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Should USA Military pivot to Falklands? ( Las Malvinas )   [Copy link] 中文

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raton Post time: 2014-1-20 01:19
Correct, it was the Belgrano and worst of it she was not near the war area wen sunk by the British ...

Since when was the sinking of a naval vessel during war a war crime? The Belgrano along with the rest of the Argentine "Fleet" had been ordered to engage the British Fleet - the British intercepted the orders and gave the go ahead to sink the Belgrano since the opportunity presented itself.

She (the light cruiser) skirting the a military exclusion zone - was near an exclusion zone which the British had imposed around the Falkland Islands. The use of an exclusion zone was in itself something the British introduced, not something the UN had imposed.

If the British had chosen to bomb Argentina itself they would have been perfectly at liberty to do so. Poor lil Argentina were the aggressors in this particular conflict, they invaded and made a huge strategic error doing so... then spent the next 20 years setting themselves up as victims.

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Time for timid Asean to show its teeth

The Nation (A Thai Daily Newspapaper) January 21, 2014  1:00 am
                    The bloc must do more over territorial disputes with China, the annual haze and political crises in member countries                                                  Meeting for the first time under the chairmanship of Myanmar last week,Aseanministers voiced concern over hot issues in the region but also ignored several essential topics.

        Chief among the areas of concern whose importance no one denied was the South China Sea, which is at the centre of a conflict between giant partner China andAseanmembers including the Philippines and Vietnam.

        The meeting ofAseanforeign ministers last week took place after China imposed a new law that bans foreign vessels from entering Beijing-claimed territory in the disputed South China Sea.

        The law stems from ongoing maritime conflicts for which clear ideas for a solution have yet to be formulated by the regional bloc.

        Instead, Asean's firm stance has been to call on the disputing parties to stick to peaceful means in their search for solutions.

        Accordingly, the latest statement byAseanforeign ministers called on all parties to adhere to the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC). It urged them to "undertake the full and effective implementation of the DOC in order to build an environment of mutual trust and confidence. They emphasised the need to expeditiously work towards the early conclusion of the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea (COC)."

        However, the DOC is a largely toothless pact, and it is difficult to predict when the COC will be finalised and how effective it will be in setting the guidelines for good practice in the trouble waters.

        The ministers stressed the importance of upholding Asean's centrality in the evolving regional architecture but, without the ability to tackle regional troubles, such an ambition seems impossible.  

        Still, at least the ministers at the Myanmar meeting tackled the topic. The same could not be said of a crucial environment issue that creates problems for the region every year.

        The haze that shrouded large parts of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia last year hit a record high on the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI). Southern Thailand also suffered from the pollution, caused by slash-and-burn deforestation in Indonesia.

        At their summit in Brunei last year,Aseanleaders agreed to adopt a trans-boundary haze-monitoring system, but there has been limited progress since then. Developed by Singapore, the monitoring system aims to identify the causes and responsible parties - but it has yet to be installed.

        The approaching dry season will almost certainly bring more choking haze. And, once again,Aseanministers will meet, point fingers at one another and decline to take further action. A regional agreement to act on the issue already exists, but some members of the group have been reluctant to honour it due to domestic concerns.

        Like its predecessors, the MyanmarAseanmeeting failed to touch on the domestic affairs of member countries, despite the fact that these can spill over to affect the whole region. Away from the meeting room, many ministers are looking at the domestic political conflicts in Thailand and Cambodia with worry and concern. But they don't have the courage to speak out.Aseanas a group is a potentially valuable source of solutions for the problems of its individual members. But instead it offers only silence.   

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F111 Post time: 2014-1-19 09:05
The Chinese beat the Europeans to Australia

Possibly but there isn't a lot of evidence to support it. Either way they didn't develop it - their loss.
(mostly harmless)

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fatdragon Post time: 2014-1-22 14:25
Possibly but there isn't a lot of evidence to support it. Either way they didn't develop it - thei ...

Stupid me was on standby to go and wanting to go. The mother country said no
Stan, you're holding a gun to God's head. I can't think of a metaphor that's better than this.

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