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Gangster State US/UK - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - August 2013   [Copy link] 中文

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Amerikan Gangster-Run Quackonomy Implodes
- the failure of fascism

As PCR puts it: "America's Collapse: Paul Craig Roberts Exposes An Economy Based On Plunder"

This is as bad as Elon Musk's Tesla coming in a distant-first behind BYD. Huawei overtakes Apple . . . again.

The surprising trend IDC detected is that Huawei surpassed Apple in 2Q19, making it the first time in seven years that Samsung and Apple weren't the top smartphones manufactures in the world.
. . .
Samsung ranked No.1 with 75.5 million shipments in 2Q19, a 5.5% YoY increase. Huawei was No.2 with 58.7 million shipments in 2Q19, a 8.3% YoY jump. Apple was No.3 with 33.8 million shipments in 2Q19, a -18.2% YoY plunge.
. . .
"Despite a lot of uncertainty surrounding Huawei the company managed to hold its position at number two in terms of market share," said Ryan Reith, program vice president with IDC's Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers.

- Global Smartphone Shipments Plunge Again, Huawei Displaces Apple As No.2

So a year ago, Huawei shipped 54.2m and Apple shipped 41.3m but Huawei has only just overtaken Apple this 2nd quarter!?!?!?

Clearly, someone is using the magic, space time-masheen that China uses to steal amerikan technology from the amerikan dumbass in the future.

Similarly, Poodleville's GDP has been overtaken by Brazil, France, Italy and India in recent years, only for poodle GDP to mysteriously re-take fifth place. In 2001, Poodleville's Office for Notorious Statistics double-counted pensions transfers as fresh contributions, thereby boosting GDP statistics. It was dubbed the "biggest statistical error in history". Her Majesty's Robbers and Confiscators had the exact figures all along as they had to pay tax rebates. Whilst German, France and Italy all reported recessions at the time, Poodleville didn't despite poodle GDP falling more than any of the others when measured in "worthless paper" USD.

Apple isn't the only collapsing amerikan krapware company. Boeing should obviously recall and SCRAP all 737 MAX flying turds at the cost of trillions. Two articles I've read said is should NEVER have been certified. Airbus revenues are up 24% in the 1H2019: ("Airbus profits skyrocket while rival Boeing stumbles over 737 MAX crisis")

And we know the Great Satan's krudmobile sales in China have fallen to 9.6% of the market even as german sales rose to 23.3%, Japan's share is 21.3% and the domestic share is 36%.
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Great Satan Resorts To Sad Little Bastardry

China has the World's largest GDP by a country mile. The GDP metric is a crock o' s**t that merely measures the nominal worth of activity not productivity. Even then, China consumes half the planets base metals, is the World's largest oil importer, the largest consumer and producer of gold, the largest producer of coal, is history's greatest ever creditor, is the World's largest trading nation and main trader with most nations. China also has the World's only commercial maglev train and the World's largest high-speed rail network. The Great Satan has NO high-speed railways at all.

The gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika's quackonomy is such a s**t-show that they're robbing their own sheeple on the highways, extorting cash out of any multi-national they can as well as Navinder Sarao and Kim Dotcom and are peddling the financial snake-oil that it buttcoins; imaginary coins backed by nothing and nobody and so are completely worthless.

The Great Satan's book-burning, white-supremacists who cheat Asians out of yoonviversity places, has lost market share in krudmobiles and smartphones. Apple, Boeing, Gangster Motors, Ford, Tesla et al. are all s**t-shows. Teslas are sold at a loss as is shale oil & gas, with the Great Satan trying to thieve Russia's market share by illegally invading Syria.

As well as the undisguised attack on Huawei, which leads the World in 5G and soon, 6G too, the Great Satan has now imposed illegal tariffs on ALL of China's exports in as egregious a violation of WTO rules as is imaginable. Attempts by China's manufacturers to move production elsewhere, is met by the Great Satan threatening those nations with illegal tariffs and sanctions too.

In other words, the Great Satan is not just taking its ball home by attacking nations with SWIFT. It's also trying to sabotage all commerce.

Google, Apple, the Shyster of Omaha and Jim Rogers are all holding HUGE amounts of "worthless paper" USD, whilst the Great Satan runs up $trillion deficits in order to soak up all the "worthless paper" USD that the planet is now dumping. So the Great Satan can't even afford to export its way out of debt because that leads to even more returning the shores of the land that they thieved.

The Great Satan attacked China's offshore yuan, expecting China to respond by buying "worthless paper" USD. She refused to do so, so the Great Satan labelled her a "currency manipulator" despite only one of the Great Satan's three criteria having been met.

The Great Satan is a paper tiger. It's quackonomy can easily be imploded by anyone just telling the amerikan sheeple how they're being robbed.

Other s**t-shows include:

The FAA,
Wells Fargo,
the SEC,
the CFTC,
mad dog Mattis and his successor, former lead lobbyist for Raytheon, Mark T**t Esper,
the FED,
warmongering Guardian of Zion, John Bolton,
the Ford class aircraft carriers,
Giorgy Schwartz and his NED terrorist cell,
the "worthless paper" USD,
Facebook, and
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The Failure of Fascism
- anything for profit and a Victoria Nuland to the sheeple

The lack of any laws against corporate manslaughter, almost certainly contributed to the creation of the 737 MAX flying turd, which had the decades-old flaw in all 737s of a tail stabiliser too difficult to operate, plus the engines in the wrong place because the 737 was designed for an era when you boarded at ground level and up stairs, plus the MCAS which was supposed to compensate for the engines being in the wrong place, but was even more lethal, much like Elon Musk's "autopilot", which he claims is ten times safer than a human but which Consumer Reports claims is "far less competent than a human driver," ("When Teslas Crash, They Come Here For Auction").

In the pursuit of profit above all else, infrastructure is graded a "D", in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika. The Sheeple are told to "suck it up" by the likes of Charlie Munger.

But this is simply not acceptable:As the Investigative Unit photographed nearly a dozen hypodermic needles scattered across one block, a group of preschool students happened to walk by on their way to an afternoon field trip to city hall.

“We see poop, we see pee, we see needles, and we see trash,” said teacher Adelita Orellana.

“Sometimes they ask what is it, and that’s a conversation that’s a little difficult to have with a 2-year old, but we just let them know that those things are full of germs, that they are dangerous, and they should never be touched.”

- "Human Tragedy" On The "Diseased Streets" Of San Francisco: "Worse Than Slums In Brazil & India"

WTF kind of society is that? Is THIS why war criminal, The Donald, refers to african nations as "s**tholes"?

Similarly, in Poodleville, one of convicted war criminal, Tony Blair's, own goons & thugs complained that he had "garden eyes", in that he would lose interest and start staring out the window. The pothead war criminal also feigned a bicycle ride to work, but it was noted that his chauffeur-driven limo tailed him. Later he was reported as having arrogantly demanded that they "get rid of the green crap". Whilst boosting international oil prices by taxing extraction when prices were high but at the fuel pump when prices were low, he also dropped rebates for solar panels, banned obstruction of fracking and blocked onshore wind turbines.

The Revolving Door Yet Again
Grilled by Elizabeth Warren, former Raytheon lobbyist, Mark Esper, claimed he was glad that he brought up the revolving door issue up for discussion. To her credit, Warren, immediately cut him off saying it wasn't a discussion and that it was a clear "conflict of interest". She then asked if he was willing to commit to not seeking employment by the military industrial complex for 4 years after leaving office as Defence (attack) secretary. He outright refused.

His predecessor, Patrick Shanahan, used to work for Boeing. Shanahan's predecessor, Mad Dog Mattis, is a multi-millionaire who claimed it was fun to murder people and resigned when war criminal, The Donald, curtailed war profiteering.

Guilty Become Treasury Secretary; Innocent Are Prosecuted

Tulsi Gabbard has crushed corrupt former Kalifornia D.A. Kamala Harris, who failed to indict Steve Munchkin, despite the Kalifornia Dept. of Justice finding his One West bank had participated in "widespread misconduct". By contrast, Abacus bank did everything by the book and reported a crime to corrupt D.A. Cyrus Vance. Vance then blamed Abacus for causing the subprime crisis despite Abacus having a 0.5% default rate, which is ten times better than the average and they were forced to defend themselves in court. Although they won, it cost them $10m in legal fees.

So, it's not so much paving paradise and putting up a parking lot as thieving it and turning it into a s**thole.
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Bankrupt, Insolvent and Now Extorting More

Only a gangster-run quackonomy could ever get into such a parlous state.

It's bad enough that, like the Great Satan, the poodle state is robbing its own sheeple on the highways and that Mark Carney says the poodle state is "dependent on the kindness of strangers", now they've resorted to extorting cash out of the sheeple who already pay taxes: In a new document, the government outlined its new financing strategy for nuclear including Sizewell C, Suffolk.

It said it has proved "challenging" to fund nuclear energy plants since the Hinckley Point build in Somerset.

A new funding model would require all UK electricity customers to pay in advance through their bills.

- Sizewell C: Public asked to part fund nuclear power plant

No one wanted to fund Hinckley Point either. The french finance executive of EDF resigned in protest. China's CGNPC had to have guarantees before she would fund it. The poodle state doesn't even have the expertise.

This is particularly shocking as Norway, for example, has the World's largest energy fund, from N. Sea oil and gas, whereas the poodle state has simply spent the money.

Under convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, for example, the scottish parliament buildings were estimated at £60m but cost £300m. The goons & thugs then raped the sheeple some more by spending another £1m investigating themselves for this corruption.

The corruption continues too: One thing as predictable as an increase in the projected cost of building HS2 is the response from business lobby groups. Sure enough, as the high-speed railway was reported last week to be hurtling towards a potential cost overrun of almost £30bn, trade bodies barely paused to consider this astonishing figure and instead insisted that HS2 should be built anyway.
. . .
Once upon a time, the rail link was meant to cost £32bn in its entirety. In 2012, that became £42bn. Then £56bn. Now, according to the FT, Allan Cook, the new chairman of HS2, has written to the Department for Transport to say the final costs could be between £70bn and £85bn.

- There must be a point at which HS2 is just too expensive

And now they've selected war criminal, Boris Johnson as their leader. Following on from his kipper-waving, in his first speech as newly selected poodle-minister he appeared as excited and as dishevelled as a five year old skoolboy. His jingoistic, upbeat rhetoric matched that of war criminal, rapist and "f**king moron", The Donald, who has been derided as the "golden golem of greatness" and who tweeted that war criminal, BoJo, "will be great". One poodle goon & thug pre-emptively resigned whilst FinMin, Hammond, also pledged to resign if war criminal, BoJo won. It's looking more and more like the Hudsucker Proxy, where the aim was to crash the share price. There's much talk of parity of the "nitroglycerine" Poodle with the "worthless paper" USD. All major currencies aligning can only be for one reason.

As well as starting both World Wars to impose jew-confetti on the planet at Genoa in 1922 and Bretton Woods in 1944, five centuries of the poodle empire of plundering and three and a half centuries of overt slavery, the poodle (and the Great Satan) also cheat Asians at their krappy yooniversities too for yet more parasiting.
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Milking It For All It's Worth

Not only did they not have the expertise, they didn't even have the capital. It's not capitalism; its' fascism (gangsterism). China's CGNPC had to be offered guarantees before accepting the (white man's) burden.

I've been party to negotiations where the japanese companies bowed-out, saying they couldn't deliver the project at the price. But all of Poodleville's corrupt corporations continued to bid with the intention that they would get half way into the project and then demand more money to complete it.

The price tag is expected to exceed £20bn, almost double that suggested in 2008 by EDF Energy, which is spearheading the project alongside a Chinese project partner.
- Hinkley Point C: rising costs and long delays at vast new power station

Similarly, the estimate for the scottish parliament building was £60m but ended up costing £300m plus another £1m for the cost of the enquiry by the goons & thugs on how they'd ripped-off the taxsucker.

And just as the puerile "workers" at Bris**t Leyland were caught smuggling in sleeping-bags for the night-shift: Hinkley Point nuclear power station, Britain’s biggest construction project since the second world war, is grappling with a mental illness crisis, with several attempted suicides since work began in 2016, a Guardian investigation can reveal.
- Revealed: mental health crisis at Hinkley Point C construction site

A few years ago, cold weather appeared to have damaged the roads, but only on minor B-roads rather than busy A-roads and motorways.

No project in Poodleville's entire freakin' history has ever been delivered on time, to specification or within budget.
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A dual system of justice is, at its core, tyranny.

And we've seen that with the treatment of a maid raped by a rutting ape but not even getting a criminal trial and the persecution of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange (the latest in a long-line of whistleblowers). Banksters, goons & thugs are smuggling illegal drugs, raiding client accounts etc. and none go to jail.

But financially it's just as egregious. Whilst the prison-warders are robbing the sheeple on the highways and even "confiscating" sleeping bags from the homeless, the banksters get tens of billions in bail-outs, dubbed "welfare for the rich". Protests ranged from "no" to "hell, no". But all they did was wave tea-bags in the faces of these hardened thugs.

62% of Americans report not getting a pay raise or better paying job in the past year – up from 52% last surveyed last year….

As Marketwatch notes, meanwhile, the average CEO at the largest 350 companies in the US received a 17.6% increase in pay in 2017– clocking in at an average of $18.9 million, according to an August study from the Economic Policy Institute.
. . .
The 400 richest Americans … have tripled their share of the nation’s wealth since the early 1980s…. Those 400 Americans own more of the country’s riches than the 150 million adults in the bottom 60 percent of the wealth distribution, who saw their share of the nation’s wealth fall from 5.7 percent in 1987 to 2.1 percent in 2014.

- Bubble Bubba Isn’t Doing Fine Anymore

With Andrew Breitbart representing the right and war criminal, George Soros (Giorgy Schwartz) represneting the left, the alt-right and antifa are at each other's throats; classic divide and rule.
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Asinine BS of Gangster Desperados

The problem lies in that China has carried out state capitalism, which many US politicians and observers believe has "taken advantage" of the US, a country with market capitalism.
- China and US: Are they rivals or enemies?

That's clearly BS! The Great Satan is a gangster and terrorist state. You're either a vassal or an enemy. It's imposed sanctions on Russia based on the lie that Russia is attacking Ukraine. We all know it was George Soros (Giorgy Schwartz), USAID and, of course, Victoria "F**k the EU" Nuland. What's more the sanctions were imposed JUST AFTER, Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany negotiated a peace treaty!! It's also attacking Venezuela, Free Korea and Iran, the so-called "Axis of Evil" who all refuse to accept "worthless paper" USD.

"State capitalism" is the Great Satan's own BS term, similar to the Quackonomist accusing China of using, "sharp power"; it's own, made-up BS term.

No explanation of how China is exploiting the Great Satan is offered or how China is so powerful that she can do so is apparent and why no one else has done so before.

The Great Satan and poodle started both World Wars to impose jew-confetti on the planet, first at the Genoa Conference in 1922, then at Bretton Woods in 1944. You cannot have peace with such a parasite, which is why the Great Satan has been at war for all but 40 years since declaring independence from the poodle empire of plundering in 1776. It's mini-me poodle-state has been at war every year since 1914, with the sole exception of 1968. These are gangster and terrorist states.

The recent tariff war, designed to raise prices, is a flagrant violation of WTO rules and China has sued. By contrast, the Great Satan uses gangster techniques: The US has united its allies and partners to put pressure on China to make structural changes, especially in the field of economy and trade. Furthermore, the US has restricted China by slapping tariffs, censoring Chinese scholars, limiting the number of Chinese students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics, registering some Chinese institutions in the US as "foreign agencies," and cancelling the 10-year visa of some Chinese scholars and others.
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