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The West & Human Rights   [Copy link] 中文

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jcholsap Post time: 2019-10-5 22:06
My concern is with your meaning of the word "West". Many Chinese nationals have immigrated to the St ...

For a non-Westerner, the term “West” refers to the Imperialist “West” of the last 500 years, which is usually defined as the “Age of Western Imperialism”, and not to the historical “West” which is divided into three distinct eras: Ancient “West” (Greece), Classical “West” (Roman Empire) and Medieval “West” (Catholic Kingdoms). For a non-Western country such as China, the “West” is defined by its leading Western Powers, starting with the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, and later the French and British Empires, and now the USA Empire. What is known as the “Modern West” was created mostly by the French and British, and followed by the Germans, which is now led by the Anglo-Americans. Ironically, the Iberian countries of Spain and Portugal, which were the first Western nations to become the richest and most powerful Western Empires in the world, are now relegated to the margins of world politics and the global economy. The USA, while still arguably the most powerful Western Empire, is no longer the most economically prosperous nor the most culturally sophisticated nor the most technologically advanced country in the world. That title belongs to a group of countries collectively known as the “First World” which comprises Northern Europe and East Asia. That’s why the Anglo-Americans are so insecure with their place in the world history which they overcompensate with vulgar displays of military power, sexual promiscuity, gratuitous racism, conspicuous consumption and materialistic wealth. This is also the main reason why the USA Empire won’t last very long because the Anglo-Americans don’t have much to offer the world, except for selling useless weapons and starting stupid wars, all paid for with the Petrodollar, which also won’t last very long. Once the USA Empire declines and falls, the only remnants that will found in America are the debt-ridden carcass of a cultural wasteland known as the USA, with all its national wealth having been asset-stripped by Capitalist vultures for good. When (not if) that happens, the Imperialist “West” would have ceased to exist. Then and only then can China take its historical place as the world’s richest, largest and most powerful State.

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Exploitation is a cultural infection, not just in America, but all the West. We can see it's roots and development for the past 2000 years. Within Western civilization, we can find counter-cultures, people groups that opposed the exploitation of others. Worth noting is the Anabaptist movement started circa 1600 and still active, though small, today throughout and within Western societies.
     America freed itself from British imperialism in 1776. America's democracy, within the whole of history, is an experiment. But it has evolved into a consumption based political economy that depends on exploitation of global human capital and natural resources.
     A consumption economy is not sustainable. And the mechanisms of consumption are turning on it's own population. It is a known fact that the wealth and health of most American people -- the middle class -- is declining. Meanwhile corporate interests are further corrupting our government.
     When you see a farmer's pigs, do you criticize the animals for being fat and smelly? Most Americans are like pigs. They are stupid and have no idea how they affect the world's people.
     So, "Yes", American culture is in decline and is headed for disaster. America represents the apex of 2000 years of Western exploitation. It must come to an end. British imperialism must also cease. The entire momentum of Western exploitation must stop.
     But I feel it's best for us to be more wary of the "farmers" than to concern ourselves with the "pigs". You can easily change the pigs. But the corporations are very powerful and will find new governments to corrupt and new peoples to exploit. The corporations don't care that America will collapse. By that time they will have moved to another place and will continue their 2000 years of extracting wealth from peoples' lives.
     The western empires from 500 years past have evolved into corporate entities. They are more mobile, more imperceptible, and more pervasive.
     A visiting Chinese scholar once spoke with me about China's population problem. To this day I remember her words, "Be thankful that your country doesn't have this problem." I thought to myself, "With all this open space, could we have such a problem?" Over time I considered it more carefully.
     Be thankful your country is not infected with corporate corruption.

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jcholsap Post time: 2019-10-18 02:56
Exploitation is a cultural infection, not just in America, but all the West. We can see it's roots a ...
Be thankful your country is not infected with corporate corruption.

You have a good point.

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CuriousGeorge Post time: 2019-9-29 03:51
What do Slavery, Colonization, Colonialism, Capitalism, and Imperialism (that The West has practice ...
What do Slavery, Colonization, Colonialism, Capitalism, and Imperialism (that The West has practice now and then), have all in common?

Because all these tremendously benefit The West. For instance, as in any sports and games one plays, if you are ahead of the game, that you found yourself in a much stronger position, and the others are weaker than you are; then what do you do?

Would you play Offensive or Defensive game?

Of course, you play Offensive game. That's exactly The West has been doing, playing Offensive game that benefit them the most out of the rest of the poor world, through 'Slavery, Colonization, Colonialism, Capitalism, and Imperialism', etc.      

             You are on point.

              These things benefit the West in a great deal. That's how they practice and benefit throught out history, and still do

            at the expense of others, which is pretty much the rest of the world.

            Here's just one example, a good forum thread I picked for you,

         Christian Europeans' Original Sin  

The world is full of wolves wearing a sheep's mask and playing victims.

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RottenRobbie Post time: 2019-10-25 05:33
You are on point.

              These things benefit the West in a great deal. Th ...

     'Slavery, Colonization, Colonialism, etc are evil things done by evildoers'.

     Like I said, it sure do benefit them in a great deals, so much so that they are playing this offensive games after games for centuries to this day, and well into thy unforeseeable future as well.

By the way, much thanks for picking the link; 'Christian Europeans' original sin' to reveal the plight and struggle that indigenous Native American people had been facing unforeseeable future eversince invaders Colonizers came onto their beloved motherland and pushed them out some hundred years ago.

Speaking of which, may I raise two long forgotten issues.

     Indigenous Natives and Human Rights:

   Mega genocide of indigenous Native Americans, and their population in Continents of America five hundred years ago was around 15 millions, while European population in Europe was around 20 millions.

  Today, Native Americans population at 15 million, while European population (in Continents of America + Europe) at a staggering 'One Billion'.

   Besides, you ever heard of the story that the indigenous Native people of America Continents, who had no prior contact with White Europeans, were wiped out by diseases brought up by European newcomers when they first came over and occupied the land.

Here's the analysis. How come another Indigenous African slaves that were brought over from remote West Africa, deepest part of Africa, who also had no prior contact with White Europeans, were not wiped out by diseases?

The other story told was 'Cowboys and Indians'.

The story goes like that Natives were slaughtered by Cowboys. But what really happened to indigenous Native Americans, so-called Indians, and the real life story was further from the truth.

In reality, the vast majority of them were slaughtered not only by cowboys, but most by settlers, civilian militias, military, and all are backed by general populace, the country and the government, as a whole, since every groups had nothing to lose but more to gain.

  The plain truth, of course, is that the indigenous Native Americans were all slaughtered in order to get their land, plain and simple!
Furthermore, the true of the matter is that indigenous Native People would forever be the subject of scapegoat, and victimized by the Colonizers of their lands, as long as they occupy those rich bountiful lands in order to justify their occupation.

  In other word, the Colonizers, are 'Living in Denial. That is what is all about, and the rest is the history.

Continents of America Is Not A New World:

    Refugees and Human Rights:

  Those countless millions of innocent people who perished due to decades long Western wars & sanctions are what I called it 'Silent Refugees', in other words, 'Refugees without A Face'. They just happen to be on the other/opposite side (from the West).

  And speaking of refugees, from the Western perspective, it's all about those who are used by the West or sided with the West, in the conflict, crisis, war, etc; wherever the West is involved, and when they are needed to be evacuated for one reason or the other, then the West will raise the issue about 'The Plight of Refugees' throughout the whole wide world.

  So how about 'The Refugees' from the other side? Like I said, those innocent people/refugees who just happened to be on the other side..., well, they, the West couldn't care less, could they. And this had been the same old cases throughout history of wars & conflicts the West is involved in, when they go into the regions for their own interests, and then divide and conquer, divide and loot, pit one group against another, etc.

  For example, take a look at DPRK, aka, North Korea. The vast magority of people of that nation has suffered long enough, at no fault of their own, well over a quarter century of never ending sanction after sanction by Western bullies, resulting over a million innocent people perished due to starvation and famine.

Most Harmonious Nation:

  Furthermore, heres' another interesting hidden truths that I read and quoted it from the post (Long live Indochina);

  In Indochina war, the West destroyed just about anything and everything destroyable, humans and structures alike .., and lost .., and left the region; taking no responsibility at all, leaving millions of innocent people death, unsurmountable sufferings, and devastating damages...

  As far as I know, Indochina war where around 10 million innocent people lost their lives was all about another natural resources that industralized Anglo West couldn't live without: RUBBER that Vietnam produce about three quarters of the world supply at that time.

Around 5 million Vietnamese civilians perished as a direct result of the war, while several more millions were left with devastating sufferings for decades to come.

Remember, more Bombs were dropped in Vietnam than all the bombs dropped in World war II.

While the war was going on in Vietnam, Cambodia was still a relatively peaceful nation, up until the bombing in that nation by the West spilled over and things turned up side down.

  After turmoils after turmoils, tit for tat and all that followed .., and at the final end, around six millions [6,000,000] innocent Cambodians lost their lives.

  Like I said, after the war ended, the West just picked up itself and left .., taking no responsibility whatsoever to this day.

Long-Live Indochina:

There ain't no such thing as IDEOLOGY in the heart & soul of Colonialist-turned Capitalist Imperialism, other than chasing and following the self-interest of greed & extraction of great wealth.

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CuriousGeorge Post time: 2020-1-17 07:50
'Slavery, Colonization, Colonialism, etc are evil things done by evildoers'.

For example, take a look at DPRK, aka, North Korea.
The vast majority of people of that nation has suffered long enough, at no fault of their own, well over a quarter century of never ending sanction after sanction by Western bullies, resulting over a million innocent people perished due to starvation and famine.

   My jaw dropped as I learned the death of a million innocent people due to Western sanction. A real sad truth.

Like I read it somewhere, the West has practice sanction and blacklist a good many nations on earth; which is disregards to the plights of countless millions of innocent people who eventually end up suffering and enduring the great hardship of all sorts.
Besides, may I ask who's sanctioning and blacklisting the West for their notorious global cardinal crimes such as Slavery, Colonialism and Colonization worldwide, may I ask if I may?

  Speaking of countless millions of innocent people in nations worldwide under Western sanctions,

   they are anything but 'sacrificial lambs'.

   A sad truth.   

          American Atrocities

Wolves will be wolves. With wolves roaming around, there's NO way the innocent world will survive, let alone prosper. The world community must be united to empower them.

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Yet the US and others in the west continue to ignore their past and overlook their presumptions of their present, waxing instead like the following by Robert M Gates, a past US defense secretary:

"In formulating a foreign policy that the American public will support, U.S. leaders should recognize that it is important to use every nonmilitary instrument of power possible to encourage both friends and rivals to embrace freedom and reform, because those objectives serve the U.S. national interest.

With restructuring and more resources, Washington’s nonmilitary instruments can contribute to a remarkable symphony of power. These tools will be essential as the United States faces the prospect of a long and multifaceted competition with China.

But even if U.S. officials get all the right military and nonmilitary tools in place, it will still be up to American leaders, American legislators, and the broader American public to understand that the long-term self-interest of the United States demands that it accept the burden of global leadership." (The Overmilitarization of American Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs July/August 2020).


How blind such as he to conflate US interests with global and sovereign interests of other nations, thus presuming whatever the US holds true for its own must therefore be true for others which are only rising by their own paths, and for many, would have risen but for the excesses and hubris of countries such as his.

Gates and others should start by looking at their own records on "freedom and reforms". For his country, he should start with the state of Minnesota. It's certainly nearer home than China. Perhaps he can't simply because he looks up to the US President who however in turn can't see further than the tip of his nose because it keeps getting longer. Like Pinocchio's.

Obama with his Asia pivot and TPP. Trump with his trade and technology wars on China. A never-ending cycle with only one thematic objective - stop China's rise at all costs and by whatever invented myth.

Disregarding the norms of rules of law or diplomatic protocol, the US gloves have been taken off for a long time. That China has not responded in equal measure owes a lot to her wisdom, patience, and self-restraints to still support win-win accommodations and long-horizon view of how history has a way of coming back to teach those who think they know better than others will be the ones ending up to be the only ones to have to chew on the lessons of the past.

The American way gives and then takes back manifold for American interests only, disrupting lives and livelihood of millions and thus puncturing its own narrative that it is the best global option for everyone. The Chinese way gives and then gives more to support the sustaining of increasing prosperity and achievement for all under the umbrella of a common global humanity.

Why can't Gates and others remove their power blinkers and ponder on this homily candidly and honestly? Answer: they would have to admit they have been wrong all along and that's a no-no for those fueled only by the need to be right-by-might. Only.

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