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China warns US over Hong Kong [Copy link] 中文

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Apr 7, 2014

China has warned the US not to interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs, following a meeting between US Vice President Joe Biden and anti-Beijing activists.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Sunday urged Washington to “proceed discreetly” regarding the affairs of Hong Kong to avoid damage to China-US ties, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Chinese spokesman also said that Hong Kong is going through a critical time of political reform and that Beijing is opposed to interference by any country in its internal affairs.

“The people in Hong Kong are enjoying unprecedented democratic rights and freedom, which has won international acclaim,” said the Chinese official.

The warning came after Biden met with Martin Lee, a founder of Hong Kong’s opposition Democratic Party, and Anson Chan, the former number two in the city’s government, at the White House on Friday.

Biden “underscored our long-standing support for democracy in Hong Kong,” the White House said in a statement after the meeting.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. The financial hub used to be a British colony before it was returned to China back in 1997.

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From Latin America To China:

... The west always does this to divide and rule . All of us outside the west must be resilient . When the west collapses entirely, Hong Kong Chinese will realize their best interests are with their own people and that is the Chinese people. There is only one China , so says a great Sino-brazilian friend from Taiwan . The chinese must be patient, in Mainland China, in taiwan, in Hong kong . They are 1 people and they will triumph . Viva united China with prosperity for all .

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HK is the stepping stone to the billions of dollars that flow into the coffers of Zionism via the conduit of Adelson and his casino empire in Macao - so his buddies in government have to make some show about keeping the door open. The HK "opposition" drones are still working for the UK and many of them are of mixed blood from the long term colonial occupation of HK by the British.

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china needs to tread carefully here. the US are china's enemies,just look at how the US are surrounding china!. the US are not independent,they have being usurped by a powerful group of rich foreign criminals,known as zion. china should take a lesson from putin,stand tall and warn the scum that amerCIA's brand of democracy will NEVER be allowed to take root in any part of china. deny every western NGO entry,watch every western "diplomat's" movements closely,check every contact they make,never relent,these "diplomats" are really criminals with a hidden agenda. china should begin to wean themselves off their dependence on US exports,then shun them until they become civilized.

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América Latina in reply to STOP IMPERIALISM:

@ Eddy Chua : Hello from BRASIL , Eddy , us latin Americans know all too well what ZATO and particularly the USA are all about : LIES, MASSIVE lies and destabilization of all governments which stand in their way to world empire, I love watching China, Russia, iran react and stand up to evil . You shall win ! Viva Iran, Viva BRICS . the Zuio-west will collapse, stand firm, we love watching you all act . Viva China, there is only 1 China, Viva Russia, Viva Iran ! Your civilizations are really strong, resilient, a model for us young Latin Americans to use , learn, grow and prosper in cooperation with you all . VIVA China ! (we love the food) :>)

che in reply to STOP IMPERIALISM:

having the usa as your 'friend' is akin to having the mafia as your friend'. And with friends like the usa you don't need enemies, the usa fits the bill quite nicely...

Erik Prince should be shot on sight in reply to STOP IMPERIALISM

Erik Prince living in HK? Alarm, Danger signal!!!Get him out of there!!! Even an idiot should be able to figure out why he is there!

Eddy Chua in reply to STOP IMPERIALISM:

Russians are our brothers and sisters, Americans are never our friends. Washington keeps bullying Hong Kong by sending warships here including air-craft carrier and destroyers. What has happened in Ukraine will soon happen in Hong Kong. US' slaves, the HK pan-democrats(=Right Sector Group) have already occupied Central(=Kiev) for weeks. Former US Blackwater founder Erik Prince is living in HK now and secretly training protesters. US' dirty hands are all over HK.

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Seems to me that HK did very well NOT under Chinese rule.
It became an international modern city, was developed and had prospered.
They have their own government, trade partners and currency.
Now is the time for them to go it alone - free from ALL outsiders, including Beijing without reprisal.
I'm just here for the money

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Why does it take 5 posts to say one paragraph? I would like to see Quality over Quantity.

I had a sign on my desk at the simply said----STATE YOUR BUSINESS-THEN LEAVE AND GET BACK TO WORK--
That should be a motto for many bloggers --not only here. Maybe Ning05 could be more useful helping the families of MH370 deal with their grief--now that would be time well spent.

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