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Dream of a Metamorphoser and Other Poems [Copy link] 中文

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Dream of a Model

they were sketching me

some positioned behind

some before

some overhead

others below

the whole studio

from different perspectives

was busy working

some asked me to look up

some to look down

some to turn back

a while later

the whole studio

was quiet and musing

all painters


before their easels

I walked around

and found little was done

on their boards

except some circles

ovals and wires

what they were conceiving

whom they were drawing

I had no idea

fading back

to my childhood

I kissed the tomboy

I had never loved


Dream of a Librarian

the pop

of a black confusion

broke an opening

beams of light

poured through

the library

a mirror was formed

like a lake

a head burst up


the dream

popped black

a minute later

a reader was seen

in a bottle of wine

as ginseng


Dream of a Survivor

the dead serpent

when I trod on it

came to life

the bank began to slip

a sharp pain

in my arch

I opened my palm

it was blistering

I started to run

shouting for help

in sight

only trees

when at last

appeared a house

there two dogs barked


looking at my palms

I could not move

any longer

my hand was forced

to pluck off

the decaying flesh

the finger bones

revealed themselves


I did not howl

nor did I know

I was playing

with a chicken's



Modern Emperor

he opened his mouth like a drawer

took out a revolver

and through the peep-hole

fired at the back

of his minister's head

and soundlessly

the bullet vanished

as into rubber

all subjects flew away


and crows

the dynasty

plunging into the dead of hell

he with a leopard face


his wrinkles striping

a modern throne


Dream of a Hermit


where I was

spread an immediate pool

of light

not a singer

nor a film star

I was put on the stage

a hermit

clinging only

to clarity


at my turning

I saw numerous faces


a ghostly tree


I sped up

a splitting crashed down

I found

the bloody pool of light

was shed

from overhead-

a butchering



Dream of a Metamorphoser

hands flitting

I was flying

nothing in mind

a stone dropped down

perching on a branch

and trees on the stretch

stepped out

guns pricking up

I took off again

bounding for my human home

there I was on the roof

I was about to land

when spears and swords

thrust up

a piece of paper

looped down

by a window

bald heads

were bleeding

beneath a shaver

run run run

there by a street bin

my urgent shout


my human form

yet pedestrians

turned back


a rainbow

whistled across the sky

and that is my blood vessel

pulled out



last night

you dream-walked

out of your girlfriend's hand

to commit suicide

I ran forward

and clutched you


you said to me

you are lucky

your faith has made you

a home

like a ghost

you vanished

out of my clasp

it was then morning

your girlfriend

was dressed

like a peacock

ready for a day's display

you bent in the dark

on polishing

your leather shoes

I looked around

dreams were mute

I went back to bed



Double Dream at Mt Sinai

In the cool of night

Down there I slept

On the dried-up river-bed

My head against a water trough

Stars in clusters with a flaky fluff

Falling upon me as dew

Having been robbed by a monkey

Of my only cloak

I was left nothing to cover me

No shelter from the chilly

And melting disk

Of the shrinking moon


Like Job I sighed in tears

But just then arose a wind

Softly I was picked up

And born into the cleft

Of a crag very steep

While I was seated like a baby

And saw the back of the Lord

Pass by, dark and brilliant

With splendor and glory

Amazed I woke up later

Fumbling for the staff

Which had once struck out water

From the rock of belief

And despised every earthly power

Not until then did the day break

A day of faith awake


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a minute later
a reader was seen
in a bottle of wine
as ginseng

A very meaningful and appalling image!

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Glod Medal

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we need a poem thread....
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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Now comes my favorite, "Dream of a Librarian". Very surrealistic and symbolic. A nice tribute to the library. Any library will cherish this poem.

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"Dream of a Survivor" is horrifying. The serpent must refer to the devil, which appears dead, but still alive. Dear professor, this dream must be related to your early dangerous period of Christianity.

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"Modern Emperor" is incredible, but in the history of the world there was such an unforgettable period in every country, which, though aged and dying, was cruel and bloody, ridiculous and struggling.  "Modern Emperor" can be anthologized into any collection of intenational poetry, even in a textbook to momument history.

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The light which was shed from overhead turned out to be a butchering knife. Maybe this is the essential warning of the "Dream of a Hermit". The so-called clarity the hermit tried to cling to was also a fake, for what the soul "I" saw was but a tree petalled by ghostly faces. Obviously, the true light was not yet there with him, though he was in the limelight. However, it is what is going on in this world.

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