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"Made in China" cheap and unsafe   [Copy link] 中文

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I try not to, but buying stuff made in Mexico is hard to find in China
I'm just here for the money

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"GM counts on redesigned Canyon to pull sales from rivals", reports Reuters

This is the same fraud that the UK always pulls. Their krudmobiles are just redesigned body shells over the same old chassis from yesteryear.

Meanwhile, the UK's Labour party admit to "grades inflation", the dumbing down of the UK's edukashun scam: "Labour admits 'great crime' on education: Tristram Hunt says his party encouraged schools to aim too low – and pupils paid the price ".

Yes, the purpose of the UK edukashun scam is not to gain an edukashun but to get a piece of paper claiming you're not ficker than Asians.
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Worthless, Dangerous Fraudulent Snake Oil
- the only beneficiary is Big Pharma's bottom line

Describing the results of the study, the doctor said, “The results: case closed.  The high-dose shot was more effective in seniors.  It was 24% better at preventing the flu than the standard flu shot.”
. . .
The rate of laboratory-confirmed influenza among subjects receiving the high dose vaccine was 1.43% compared to 1.89% for those receiving the regular flu vaccine.  
. . .
The absolute risk reduction between the vaccines was  0.46% (1.89%-1.43%).  The headlines should read, “New Flu Vaccine is 0.46% More Effective.”
. . .
This new flu vaccine is worthless and too expensive—it is double the price of the regular flu shot, which is also worthless.

- Case Closed: New Flu Vaccine Worthless

As with the banksters, there's no jail time for Big Pharma crooks in the lawless, thieved state of Amerika.
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China's Goods vs Amerikan Krud: No Competition

China overtook Germany as the World's largest exporter of goods in 2012. This is an amazing result for a nation of less than 100m people, showing Germans are hard-working, highly intelligent and highly educated. On top of this, both the euro and yuan have risen against the rapidly hyperinflating USD.

This year China overtook the thieved state of Amerika as the World's largest trader with $4.16trn in exports and imports. With China being the main consumer of industrial metals and agricultural produce, it is clear that China also has the largest GDP in real terms. But as president Xi said, the metric is man-made (rigged). Just as they tried to rain on China's parade with regard to the PISA tests or claim that China steals I.P., the sad little bastards at western propaganda rags were quick to claim this meant only China's GDP statistics were rigged as well as claiming that China's export statistics were falsified. Nominally, Europe has the largest GDP. It doesn't even make sense that 70% of GDP should be consumption and not production or that the thieved state of Amerika is so productive that it runs the World's worst deficit and has History's worst ever debt.

According to economic historian Angus Maddison, China was the dominant economy in the early 19th Century but fell behind after the 1820s when it it didn't experience an industrial revolution like the ones seen in Britain, America and Germany.
- New titleholder? China says it is world's largest trader

1830 saw the Opium Wars when the UK (and France) invaded China to thieve back all the silver lost in trade and after China dumped the opium into the sea to protect her population. Like the US, it is ridiculous to claim that the UK benefitted mainly from any "industrial revolution" at the time rather than the plundering of Africa, India and China. The propaganda doesn't even back up this lie with any form of explanation; no trade figures, no GDP figures, just B.S. And how could the UK possibly consume so much wealth whilst plundering as well?

Yes, the thieved state of Amerika still holds the title of the World's largest parasite. The thieved state of Amerika also holds the title of the most number of Olympics cheaters caught by doping tests. Before the "Broken Window" policy, which did nothing more than push crime out towards the suburbs, NY held the title of the World's crime capital, which is now held by its poodle, London.

China and Russia raised the Iron Curtain after WW2 because they didn't want to be defrauded. Either you accept worthless paper or worthless amerikan krud exports which are designed to fail. Gangster mentality means they even prefer a Lose : Lose trade to a Win : Win trade, which is why infantile scumbag, Connolly, brayed that it was their currency but everyone else's problem, having started two World Wars to impose the fractional reserve scam, first at Genoa in 1922 and then at Bretton Woods in 1944.

So these gangsters claim that China's exports are low quality. Yet China has history's largest ever surplus, mostly worthless amerikan paper. There may be some exports which are low quality, but ALL amerikan exports are krud; their snake-oil pharma, their frankenstein GMO, their BSE beef, their HFCS laden krud drinks, their hydrogenised fat krudburgers, their bug-ridden software with an NSA backdoor, their "big, stupid elephant" krudmobiles that still use a ladder-chassis and their dumbed-down, quack edukashun. China's market is attractive to the US and UK because they hope to sell to as many of her 1.4bn people some krudware before word gets out that it's krap. The US is said to have the exports of a third-world country. The UK doesn't have any.
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China is their own worst enemy when it comes to making bad products. They need to stop cutting each others throats to be the cheapest supplier.  

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The NHS is the World's Worst

Mr Clarke, a roving trade envoy, said: “The British healthcare system is the best in the world, and there will be important export opportunities as China invests huge sums of money in its healthcare system over the years ahead.
- Buy British healthcare, Kenneth Clarke tells Chinese"

What a crock o' ****!

"Despite all this, difficulties remain; the mid-Staffordshire, Morecambe Bay and Colchester scandals illustrate how widespread problems in the NHS are.
- France attacks 'ailing' NHS and claims it has better roads and rail

Britain was lagging behind other countries in key areas such as cancer outcomes and the idea that ploughing money into the NHS improved standards had been "tested to destruction", according to Liam Fox.
- Liam Fox: 'Wasteful' NHS should not have funding ringfenced

On top of this, the UK is also notorious for poaching nurses from other nations as well as spending TEN TIMES the retail price for office equipment. In other words, it's a scam to allow illegal state aid.

The corruption and incompetence mean the UK is bankrupt, insolvent and desperate. This is why they've developed the Liverpool Kill Pathway where they simply starve and dehydrate the elderly to death. They also have the notorious "Do not resuscitate" policy where they don't bother reviving any elderly victims that lose consciousness. During WW1, they shot officers for "cowardice" whilst the grunts were sent "over the top" to near certain death. Pensioners don't claim pensions when they're dead.

Clarke is also notorious for peddling tobacco to China; a replay of the gangster drug-pushing which led to the Opium Wars.
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Gangster Krudware

However, security patches, regular updates and bug fixes for XP will stop as scheduled on 8 April.
- Microsoft extends virus warnings for Windows XP to 2015

So this pile of crap has never worked properly even after a dozen years and the NSA backdoor which even has its own Wikipedia page is still in there. But then, as Ed Snowden has revealed, the NSA has even bugged the BIOS chip. Parts of this krudware have never ever worked properly. Windows 2.0 was simply unusable and everyone who paid for this krud should have got a full refund plus damages.

The corrupt, gangster-run corporation has blocked me watching videos I've recorded myself under the Direct Execution Prevention scam, which is really designed to stop pirating of propaganda movies out of Hollywood.

The regular updates are, of course, a fascist control of your computer and will probably sabotage it once they want you to move to their next money-spinning pile of krap which ALSO will never work properly, whilst slowing down your hardware so much you'll have to buy the latest krappy Intel chip. In other words, you spend a small fortune not on the application software which is what you REALLY want, but the krappy operating system which is supposed to do little more than manage the computer; a task which has changed little since DOS, which Gates bought rather than developed.

His krappy Bill & Melinda Foundation is also fraudulent, focussing on supporting amerikan krudware too.
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