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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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gork Post time: 2020-4-18 16:24
More Welfare For the Rich
- breathtaking krappiness

Remember, Keen's idea of a joke is two indonesian women being murdered by a drugged up bankster.

These parasites started both World wars to parasite off the planet and illegally invade anyone who refuses to be ripped off then claim it's "worth it" to genocide half a million kids by slow starvation.

The only "charity" they show anyone is the likes of Reginald Dyer when they had a whip-round to reward him for slaughtering thousands of Indian civilians for no reason whatsoever.

Their debts are totally unpayable because these parasites NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION OF PAYING. So Keen is "trying it on" when he asks for a debt jubilee from Asia which for generations has suffered poverty imposed by the Anglo. Shashi Tharoor is demanding reparations because India's economy was collapsed from 24% to just 4%, despite India's large population. China's GDP similarly collapsed a century later.

We should give Keen the same reply that the Amerikans gave to their own banksters when they got a bailout, something between "no" and "hell no".
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Gold has risen by 4% in January (against Poodles) 4% in February, 3% in March and was up about 6% in April until yesterday, the very last day, when it was massively smashed to "only" 4% for April.

So either the banksters can't control the gold price and/or the policy is for a measured re-pricing of the paper gold price.
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Measured in Poodles, gold is up over 38% yoy and averaged about 4% a month for the first quarter and about 6% in April. But whilst the "pet rock" is soaring, Berkshire Hathaway is having its worst year ever: Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says his company Berkshire Hathaway has sold all of its shares in the four largest US airlines.
- Warren Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway sells US airline shares

That's similar to the report by Antal Feteke that the gold mining companies had sold gold short as a fake hedge when gold prices hit a nadir, rather than the top and then bought them back at the peak at a HUGE loss of tens of billions.

The Shyster of Omaha also has large holdings of "worthless paper" USD as the FED has announced QE unlimited, shares in Apple as it is in its third year of declining smartphone sales (its biggest revenue source) and shares in Amazon, which one analysis claimed its price suggested Amazon would expand until it conquered the entire planet.

He then said he had been wrong to invest in the airline industry.

Mr Buffett's comments came just hours after Berkshire Hathaway announced a record $50bn (£40bn) net first quarter loss, Reuters news agency reports.
. . .
The firm began investing in the four airlines in 2016, after avoiding the aviation industry for years.

If he was wrong to invest, then he should have realised much sooner and sold much sooner. Oil prices peaked in 2008 and are about a third of airline costs. Instead, he waits until coronavirusgate hits and sells at the bottom. What happened to being greedy when others are fearful and being fearful when others are greedy?

In other words, the Shyster of Omaha and Charlie Munger are Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Igor keeping Great Satan zombie corporations alive.

They're now joined by the FED which created its first trillion in 35,000 days according to David Stockman. But has now created $2trillion in just 30 days more. In other words, it's out of control and gone EVEN MORE parabolic.

Of course, by printing "worthless paper" USD out of "thin air", the FED is effectively roping in all holders of them (except gold bugs) into supporting the zombie market whether they like it or not.

Meanwhile, the excuse for a significantly higher gold price on the CRIMEX compared to the equally corrupt LBMA, is that refineries are shut down. Never mind that only a teeny-tiny percentage of trades on the CRIMEX are ever settled in physical and that the CRIMEX has been heavily using the Exchange For Physical scam to divert demand to the LBMA, despite it being a supposedly "emergency" measure (much like the default on gold in 1971 was "temporary").

Despite defaulting on a mere 300 tons of Germany's gold for four years and now 600 tons owed to China, the CRIMEX vaults are now, impossibly, reporting HUGE increases, which is obviously fraudulent.
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Straight Line?

Another half-year's spending money so far this week and it's only 11:00 Monday morning. The lockdown means I can drive with minimal traffic, cheaper petrol and fresh food which is discounted as there aren't enough shoppers to buy, especially when they're stockpiling to avoid the daft social-distancing queues whilst standing in the rain.

It follows a HUGE end of month smash-down to bring the price in to line with previous months. But it was after the afternoon LBMA fix, which I use to keep track of prices.

Gold price volatility is FAR higher than in previous years.

If the pattern of steadily rising prices seen every month this year so far continues, gold will be just under £1,400 by the end of the month, £1,456 by the end of June, over £1,500 by the end of July and £1,575 by the end of August.

The price opened in Asia trading near £1,375 only to be immediately smashed to within pennies of Friday's closing price of £1359.89 despite China/Japan markets being closed; clearly showing the usual manipulation. Todd Bubba Horwitz has denied there's any manipulation, resulting in GATA has pointing out he's full of it and by "it" I mean he's a colostomy bag.
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Yet More Doggie Death-Spiral Firesale Selling


"BT Group in talks to sell Openreach stake: FT"

Yes folks, in the information age, instead of investing, they're selling, having already sold ARM to Softbank. Remember, the phone side of BT is in decline, whilst its infrastructure arm, Openreach, is it's only hope for the future with some even complaining that it hasn't invested enough. They're up poo creek without a paddle!!!!

SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS have been sold to fund the poodle state's consumption where all three components of its current account, income, goods and services, have all turned negative and these thieving parasites who have plundered the planet for five centuries are now whinging for a debt jubilee, despite having peddled the Triffin Dilemma as an excuse to run up those debts and having started both World Wars to force jew-confetti on the planet first at the Genoa Conference in 1922 and then at Bretton Woods in 1944. Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were merely the unfortunate victims used as the excuse for this plot.

Is it any wonder? Like the Great Satan, the poodle state is so bankrupt, insolvent and desperate that it too is robbing its own sheeple on the highways and now the Great Satan has by far the highest number of deaths attributed to Covid-19, whilst its mini-me poodle state has the second highest despite being only 5% and 1% of the global population. The quasi-quarantine that it is lockdown is clearly designed to restrict consumption. Stephanie Flanders holds a competition to determine how the poodle state can increase productivity. But after all these centuries the only possible answer has to be that they are, as the former Yob Gear moron correctly states, "doomed".

Whilst the poodle state hasn't had a trade surplus since 1982 (and even then it was on the back of N. Sea oil), the Great Satan hasn't had a trade surplus since 1975, soon after war criminal, Nixon, defaulted on gold in 1971; the HUGEST default in all of history.
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