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If there's anything I've learned in college that can be called a revelation, it is the hype that envelopes the mankind and the manipulation that the alleged elite cast on the commoners. I've come to reckon this as a universal truth, a painful realization that man prefers lies to truth, that 'truth' is invented only for the sake of better lying, and that truth is there's no truth.

the western world lies to cover the fatal flaws in their ideology and political system; the chinese lie to hide their hopeless feelings of inferiority and diffidence.

I'm not trying to be objective; the claim of being objective bites itself.

I'm only stating my case of which I'm certain, in the name of an ordinary Chinese who happens to have received higher education.

I do not believe anything the western world preaches, from democracy to human rights.

the reasons are simple and the evidence are direct.

first the western world is the epitome of double-standard. no sane men would ever subscribe to this type of insolence.

they annihilated the native american culture, slaughtered the native american people to a degree of almost non-existence, and yet they incessantly malign the chinese government for destroying the tibetan people and their unique culture despite the fact that the tibetan people and their lifestyle have always been well preserved. I have been to Qinghai, a place in north west of China where tibetans concentrate, and literally lived with one tibetan family for almost 2 years in a tibetan village. each village has a temple where monks reside for people to worship and pray; men support the family by producing traditional paintings of buddhas and selling them for money while women do the housework; the fifth day of each month in tibetan calendar they all go into the mountains to venerate the buddha by presenting him ambrosia; more importantly I sensed no bitter feelings of any kind regarding my identity as a Han chinese. in fact I felt fully welcomed. considering I might not be used to having bread as the staple food everyday, they even bought a bag of rice and ensured I could at least have rice once a week. and here's another interesting fact that is bound to be manipulated by ill-intent people --- in their home where I slept, on the wall hung the pictures of both Dalai Lama and Banchan XI (2 religious figures the tibetans worship except that one has fled the country whereas the other stays)

the western world dress themselves as the victims of terrorism, they wail the loss of their loved ones, and they vow to bring justice to their fellowmen by power of killing that they claim their god bestow on them. out of great compassion and the similar experience of having lost loved ones in an imposed war several decades ago, the chinese offered condolence as well as willingness to fight with the western world, taking this as a noble cause of the entire human race against evil force. how naive of the chinese! when will they ever learn? when the terrorists drove a car onto the sidewalk of a street in Beijing, killing several pedestrians, and when they ravaged a county in Xinjiang, leaving dozens of death both uygurs and Han chinese, the US government insinuated that the killing was somehow justified because the uygurs were responding to oppression; when the mob smashed the stores and attacked innocent people, claming dozens of lives, tibetans and han Chinese, in Lhasa, the western media edited the event to project a China in a way they wanted their people to know so that the chinese government could continue to be the villian, the mob the freedom fighter, and the western world the savior, the sole incarnation of justice --- all of this was in perfectly tacit agreement with the agenda of their governments; when the mob slaughtered 29 people in a railway station in Kunming, the western world once again taught the chinese a lesson --- the west only identify those who kill their men as terrorists; those who kill the chinese are not terrorists, in some way, they could even be applauded as heroes. and that is why they put a quotation mark on the word terrorists in news report. and by this logic, never have they treated the chinese as friends, and if this is not over-inference, never will they.

people in the green house keep throwing stones. what a scene!

second the western world cares only whether their interests are being served or not.

if the government of a nation is against the interests of the western world, whether or not it is elected by the people, it should be subverted by all means necessary, like US conspired with Chile military leader in 1973 to overturn the people-elected government led by Salvador Allende, the reason was blatant --- that goverment believed in socialism, and the americans don't want those kinda thing in their backyard. one cuba is humiliating enough for the US, I suppose. similar shows have been repeated in Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Congo 1960, republic of dominica 1961, brazil 1964, etc. how many times have they plotted against China, only their god knows.

the US history is basically one of rapid expansion in territory, mass destruction of native culture, and chronic compromise of ethnical interests. the US itself does not believe in sudden change --- the alleged democracy which it so shamelessly brags about is nothing but a gradual compromise of the interests of different social forces when the cost of conflict would have been higher, and that is in nature no different from the national politics in China--- and that's why it'd rather kill and jail the people with communism belief than let sudden change befall itself. yet it revels in cajoling other nations into sudden change that is always accompanied by violence and killing. just consider the countries that are ravaged by the west interference, either directly through war or indirectly through sponsored riots,  and it is never very difficult for one to come up with the only logical explanation --- the western world has a psychological defect that renders them impossible to tolerate or try to co-exist with anyone who gets in their way. we have seen Iraq torn apart, Egypt in chaos, so is Lybia and Thailand, and now Ukraine is right on its way to destruction. the US and Europe has flagrantly sided with one party of the Ukraine political forces lest the turmoil come to a halt. who can blame them? they believe humans are born selfish so everything they do can be auto-justified. all they need to ensure is morally they look like god, economically they are boss, socially they appear paragon, and politically they are compressing the countries they aim to obliterate in form or in soul.

third the western world so far has been stunningly successful in manipulating the mind of the general public. once you are convinced they are manipulating, everything they preach loses value, however pleasant those things sound to your ear, all castles in the air.

the people are as easy to manipulate as they are fond of the obvious. the politicians ally themselves with the upper class of the society --- mostly huge financial groups --- making their interests identical. then they control mass media and buy off the middle class to speak for them, creating an illusion of the legitimacy of their rule. the lower class, put at the receiving end of this one-way communication, barely has a say. even if they do, their voice can be easily overwhelmed, censored or twisted by the cacophony of the mass media who claim to speak for the people (based on reliable evidence, the integrity of the west media won't let you down. they have a perfect timing for when to bark for whom or against whom and when to stop). no significant change will ever take place unless the social tension has been pushed to a point where an immediate redistribution of wealth is required before the ruling class loses its power. so it's simply money for power, and at a certain point it is not an undesirable mode of social development because it advances a society in a highest possible pace at a lowest possible cost.

the fact that the westerners have vote builds up such a powerful illusion that would actually make some people believe  
Utopia is within mortal reach. but this is just another hype. would the US citizen be able to elect some one else other than the two demagogues nominated by two seemingly conflicting parties that share essentially the same value? even if yes, have you ever seen anyone who is from neither of the parties succeeded in being elected as the president of the US? would other small parties in the US ever get to be empowered? if you are not ignorant, stupid, or unreasonable, you will know the answer. it is just a bigger hype that taps into human psychology for the most obvious. the western societies are 'dmocratic'only because their ruling classes are the best dictators. the ruling class self duplicates, each generation consolidates their control of the wealth through allies with politicians, instill their value system to the public through the tool of mass media and education. that is the secret of the success of their 'perfect' system, the new version of how the elite kidnap the masses with acute self-regualtion so that the possibility of sudden social change can be minimized. they seem to think they have found the way that is perpetually workable. but if there's any truth left in this world, that is nothing lasts forever.

all the three above reasons come down to two conclusions for me: the western world is one of ultimate hypocrisy, and they seem to be okay, even proud of it; we should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst because of their insolence and greed.

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and I shall not distinguish the common people in the western society from their elite because under the impression of their own countries being more powerful in almost every single aspect for centuries, the hype surrounding them, and my personal contact with some of them, I believe it's unlikely many of them are capable of genuine humility and it's highly possible they were, are, and will be in accordance with their governments on most of the foreign issues. after all, they are beneficiaries; for some people, it's just the size of the cake.

and the people in the west, to me, don't have much influence over the decisions the government or the ruling class make. students protested against vietnam war, and yet 4 of them got shot in Ohio 5.18 1970. I bet few US kids know about that, and I highly doubt this is put into the history book of the United States. some asserts that the widespread public protest against the vietnam war made the US government withdraw, and I could only laugh about such propaganda or naivety. if it wasn't because the US had nothing to gain from the war any more, it would never have backed out. the protest of the american people could at most counted as periphery reason, and perhaps was only used as an excuse, a perfecly noble one though, for the US to leave with nothing but decency. As for the protest for the recent wars US has launched, I doubt if the US government even gave a sh*t. After all banner-waving is the easiet thing to do and comes with little price. the americans may have appreciated the army of their country wielding high-tech sword and striking a landslide victory like they did with a hollywood war movie. and nobody seems to care enough about being lied to by the US goverment when no mass destruction weapon was found, and not many people were mad since the silver lining is another potential enemy was wiped out and it was at leat reassuring to know the Iraqis couldn't harm the americans. what I've learned from these facts is the essence of democracy is the people say their words, the government do their things. the people of the US and the government has reached a such harmony that the rest of the world except for EU could only hope to become. an ideal place of democracy where people pretend to protest and government pretend to care and not a damn thing is changed. and this further explains why I do not think the americans are innocent just like many of them think the same of me.

with the above ideas in mind, I winds up my writing by recapitulating my point: the western world, either their government or the common people couldn't care less of what's happening to the rest of the world. if they care, that's only because they are affected as well. in this world of jungle rules, it is an immense mercy if the west doesn't stomp on you when you fall; don't ever count on they giving a hand.

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Well written. Food for the brain. Thanks!

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Once again, by West a poster means USA.

Poland is in the West, what did they have to do with the slaughter of the native americans ?
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And what is the difference from China (apart from the lack of votes)?

I love that people always point at others and highlight their problems and mistakes, lies, etc. But they rarely if ever think about their own shortcomings.

This is especially true when I take a look at this message board. It is always about
"They are bad. We are good."
"We have problems. They are guilty."
Other countries are even being blamed for the pollution which is created in factories in China, supervised by mostly Chinese managers and in which Chinese workers produce goods.

You know what is great about the Western World?
It does not blame others for it's own problems all the time.

And as long as China and other developing countries do not develop the backbone and confidence to admit their shortcomings they will stuck in being developing countries.

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robbie_xie Post time: 2014-3-4 03:17
and I shall not distinguish the common people in the western society from their elite because under  ...

"students protested against vietnam war, and yet 4 of them got shot in Ohio 5.18 1970. I bet few US kids know about that, and I highly doubt this is put into the history book of the United States."

It is in the history books and many people know about Kent State.

By the way, what happened at T-square in Beijing is not in the Chinese history books and I have met many Chinese that knew nothing about it.  Especially the kids born in the 1980's.

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longzhou Post time: 2014-3-4 03:25
Well written. Food for the brain. Thanks!

Just indication of "STUPIDITY" of some CHINESE PEOPLE.

The MODE of MODERNIZATION is already "well laid"...........

.....only we do EXPECT <AS nature of people is..> roadblocks. I can slowly see the INVESTMENT needed to reinvigorate all parts of China dependent on it's natural gifts.

Dependency on "others" is insufficient, 80% depends on activity of your own people & the COMBINED capacity of their talents.

More stupid talk is a waste of time, GO TO WORK, dear!

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