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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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The Platinum Coin Idea Writ Large

The banksters have been accepting pensions contributions from the sheeple for decades. In Poodleville, there was legislation prohibiting excessive claims for performance on financial products. Typically a projection was only allowed to envisage 7% returns.

Yet, that's just thieving 2.5% every year. The average return on gold, measured in Poodles, is 9.5% and compounded every year, since war criminal, Nixon, defaulted on gold in 1971.

In the event, the "muppets" don't even get the 2.5% theft. One pension saver didn't even receive back the nominal sum she'd put into her pension fund.

With HUGE and unpayable pensions liabilities, shares, bonds and real-estate have been bid up to balance the books of the banksters. Now all they need is a sucker to buy them at these nose-bleed prices (other than the Slum-lord of Omaha). Irving Fischer's "permanently high plateau" may be here.

Hence, "old crocodile", terrorist and war criminal, George Soros (Giorgy Schwartz) claimed that gold was the "ultimate bubble" to imply that it was already in a bubble.
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The Emperor's New Clothes

But the report is delightful for its presumption that gold is for the great unwashed while modern financial assets are for more sophisticated people, people gaining "financial literacy."
- FT imagines 'financial literacy' is defeating gold in India

That's the same as Hans Christian Anderson's story, where it was deemed that only sophisticates could see his otherwise invisible suit of clothes.

Newly financially savvy Indians realised they could enjoy higher returns investing in stocks and bonds rather than physical assets such as gold or property.

Presumably India's shares and bonds have risen far faster than that of the Great Satan's as gold has EASILY outperformed there.
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All Change

Following on from China changing lending rate setting to be more market-based : "China changes the way bank loan rates are set, with HSBC left out of rate-setting club"

. . . the Swiss do the same: "Switzerland Has a New Way to Impose World’s Lowest Interest Rate"

With a market based interest rate, you can have fixed exchange rates and free capital flow. The Mundell-Fleming "impossible trinity" is where the market will force adjustment. But if the interest rates are market based anyway, you can still have fixed exchange rates and free capital flow.

Of course, separate interest rate regimes also means restricted capital flows too, say, "worthless paper" USD having no purchasing power outside the borders of the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika.
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When China prepared for the 2008 Olympics the project came in on budget and in time despite an archaelogical find which delayed proceedings. The Three Gorges dam was similarly on time and within budget. Beijing airport is five times the size of Heathrow but the Heathrow extension took five times longer to construct and was followed by the lost luggage debacle.

HS2's total cost has also risen from £62bn to between £81bn and £88bn,
. . .
Originally expected to cost £56bn in 2015 prices, Mr Cook said the new cost estimate was adjusted for inflation, and based on today's prices.

- HS2 railway to be delayed by up to five years

That's an inflation rate of between 9.666% and 11.963%.

It also beggars belief that they're STILL debating whether it's even worth doing!

The usual refrain in Poodleville is "we may as well give up now".
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India joins Switzerland and China in setting lending rates according to a benchmark: "India’s banks to lend at benchmark rates"
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