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Constant Increase in Crime in China. The true cause. [Copy link] 中文

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Correct me if I'm wrong

Wasn't it Deng Xiao Peng who said " to get rich is glorious" ? Please be more specicific, you need to explain to us poor ignorant white people (if we are white) in more detail exactly how we are responsible for Chinese character flaws and unemployment in China, I know for a fact that many Foreign invested companies provide a lot of employment opportunities ( for Chinese people) that otherwise would not exist. So please, explain to me how it is that foreigners are resposible, it's just that I'm a bit slow you see. Oh and another thing , who was it in 1978 who said " to get rich is glorious" I think it was some Chinese guy, A leader I believe.

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seneca !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" In British schools, kids learn to develop their "character" by showing courtesy to elders, developing civic virtues and politeness to others: open the door for others, wait in line, speak softly in public, turn your cellphone off in certain public areas, stand up in a crowded bus for the benefit of an elderly person, help the disabled across the road, call the police or an ambulance when an accident has happened, etc. - you do these things even when the beneficiaries are total strangers! Not so in China! "


They " ARE " China Haters.


>>>>>>>>>>> Have some Chinese Guts. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



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gtnbia has been deleted
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Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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c'mon just admit it...

You and xenophobia are one and the same.
Your  thoughts are not typical of the "ordinary" Chinese.
You are a jealous, petty, unhappy, person.(Most Chinese are improving their lot and somehow you have missed the boat)
I have told you what I think of what you have written and I have told you what I think of you. Bye Bye. If you have something else to say on another post I'll let you know what I think about that. You and I are done here.
Don't let the door hit ya, where the dog shoulda bit ya..(and please don't send me anymore nasty personal messages...if you have something to say to me, say it here where everybody can read it) Case closed. 'Nuff said.
PS. Sure...I demand you lift the muzzles and bring back whoever... chairman and wchao37 et al...let the comedy live!

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gtnbia : TROLLING my foot. chairman is MUZZLED and you know it.

Do not LIE gtnbia.
Vermin lie.
Remove his muzzle and see how far you get, coward.

CRIME in CHINA is a HUGE problem this year and is getting worse.

The LIES and TRASH you write in this FORUM add fuel to the fire.

What is worse, is that we are correct and you are wrong.

White does not translate to RIGHT.

You are the classic coward gtnbia, DEMAND the MUZZLE is removed and see how far your lies get you.


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China haters ?

I love it here as do most foreigners. As for 'Even if the beneficiaries are strangers ?' Yes, thats a thing you could learn, or do you think you have nothing to learn? So lets hear a well reasoned, coherent explanation for your position that foreigners are somehow responsible for Chinas unemployment situation. Not a rambling xenophobic diatribe devoid of any content but obvious hatred of anything not Chinese. ( and what did the great Chairman Deng say ?)

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MODERATORS have some guts.

Come on here and tell that foreigner that rampant street crime is a problem and that " ORDINARY " Chinese are very angry about it.

The street crime must stop.

If you will not REMOVE THE MUZZLES, then come in here and say it yourself.

What is writen by silenced is the ORDINARY CHINESE OPINION.

Have some guts moderators.

Stand for something.

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