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Gangster State US/UK - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - August 2013   [Copy link] 中文

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While some of the written material has a basess of fact there is strong evidence ...even written in local outlets..that the GAng is alive and doing very well locally. The question is.which gang does one affilate ???

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Professional blogger..all rattling...little education...if you go beyond 8 years show  us your gains. I would be happy to post mine.

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I just dropped in and responded to the outragous..I am OoC and tablet concious.

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More Gangster BS Hyping the "China Threat"

The Hong Kong hotel with spy cameras was depicted in the Jimmy Bond movie, "Die Another Day" as well as "From Russia With Love".  But as depicted in "For Your Eyes Only", it's the guilty describing themselves.

However, officials pointed to Hilton Worldwide’s sale of the Waldorf-Astoria to China’s Beijing-based Anbang Insurance Group for $1.95 billion last year, a deal that prompted security concerns. Terms of the sale allow Hilton to run the hotel for the next 100 years but also call for “a major renovation” that officials say has raised eyebrows in Washington, where fears of Chinese eavesdropping and cyberespionage run high.
- U.S. diplomats to skip Chinese-owned Waldorf for U.N. General Assembly; security concerns cited

Chinese spies, as ever cunningly disguised as ethnic Chinese, will sneak into the hotel in the middle of the night to plant bugs. whereas before, An Bang bought it, they were unable to access the hotel as hotels are not open to the public.

This is the same as the public sector ban on chinese-owned computer manufacturers, despite all components of computers being manufactured in China anyway and the blocking of ethnic Chinese working with NASA and on the ISS.

Never mind that the only ones confirmed as spying is the Great Satan with the NSA even having a remit to do industrial espionage too and Mao Zedong's Boeing was riddled with bugs of both the espionage type and the krapulence type.

If this is the sad little bastardry that the Great Satan has to resort to in order to deny a chinese company a little revenue, then it must be more bankrupt, insolvent and desperate than previously thought.

Perhaps if they didn't waste so much taxsucker money on regulating the sale of a pork producer to a chinese company over security concerns they wouldn't be so bankrupt, insolvent and desperate. But then, fleecing the sheeple is what the goons & thugs do and the grandstanding is how they try and justify their existence.

Like the blocking of Huawei and ZTE, where they admitted they had no evidence, this looks more like a problem with the NSA being unable to spy on hotel guests. Perhaps that's why Ang Bang want to refurbish; to remove all the bugs.
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No Je Suis Charlie In Thieved State of Kanada

The thieved state of Kanada has gone further in establishing itself as a fascist, totalitarian prison state. Harper has banned organisations of boycotts against the illegitimate state of New Izrael, illegally created by the anglo/amerikan gangsters in 1948, claiming it was anti-semitic, despite Palestinians also being Semites and Jews also boycotting the illegitimate state.

Now Toronto has cancelled a concert by Ukranian pianist, Valentina Lisitsa, for allegedly "biased" tweets regarding the situation in Ukraine.

You have to wonder, is Harper deliberately advertising his allegiance to fascism.

Meanwhile, Russia is accused of "saber rattling" even as NATO gang members announce a troop build up on Russia's borders: "NATO plans 40,000-strong rapid response force in E. Europe"

Whereas Russia's 40 new ICBMs are legitimate, the NATO gang's troop build up is an act of war.
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Thieved State of Amerika Still Dependent on Slavery
- gun-running, drug pushing and, of course, slave trading

Just as the thieved state of Amerika continues to run an apartheid edukashun system, it still runs a system of slavery too: WITH less than 5% of the world’s population, the United States holds roughly a quarter of its prisoners: more than 2.3m people, including 1.6m in state and federal prisons and over 700,000 in local jails and immigration pens. Per head, the incarceration rate in the land of the free has risen seven-fold since the 1970s, and is now five times Britain’s, nine times Germany’s and 14 times Japan’s. At any one time, one American adult in 35 is in prison, on parole or on probation. A third of African-American men can expect to be locked up at some point, and one in nine black children has a parent behind bars.
- Justice in America

Wages in amerikan gulags can be as low as $1 a day in what is clearly a Dickensian work house. And these barbarian gangsters criticise China for human rights!!!
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Great Satan Promotes Nuclear World War

Ash Carter, the Defence Secretary, said the deployment of armoured vehicles and weapons will 'deter and be prepared to respond to Russian aggression'
. . .
Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania are each being sent enough equipment to supply a battalion of troops.

The Department of Defence said the countries were chosen based on their proximity to training ranges that would reduce the time and cost of transporting it for joint US


- US to send 250 tanks to countries along Russian border to 'respond to Russian aggression'

As the title says, these are all along the russian border. The claims are BS as is the claim that it's in response to supposed "Russian aggression" which contradicts it. This is an act of war against Russia. The only country missing from the line-up is Ukraine and the gangster policy is flagrant: "McCain: US will supply gas to Ukraine, Europe in 2 yrs" Ukraine even has an Amerikan as a naturalised Ukrainian finance minister, Natalie Jaresko who was formerly with the US embassy in Ukraine.

This is similar to the blockade of Japan from indonesian oil and FDR's stationing of ships in the Pacific prior to Pearl Harbour, except that Japan wasn't equipped with hypersonic, multiple independent target table, nuclear-tipped inter-continental missiles that can wipe the Great Satan off the face of the Earth.

However: These soldiers would be in Eastern Europe for exactly the same reason we stationed US soldiers in West Berlin during the Cold War: they are there to die. In the event of a Russian attack, their job is to be killed so that the resulting hue and cry would guarantee an all-out NATO military response.
- The Instability Of The Global Game Of Central Bank Chicken

This is similar to the Lusitania where the passengers were used as shields for the arms that were being carried or hospital ships such as the Rewar which was also carrying arms.

Just as a former french foreign minister railed against the illegitimate zionist state as "that s***ty little country": In a Facebook post which cannot be quoted fully

quote due to strong language, Lafontaine, whose latest political post was co-chairman of the democratic socialist party The Left, called US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter the

"Secretary of War", and Washington's policies "imperialism."
. . .
"The US diplomat Victoria Nuland said, we have spent more than five billion dollars to destabilize Ukraine," Lafontaine's Facebook post goes on, presumably referring to Nuland's February 2014 statement that since 1991, Washington invested $5 billion in "democratic institutions" in Ukraine.

- 'F**k US imperialism': Germany's ex-finance minister slams defense secretary's Europe visit

Imperialism is precisely what it is: Notice that Washington’s “first objective” is not peace, not prosperity, not human rights, not democracy, not justice. Washington’s “first objective” is world hegemony.
- Paul Craig Roberts: "Washington Is Impotent To Prevent Armageddon"

Oh and more and more nations are dumping the "worthless paper" USD and "nitroglycerine" POO.
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