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Hainan, the American Spy Plane, was in Chinese Airspace. [Copy link] 中文

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American have no respect to the world.

They think that they so big, strong and unstopable. But this is definately wrong and one day they will pay back for the crime that they been comited to the world.

American lack of morality,  they  have no respect for no one even they mom which they will stab her and kill her for just only $1.00

How would you expect them to respect the Chinese air space or Chinese people. We have to deal with them like the Russian did if they enter our air space just fire the missle at them and then they will realize that we are not weak.

America don't have have morality and all they known is  might make right , if you weak they will step you down and if you strong they will respect you.China should do the same thing and Chairman Mao have tought US about this topic when he still alive.

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Every one in the forum now knows. I do not need to write his name.

China Map. Read a China Map. Look at a China Map. The Map.

He has said it all, he has written it in the most biased manner as only a person such as he could write it.

It has all the spite and all the hate and the nasty that only a foreigner is able to write about China and the Chinese.

I wrote:
We are all able to look at a map of China and see the extent and location of our territory.
I think that is simple enough.

I think his evil attemps to twist the facts to his own small and shallow point of view says it all.

That man is a teacher of Chinese school children.

If you other Chinese readers and you international readers can not see the DANGER of a man such as that in close contact with Chinese school children, then you will never see it and anything I write will be forever lost on you the reader.


Now more than ever, you are able to see these * TYPES * of people for what they are, for what they do and that they will never stop until China is in submission, until China Kowtows and until they control China again as they once did 100 years ago.

Yes, some of you do not like what we SUPER NATIONALISTS as they call us, many do not like what we say, but it is TRUTH and FACT.

You can now see what the problem is, large as life.

Many of you people say, you want reasonable and polite arguement on some of these subjects.

Please tell me the polite way to answer men such as they.

I have tried my best. This is the best I can do.

The Chinese heroe was lost due to INTRUSION in Chinese Airspace by the USA Spy Plane.

A Flying error by the USA Spy Plane pilot, resulted in the tragic loss of a Chinese heroe, a Chinese fighter pilot, defending mother China.

The USA Spy Plane, was forced into Hainan to land.

No attempt was made by the USA pilot and crew to save face for the USA and destroy the Spy Plane.

( in Hollywood, they would have made sure that China did not get that spy plane, but in the real world, the American's are quickly proving to not be so much Hollywood at all )

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reply to Judge and Jury (whatever)

Yo whatever, you ejaculate your blind fervor all over my face! Note: 'off the coast', does not preclude nor exclude, 'inside China airspace' -- why don't you learn English usage before you start being critical; piss in your tea!

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I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, since the slightest disagreement with the Chinese perspective here is usually met with fierce personal attacks.  But for those of you who are open to thinking about reality and logic instead of your government-spoon-fed hatred of others, consider this.

Why would the US even think of sending an EP-3, a large, cumbersome, prop-driven plane over Chinese airspace, when we have much faster, stealthier jets for such work?  No doubt the US has used the SR-71 over Chinese airspace in the past.  That's currently the fastest plane in the world and can easily outrun anything else - even bullets under certain circumstances.  So again, why would we use this slow, non-stealthy and unarmed prop plane to infiltrate Chinese airspace, when we can do so much more easily and safely with other planes of ours?

Furthermore, why did China never release any information from the flight data recorder, which the plane's crew cannot touch and which would have recorded every single movement of the plane from the time it took off?  A FDR would make it very easy for China to prove exactly where the plane was, complete with map coordinates, altitude, airspeed, wind and weather conditions and even internal radio communications.  This would have been what we call a smoking gun and there would have been no way for the US to refute the info there.  The FDR is designed to withstand all kinds of impacts, fire, water, ice, etc.  Our crew could not have destroyed it, even if they had not been busy trying to avoid crashing into the sea.  So again, why did China not release this info to prove that thet plane was in Chinese airspace?  No one on the BBS has any inside knowledge of this.  And if they did, they would not be allowed to post it.  All of the previous claims are based on newspaper (government-controlled, no less) accounts and personal sentiments.

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the chinese have found the paint of the chinese plane

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yes, shoot it down

You're right, bchung.  China should have shot it down.  Had the US plane really been over Chinese airspace, then China would have been totally within its rights to shoot it down.  And again, since it was a large, slow and unarmed spy plane, the EP-3 would have had no chance to evade getting shot down.  Unfortunately, shooting it down would have proved that it was not over Chinese airspace.  Again, the flight data recorder would have been recovered by our Navy and noted the exact grid location of the plane when it went down.  That would have looked very bad for China.  And can someone please explain why an EP-3 would ram a fighter jet?  We don't send our pilots on suicide missions.  So why would the Chinese fighter ram the EP-3, if it was over Chinese airspace and could have legally and easily been shot down?  The USSR did shoot down one of our U2's spy planes and was totally within its rights in doing so, as it was deep inside Soviet airspace.  Why didn't China do the same?  Because they love us?  No.  It was because the plane was much more valuable to China in one piece and shooting it down so far from Hainan's coastline would have proved that the plane was nowhere near Chinese airspace.

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