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Am I too conservative ? [Copy link] 中文

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I never understand why  some women have tatoos on their body.
I don't like men who have tattoos on their body,
men who wear necklaces or bracelets , men who have long hair, men who wear tight blue-jean, men who wear cowboy shoes.....etc...I don't like these kind men......

Now,  the church I am attending in America got a new pastor and he has a tattoo on his arms.  I was a little uneasy about that, but  he is a great man and a wonderful pastor.
Is now the time to change my conservative view ?

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to some a tattoo is art. Why put a beautiful picture on a blank wall? To make the whole side of the room beautiful and interesting especially with your own artistic interests.

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Maybe your standards are too narrow

Where I live, men wear cowboy boots to get their feet into the stirrups. Of my people a pony tail on a man is a sign of spirituality. If my wife or a girl I love gave me a necklace, I would wear it. Tight jeans and levis do do not snag in the brush as easily as loose trousers. A tatoo is required in some cultures.

You may have need to understand the origins of things of this sort. Yes, there are some men who grow long hair to be cool or be different from others. The tatoos often are a statement of rebellion to conformity in modern cultures. Tight pants are difficult for pickpockets but also a statement of personal preferences.

What better spiritual leader who was once a sinner and is now redeemed to spread the word as he has actually experienced it.

Steriotyping often is useful in finding people who are terrorists, or live in crime. But steriotyping all people may be a mistake. Their past may not be bad, or evil. We all resist convention from time to time. Imagine what a dull world this would be if we were all the same. Some have more courage to resist than others. I doesn't necessarily mean they are bad.

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It's a free world, honey :)

Let me share this with you... which can be applied to your view on tattoos.

I was once given two pretty toe rings and I'd wear them religiously day and night - truly a lovely pair that goes with my sandles. However, living in a cosmopolitanised area, I meet people of different cultures, and I do have quite a number of East Indian friends as well... so, I used to wonder why do Indian women look at me with a strange light in their eyes, and the men would snicker. While my Chinese friends would say, "Are you crazy, have you turned Indian?"

I completely ignored what everyone had to say about it, as I love those rings. Then one day, my Indian girlfriends enlightened me with the fact that 'rings on the toes represents the number of children you have with an Indian husband', and I did a quick check with other friends - and true enough - it was my ignorance - I used it as decorative pieces instead of something which is significantly cultural! haha! So... I decided to take off those toe rings and only wear them occasionally (for fun) - as I was then still single and didn't want to be stereotyped to be married with children!  

So, likewise - tattoos - it's an art on the body, just like piercings... or whatever you want to wear and 'decorate' yourself with. If it's not your thing, that's ok, you don't have to have it on your body. Perhaps accepting what other people want to do with themselves would be better? It all contributes to being open-minded?

You'll never know, perhaps certain things you wear (colours or types of clothes) could mean a different thing to another culture without you knowing! Maybe a particular mole on your face could mean something else to another culture? So, in this sense, you wouldn't want others to judge your heart based on your mole and dress code, isn't it? Anyway, I hope these are food for your thoughts, hmmm? If you aren;'t agreeable, it's ok too - it's truly a free world :).

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You are not so conservative as you said.  I also don't like the man who has tatoos on the body, but it is very popular in western countries, it is determined by personal habits, i think

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I am smiling...

I didn't know you are this good kind girl before.

Since you said you are Miss Corea, and live in America now, and most important thing is you said once you don't like Asia man and you wanna marry a western man.  

Soooo, I do sure you are a very western and open girl, but what's that about??? hehe, you confuse me, but that is normal, 'couse I never know what's the girl thinking about always.... : (

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I agree with

Gracelee.  I have never understood why some people think tatoos are so interesting.  I don't think they enhance someone's physical attraction at all.  For me, it's just the opposite.  I just don't get it...

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