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China refutes Australia's remarks over air zone [Copy link] 中文

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"Aren't you a little suspicious that China is fighting with so many of its neighbours?"

On the contrary, China has resolved its territorial disputes with many of its neighbours.  A few disputes remain unresolved but except for two or three neighbours, they are being dealt with in a friendly manner. The problems with the two or three neighbours have something to do with the "pivot to Asia" strategy of the US, as before that, it has been under control for the past three decades.

"It is just the empire expanding."

Don't show your ignorance here! They are territorial disputes, meaning that more than one nations are contesting these territories. You mean to say the Japanese, the Filipinos or the Vietnamese  are also "expanding their empires"?

"You are now a superpower, so you can do this."

OMG, you think China's claims to these islands were made only recently? China has already officially claimed these islands long before the founding of the PRC, when China was ridiculed as the "sick man of Asia".

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ielts2u date. 2013-11-30 11:57
                                Every empire justifies its expansion. No empire says that they just take some land because they want ...
@ ielts2u

China has studied the rise and fall of Great Empires and she realizes that in the end all Empires, like the Roman, Greek, Ottoman, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and British Empires, fall into the ash heaps of history.

The last thing China wants or needs is an Empire.

China is not allegedly "fighting with so many of its neighbours". China is making legitimate claims of territories in the South China Sea and East China Sea just like Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan are also doing. The difference is that China is willing to do so in peace.

In fact China and Japan agreed in Sept 1972 to 'shelf' decision on the Diaoyu islands for future generations to decide but Japan violated that agreement by nationalizing these islands last year.

If Japan did not alter the status quo there is no tension at all and China is Japan's biggest trading partner. But Shinzo Abe has Militarism on his mind and that will end in disaster for Japan.

Setting up an ADIZ is not to claim sovereignty. It is meant to manage safe air navigation and  to avoid another Pearl Harbor and if Japan and the US do not have evil intentions they have nothing to worry.

It is Japan that has not learned from history and will live to repeat it.

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Thanks for the insults, but I realise it is just debating in your culture. Take it easy, though. It sounds like you think your arguments are weak in English and need to attack the person, not the issue. Again, I realise this is not true in Chinese culture.

Anyway, you are right about the Japanese government. They (and the Chinese government) get a lot of political benefits out of this. They look strong, patriotic and the population is distracted from issues at home:a poor economy for Japan and corruption/nepotism for China.

However, just like the USA studied the rise and fall of European empires (and all those before), human (particularly politicians greed) is too powerful. They want to stay in power (see above) and someone is going to make billions from all that oil, gas and even fishing rights. Guess who?

Remember how the Japanese started their empire? Didn't they need resources? Didn't they claim defence was the motivation ('defending' Korea from China and 'liberating' Manchuria)? No, this is not the same. It is never the same. But, doesn't it look a little similar? You claim that China is just trying to "improve safety" is straight out of "Building Empires for Dummies"

I get that you love your country, but I don't get how you think this is 100% justified. Loving your country does not mean you need to be blind.

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Sorry, Hwang. The insults comment was for DF2.
My apologies.

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"The insults comment was for DF2."

Telling you not to show your ignorance here is "attacking" you?  It seem you don't even know the nature and history of the islands disputes!

Or that is your "exit strategy" for not responding to the points I made in my argument?

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Your apology is accepted but why blame it on the Chinese culture which has been unbroken for 5,000 years when you perceive that someone allegedly insults you when in fact what they did is to tell you the truth about your own shortcoming?

For example, if I told you that there was a 'shelf" agreement between Japan and China in Sept 1972  to let the future generations decide on the fate of the disputed islands and you have no idea of such a 'shelf" agreement and I say you are ignorant, does it it mean it is an insult? No, because telling you the truth about yourself can never be an insult.

And you said "Anyway, you are right about the Japanese government. They (and the Chinese government) get a lot of political benefits out of this."

Yes, I am right because it is a fact that the Japanese govt violated the 'shelf' agreement by nationalizing the islands which precipitated the present crisis but what has that got to do with the Chinese govt allegedly " getting 'a lot of political benefits out of this"?

What China wants is to go back to the period of stability or tranquility after the 'shelf' agreement took effect in Sept 1972 but what Shinzo Abe wants is to whip up nationalism and let it pave the way to another round of Militarism to lift Japan out of two decades of rolling economic deflation.

Yes, the US has a Military Empire, with over 1,000 military and supply bases all over the world but they forget that in the end all Empires fall into the scrap heap of history. And the end is on the way.

Since China was willing to 'shelf' the decision on the disputes islands with Japan that is evidence that it is not about making "billions from all that oil, gas and even fishing rights" which you falsely implied. That to me is a lie and an insult to China's integrity.

Japan started to build an Empire after the Meiji Restoration circa 1868 and they modeled their army after the German and their navy after the British. Then they saw how easy it was for the Brits and the French to colonize a vast area of Asia, including Australia and NZ  and they too wanted a share of the loot. All colonization is about theft of territories and resources.

China could have colonize three quarters of the world in 1421 as she was then the sole maritime superpower but China did not colonize a single nation no matter what your "Building Empires for Dummies" manual says.

Then you came out with this howler "Loving your country does not mean you need to be blind."

Hey pal I am not from China and I am not blind. But you are an Australian and if you think what your forefathers did in the past to invade, colonize, hunt and near exterminate the Aborigines is justified then it is you who are blind as a wombat.

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