Basta.
This is the unbreakable barriere between man and woman.
Wchao is good on political issues, but complete dilletante on people. He put 3 different persons and stated this is one. He is so thin on the subject of people.  Typical for egoistic politicians.
Our Torqemada should read the story of Stalin and his wife.
The other very typical trait is the logic (actually it's nonexistance) of the blame. It has nothing to do with proves, logical decoiling of the plot and final thesis. Look how different to wchao.
The blame on westerners and the elite is 100% intuition. This is woman's  way. This is beyond doubt. A woman of 20+.
Chairman is said to be muzzled. I posted a question of would it be worth having chairman back in a form of voting in another thread. Only two people responded so far.
I would like to know what are the real limitations on chairman's freedom of speech. If he has just walked away leaving his best soldier behind - this would be very much non white soldiers' way.

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if chairman is inhibited, it is mentally ...

he is bound by ideological chains.

one contradiction that i find interesting, however, is that chairman always insisted that china was totally safe and without street crime.  that was because the chinese government said street crime in the u.s. amounted to human rights abuses and chairman wanted to support that.

now this person comes along (i still think it's chairman) with chairman style and says that street crime in china is so terrible.  



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This indeed is not a contradiction

It is not against what chairman used to say.
The street crime was described as a flaw in d.cratic system on the field of hu man rights.
Inquisition upholds this sentence blaming westerners and filthy rich Ch inese for the introduction of the d.cratic evil into the Eden of the East.

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Foreigners are victims of some criminal activities

Over 5 non Chinese house owners got deceived here in Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRC by a Chinese Property Developer called Lionda, dongfang investment.

The name of the development is England Garden(英伦名苑)

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