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Mao-mas (毛诞节)?No! [Copy link] 中文

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26 December of this year witnessed the 120th birth anniversary of Chairman Mao. Mao-mas was coined after the word Christmas, indicating that Chairman Mao is upheld as a Saint as Jesus Christ is. However, it’s disgraceful to compare our beloved Chairman Mao to the religious leader. Why?

Jesus Christ is asexual reproduction of GOD; Chairman Mao is a grassrooted average.

Jesus Christ won his fame and respect, and followers, through one after another “miracle”, while Chairman Mao did so through his wisdom and hardworking great deeds. What the “God” did is supernatural, denial of any copy and imitation, and Chairman Mao’s experience is always inspiring the ambitious followers to follow suit.

The sons of God are still living in chaos, in threats of being destroyed, on His promised “land flowing with milk and honey”, after more than two thousand years of sufferings. They were ruled and exploited by one after another power. The Chinese who had ever lived under oppression and exploitation have got freed of the shackles and become the owners of their own, just less than half of a century after Chairman Mao took the lead of the revolution of the country.

Jesus Christ is everywhere today in his sons’ lives. Their thoughts, their behaviors and their life are being shaped by HE. HIS sons are being modeled by HE. HE is omnipresent. In a sense, the same is with Chairman Mao in his nation. However, there is a great disparity if you look through Chairman Mao’s influence on his followers. Mao’s legacy is more spiritual than operational. He is evolving into a symbol of solidarity, struggling, practicality, innovation and ceaseless self-improvement.   

Ye, you may argue that, in Chairman Mao’s later years, he also made big mistakes, which held back the development, and made hundreds and thousands of people suffer a lot, or ever their life. That comes to the point. He’s not God, he’s not Jesus Christ. He’s a person of blood and flesh. “Man errs so long as he strives.” He made mistakes when he tried to find the best way to lead the people to live a well-being life. On the other hand, have you ever heard any mistake made by Jesus Christ?!

In short, Chairman Mao is one of us, part of us. We are not only proud of what he did right and what he had achieved, but we criticize what he did wrong, and try to avoid making the same mistakes what he had done. We learn from his mistakes as well as from his deeds. If we commemorate the birth of Chairman Mao as “Mao-mas”, after the Christmas, we’ll at a loss.

You can also read the writing in my blog with an illustration:

Your comments are welcome, whatever it is for or against. Please go ahead.

Being parents, we should set rules for our kids to follow and also give them free space to develop t ...

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seneca Post time: 2014-1-2 17:19
Well, what can one say? Bold statements covering up a balding truth:

The CPC is hard-pressed findin ...

My dear friend, have you ever read the Bible? If your answer were affirmative, you should have know what I wrote about Jesus Christ is true.  Have you ever read something about Chinese revolutionary history? If your answer were affirmative, you should have known that you're talking lies about the role CPC has played in the process of this nation.
So, my friend, I heartedly hope you can refresh your mindset after having read the Bible seriously and reflecting on the great "miracles".   
To tell you the truth, I've read the Bible for two times, and while reading, I thought a lot about the great speaker of the GOD and his influence being exerted on the current society. The result of my reflexing is not satisfactory. I'm puzzled by the holy book. I cannot understand Why & How those kind of "miracles" on earth should convince millions of people, cultivated and science-oriented, into worshiping HIM? I hope you will kind enough to give a reasonable and convincable answer. Thank you.
Being parents, we should set rules for our kids to follow and also give them free space to develop t ...

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seneca Post time: 2014-1-2 18:27
A Little Boat,

my friend, I wasn't even talking to you as an anti-Communist. I had great sympathies ...

My dear friend, "talking lies" doesn't mean "a liar". If that remark offends you, I apologize for that word.

Ye, as far as the whole communism history is concerned, you're right more or less. There were surely some wrongdoings, such as personality cults as you mentioned,  humiliating the  philosophy idea and social construction as happened for a time being in Soviet Union and in China. And maybe, in Current North Korea, that kind of wrongdongs is still on!
However, do you know why there are such kind of wrongdoings? Just because they averted from the road of Marxism. Marxism is open-minded. It will develop with the epich, adapting itself to the different situation and keeping up with the tendency. That's what the present  CPC is doing.
Being parents, we should set rules for our kids to follow and also give them free space to develop t ...

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Mao ,a great man !!

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