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Russia warns West of retaliation [Copy link] 中文

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May 15, 2014

Russia has warned that it may consider taking retaliatory measures if the West’s “hysterical” policy of sanctions against Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine continues.

“If the West continues these absolutely non-professional hysterical policies, we would have to think what we can do in return,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Bloomberg television on Wednesday.

Lavrov pointed out that any new sanctions by the United States and the European Union (EU) would only harden Russia’s stance toward the current turmoil in Ukraine.

However, the top Russian diplomat emphasized that Moscow is not looking for “confrontations,” adding that threats coming from Washington and Brussels stem from the Western governments’ “desire to get revenge.”

The US and the EU accuse Russia of destabilizing Ukraine. They have slapped a number of sanctions against Russian and pro-Russia figures.

Russia, however, rejects the accusation, saying the pro-Russia protests in Ukraine began spontaneously Ukraine against the new government in Kiev.

A total of 61 Russians and Ukrainians have been targeted by EU visa bans and asset freezes since almost two months ago, when Crimea declared independence from Ukraine and subsequently joined the Russian Federation.

The US has also imposed its own sanctions on Russia. On April 28, the US imposed visa bans and asset freezes on several high-ranking Russian officials. Washington also imposed sanctions on 17 companies, claiming Moscow had failed to abide by the Geneva agreement to defuse the crisis in Ukraine.

The crisis in Ukraine erupted last November when the country’s then President Viktor Yanukovych refrained from signing an association agreement with the EU in favor of closer ties with Moscow. Yanukovych left Ukraine for Russia as the political upheaval against his decision became increasingly violent.

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Russia has already imposed over 2 billion in deposit requirements and penalties to Visa and Mastercard operators.They now have to pay up or forget about their more than 2 billion dollars per day operations in Russia. Russia already stopped selling rocket engines to USA. Americans can forget space and watch Star wars thru hubble scope.Russia can also stop supporting American logistics movement to Afghanistan. And there are plenty more. such as titanium supply for aircraft making for Boeing.

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Ahem... do you have a clue what kind of money Visa and Mastercard operators do daily on a global scale?
Russia is not putting a big dent in their business. On the other hand should the government shut down the business locally it will be more inconvenient for Russians who cannot use their Visa and Mastercard credit cards anymore.

Rocket engines can be bought elsewhere. There is more than one manufacturer. The same counts for titanium.

Instead Russian companies will miss these revenues.

Regarding the logistic support in Afghanistan I doubt that this will be a big problem since the mission is close to an end.

Sorry to say that but economically Russia is not a major player anymore.

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The Visa and Master Card credit cards are issued by Russian banks. The fees generated are what the Brand will lose. If Russia shuts down the card they will only hurt their own citizens.
But, go ahead - make my day Putski
I'm just here for the money

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The sanctions must be hurting or we wouldn't hear so much crying about them.

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Russia does not have the ability to economically hurt anyone: Putin is making threats with a house of cards.

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Russian engines a costly loss for US

May 22, 2014

A new Pentagon study indicates that losing access to Russian-manufactured rocket engines could cost the US military’s space program up to $5 billion.

A panel of space experts says that the US needs the RD-180 engine in order to power the Atlas V rockets, one of the military’s two main satellite launchers, the study noted.

Without the engine, as many as 31 space missions would be delayed, according to a summary of the Mitchell Report, obtained by SpaceNews and ordered by the Defense Department.

That would also have a profound impact on a long-planned Air Force competition for national security launch contracts.

On May 13, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who supervises the country’s space sector, said he would ban exports of the engines to the US.

The move was in retaliation for US sanctions targeting several individuals and entities, including SMP Bank and Bank Rossiya, over the crisis in Ukraine.

Although the US has currently no other alternative to the engines, a Pentagon spokesman has said the US was currently working to evaluate other options.

"The department has been briefed on the findings and recommendations of the RD-180 Engine Study and is working with interagency stakeholders to evaluate the way ahead. At this point, no decisions have been made," Maureen Schumann told The Hill.

The study strongly suggests accelerating the planned purchases of RD-180 but avoiding US coproduction of the engine as it “does not improve the situation.”

“Actions must be taken in [fiscal year 2014] to mitigate current risk and preserve future options,” reads the summary of the study.

On May 20, Gen. William Shelton, commander of Air Force Space Command, said that it did not make sense to build a domestic alternative to the RD-180 engine.

The US military has currently only 15 RD-180 engines on hand.

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