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Constant Increase in Crime in China. The true cause. [Copy link] 中文

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Crime in China is on the increase, now nearly monthly.

The foreigners are not affected by this crime increase, but the Chinese are affected by it, it is a bad scene.

( shortly though the foreigners will be involved )

I saw with my own eyes, a women patient in a hospital, asleep in her bed and a man rushed through the door, took her cell phone and ran for his life.

I saw with my own eyes in a bus, 4 men rob several women at the rear of the bus and then jump of the bus
I have seen many times, men attack women in the street and steal their phone, their bag or their jewelry, in fact my own wife while walking next to me, had her bag snatched by two men on a motor mike.

There are thousands of incidents and the Chinese are very angry about it and there is a call from the great many that this must stop, not be reduced, it must stop.

In fact, the grassroots Chinese are starting to ask about on the spot executions for these terrible thieves and I agree,

Something needs to be done to stop this ROT.

Prisons cost money and they would soon fill if these people were jailed, so they are let off with a slap on the wrist and this has made the problem worse and the increase more so.

It is worth the risk and the effort and the danger to attack another.

You may laugh or be shocked at the suggestion of on the spot executions, but this is the only answer, I say again, the only answer.

Thieves understand instant death.

The increase in people with no jobs, makes this problem grow monthly.

The foreigners who helped and assisted and instigated these thefts should take great care, as the seeds of evil they have created in Chinese Society will come back to haunt them.

Even if the moderators delete this post, it will make no difference to the fact and truth that it contained and the fact and truth that the post was written in the first place.

Beware foreigners and elite Chinese, the people have had enough of these types of crimes, driven by the ignorance of you who demand so much on a country that can not afford to give it at this time.

You also are in danger when you leave your workplace and you go into the street, at 5-8 in the night is the prime attack time of these thieves.

Very soon as you too are attacked in the streets of China, you will be offended and you will demand action, the only possible action as people with no jobs increases and these thieves increase, is execution.

The ROOT CAUSE is the foreigners and the Chinese Elite and if it was me, I would cast a close eye on what is written in these forums by the people who caused this problem and these crimes.

While you write and speak about trash and rubish these crimes increase every day to a level that is now not tolerated by the grassroots Chinese.

They demand and expect protection of their property and themselves.

You foreigners and you Chinese Elite have no right, I say again, no right to promote all your crap and nothing, at the expense of the common Chinese and their right to safety in the streets which was up until the last few years, a given and expected right.

China can not afford all these things YOU IMPOSE on her, she can not and it must stop today, not tomorrow, today.

It is nearly too late now.

All these dumb, no not dumb, but idiotic ideas of the goodie goodie foriegners and their Chinese Elite supporters, China can not afford these things that you inflict on her at this time, you must stop.

THe TRUTH can hurt and the FACTS are clear, if you foreigners and you Chinese Elite DO NOT STOP, the ordinary CHINESE will stop you.

This is the real problem, the real Chinese will stop you.

You have been warned, no mater you print this or not.


Make no mistake.

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This makes no sense...the foreigners and the "Chinese elite" are the cause?...You have not explained how this is so...It takes more then pointing a finger, you must explain yourself...this is what a discussion and a debate is all for on the spot must be punishment has never been shown to be a deterent to crime...All you have shown so far is that you are deeply envious of foreigners and the "Chinese elite"..Next you'll be suggesting the execution of them as well. If you are an example of the "real Chinese" this country has bigger problems than petty crime. Give your head a shake!

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How can you suggest foreigners are in any way resposible for crimes committed by Chinese against Chinese ( and foreigners, I might add ) I think nearly every foreigner I know or have known here has had a bag, or a phone stolen ( right out of their hand in one case ) my friend had his passport stolen a while back. The PROBLEM is YOU !
You say you saw some women getting robbed, what did you do? you say you 've seen many times men attack women and steal their belongings, I assume others also were watching so you were a group of people watching a woman getting robbed, WHAT DID YOU DO ? Have you ever watched a thief put his hand in someones bag? WHAT DID YOU DO ? Nothing, thats what. Thats the problem, you all just stand around and watch, the thief knows you'll do nothing so he has no fear of retribution. Where I come from the thieves are afraid of the people, here you are afraid of the thieves. A couple of weeks ago as I was walking I noticed a guy with a pair of tongs in an old womans coat pocket, in the blink of a eye he had her wallet out and in his pocket, I tore over , grabbed that bastard by the neck, pulled the wallet out of his pocket and gave it back to the woman and threw him on the ground,I was furious, she hadn't even realized it was gone, Too often I see these things and I am the only one to raise the alarm even though many people see whats happening YOU are just standing around WATCHING AND DOING NOTHING. Don't DARE try to blame foreigners for your countrymans thievery, when did you see a foreigner steal something, I'm pretty sure in all the incidents you mentioned the perpetrators were Chinese, am I right? Next time you witness an incident DO something, even if it's just to shout very loudly. This is one thing I really get angry about, you don't help one another, don't try to blame foreigners for Chinese character failings. Oh, and another thing, when exactly did foreigners promise Chinese they could all have Mercedes benzs' ? I think It was was Deng who said " to get rich is glorious" You are truly a moron.

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Post time 2004-5-24 13:38:29 |Display all floors you set up a post and then respond to a reply by using another name...

You are pathetic and ignorant...what you have to say and how you say it easily proves that...fortunately we can all see it for what it is...the ramblings of a poor, jealous xenephobe(at least you picked an appropriate name this time) Ahchoo is right you do nothing but watch it happen(well you do come on here and point the finger at everyone but yourself...) I am relieved that you are a neutered bigmouth...if you had any real power and ability you would send China back to the Dark Ages with your actions...Please continue to do nothing as it is in the best interests of all of us...foreign and other words the real people...

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achoo and wowzers

No the problem is you. The problem is foreigners and elite Chinese.
There never was a problem before you came.


THEFT is a creation of you the foreigner and the Elite.


You push for this and you push for that and you think this and you say that, but you are responsible for it and it will soon bite you in the back and quite rightly so.

IGNORANCE of FOREIGNERS is rampant and there is no cure.

In Guangdong they say, no medicine can fix and they are right.

Look at both of you and there will be more of you come into this post, with your INSULTED " WHO ME " atitude, yes YOU and yes more so you ignorant devils of evil who know nothing about anything Chinese.

DARK AGES, no, the ages of no theft, it is a SERIOUS PROBLEM, one of you two morons, one of you two ignorant people, are thinking in terms of pickpockets are long term problem, this problem from silenced is a new growing very fast problem and nearly, not in control.

Nearly OUT OF CONTROL. soon when the numbers of people with no job increase beyond 6% you will know how serious is this problem.

You KNOW IT ALLS, KNOW NOTHING, that is an even more SERIOUS problem.

So WHITE of you, to know nothing and be an expert on the subject.

YOU CAUSED IT, and you will suffer from the problems caused by what the seeds you through.


YOUR ELITE WORLD will soon know the Trith and Facts of your lies.

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So WHITE of you, to know nothing and be an expert on the subject.

Yes, experts on knowing nothing of the subject.

You speak of Ghosts, and duplicate ID's of which you are BOTH guilty.

BOTH guilty

Have the GUTS, to DEMAND the return of chairman and wchao37 and a few others and we will see what you weak soft foreigners are made of.


Until you cowards, demand the return of the China base, you have no arguement to make, you make your arguement against reduced forces.

Little men against who, the big guns are muzzled.

You have been speaking to yourselves for a month now and you enjoy speaking to yourselves and agreeing with yourselves.

Have some guts you cowards and DEMAND, DEMAND the return of the people who can deal with you and your lies.

COWARDS you are.

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Already one REPLY deleted.

So easy for you foreigners to write your lies when the response is deleted.

There was a response, it was deleted.


Then we will see what NOTHING you are made of.


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