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China paper slams West’s ‘Cold War mentality’ [Copy link] 中文

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Feb 27, 2014

China’s top paper, the People’s Daily, has lambasted the West for being stuck in a “Cold War mentality” against Russia.

On Thursday, the daily staged the strongest reaction so far in China to the rift between the West and Russia over the political state of affairs in Ukraine.

“The theories related to politics, economics and security during the Cold War period are still influencing many people on their concept of the world, and some Western people are still imbued with resentment towards Russia,” the daily wrote in a commentary.

It called on Western countries to “abandon their outdated thinking” and expand cooperation.

“Ridding the shackles of the Cold War mentality will reduce unnecessary confrontation, thereby allowing for a smoother transition in international relations.”

State news agency Xinhua said in December that Western powers should stop meddling in Ukraine’s affairs and quit manipulating the “opinions of the people” about a trade pact with the European Union.

Anti-government protests erupted in Ukraine after the country’s former President Viktor Yanukovych refrained from signing the Association Agreement with the European Union on November 29, 2013.

On February 23, the Ukrainian parliament ousted Yanukovych and named Oleksandr Turchynov, the legislature’s newly-elected speaker, as interim president.

Russia has questioned the legitimacy of Ukraine’s new government, saying the current authorities have come to power as a result of an “armed mutiny.”

“The legitimacy of a whole number of organs of power that function there raises great doubts,” local news agencies quoted Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev as saying on Monday.

The Russian premier denounced the Western countries’ decision to accept the Ukrainian new authorities as a mistake and an “aberration of consciousness.”

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I could not agree more with China on this.... totally ridicules to be stuck in Cold War think... instead of working together to make life better for all. This imperialistic think of US and its allies is totally unproductive and only leads to its demise. Great to have China speak up.

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N Smith:

China is right considering the IMF/EU/US loans will be coming from China anyway arent the EU/US/UK Bankrupt borrowong money from China to fund thier debts. China should cut off the money supply if the west dont retreat.

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China strategy:

PRC needs to invest its trillions in neighbouring countries infrastructure to raise their standards of living by a Chinese Marshall Plan, no need to trade with US anymore then. Even the American mistress Tina Tagalog of Phillipines can be weaned away from GI Joe. But it has to be done without any imperial overtones as that is the reason why the Beast has managed to draw them into its sphere of influence. Even India may come under such Chinese friendship before it is sucked into the malevolent orbit of the Beast.

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Eddy Chua:

US and UK dirty hands are all over Hong Kong too. They are urging HK to declare independent from China. We have 0 % unemployment rate and more freedom than any other country in the world, and US puppet/slaves still staging endless protests in HK to pursuit the US type of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of press... that 'Father of Lies' Obama has promised. What's happening in Ukraine may soon happen in HK. It's so sad!

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The "New Cold War " in some Western countries

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China should stop its military aggression towards the region of the South China Sea and beyond.
Stan, you're holding a gun to God's head. I can't think of a metaphor that's better than this.

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