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Pay close attention to the economic bubbles of China! [Copy link] 中文

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With the rapid development of China's economics,The super-heated investment has produced a nagetive influence to social and economic development.And with the price rising,the signals of inflation have appeared.
Premier Wen Jiabao has required that the government should take close attention to the super-heated economics.Lots of Asian stock markets,especially Singapore,Taiwan and Hongkong,begin to rise and fall constantly because of Premier Wen's remarks.
Now we are confronted with the challenges from ourselves with the in-depth reform.If we can not solve this problem correctly,we will face the serious consequences,such as unemployment,instability and the other social problems.
I think our government has full ability and the right methods to resolve these problems.

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very good responses in another post

look at earndil's "what is china's greatest issue" post in the changing china section.


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inflationary pressures

China's economy is facing inflationary pressures from too much demand for raw materials and fuel chasing too little supply so much so input costs have increased dramatically.  But the world should be confident that this nation will overcome this transient challenge;  part of the solution is to increase the efficiency of inter-province distribution and logistics while another is to move part of the wealth creation to the hinterlands which means a new business model for the cottage and SOE downstream industries.

A middle path handled deftly by moderate policies is suggested.

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The rise in prices has influenced all the averages,it is the signal of inflation.

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it is also important

for China to have a good social security net, one that will take care of the elderly and the needy as the family unit disperses due to external forces and also as a ballast against the impact of future inflationary cycles.  

The social security net can take many forms, as a market-active provident fund, a spectrum of cost-effective insurance coverages, post-retirement deployment etc.  It could even be new ways to tap the agriculture industry that will provide activity for senior citizens.  Or create new types of small industries supported by micro-financing programmes.

An important underlying point here is to avoid too much outmigration from the rural areas for that will diminish agicultural productivity while creating urban density, health and environmental problems.

China has got a lot of hidden talent.  What's needed is for everyone to be alert, observant and sharp-minded and to take initiative to find out where they're and how to motivate them to do better.

Just as a simple example - China has been exporting thermos flasks.  Very rudimentary in design yet i've found them the most efficient thermos flasks at the lowest possible price.  Those flasks really work.  Foreign makes from japan, uk and even hk cost tons more but do not fulfil the objective of a thermos flask - to keep the water hot!

So too with the water tap; red-colored, simple, swivel - cheap and very unsophisticated - yet it works and works and works, without leaking!

Of course a lot of other things made by China are at the moment not very lasting .. but give it some time;  one time i noticed, a Marks & Spencer branded sweater (made in China) is price-tagged by those british at 10-15 times what they paid for when they bought from the Chinese factory which makes them. Just because of the brand name and maybe some specification on quality and cut.

There's something else i've been wanting to say.. there's an increasing trend in the western world, probably out of reaction, probably out of education, where there's now more focus on the importance of corporate governance and the importance of being good corporate citizens, so that the company is like a citizen working as much in the interest of the community as it is for its owners.  This social consciousness has been growing.  

What i want to say here is that when you look around the world for a country which fits this type of role most easily, i would think it could be China - she's come from a socialist background and is embarking on a human-centric course of enterprise development, with a very, very long and unbroken history of observing humanity, as well as with the advantage of being the latest to learn about success factors and mistakes made by other countries in their haste to progress.

China could therefore be most qualified to find a new definition for how the world can make new progress in many fields, but without the imperfections and shortcomings of other types of societies and capitalist systems.  

A new world order based on the dignity of the human being.  But i hasten to add, it will-take-some-time.

mark wu

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I also think that the social security system is unpertect,it must be improved in the future.
The government should pay close attention to the people from the lower levels,especially to farmers.
With the development of globalization in economics and society, the perfect social security system is becoming more necessary than ever before,It is the foundation of  development and stability.Only in this way can China become the advanced industrial country.

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be careful of applying capitalist-type scheme wholesale.

For example, insurance schemes have cheated many people; so too with many of those quick-rich schemes.

One of the things the China government can do is set up a national consumer body which acts on behalf of the government AT the GRASSROOT level to monitor all types of such social security and extra-income schemes that will enter or be created in the China market, whichever the province.

Losing one's entire lifesavings is no joking matter.  Paying premiums year after year and then get cheated out of endowments or repayments because the insurance holder is illiterate or cannot read the fine print is downright cruel; it's also daylight robbery.

There will be many other such things Chinese should be very careful about.  If you already know, i won't waste my time here.

But then again, why is it every month, hundreds of mainlanders pay off their lifesavings to go overseas only to be cheated by others of all their money, then thrown into detention camps to be shipped back? Or of Chinese farm and factory girls sold off for vice, and kept locked up in small rooms in foreign countries to be fed to 20 men everyday?

Why are all these not made clear at the passport/exit centres?

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