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Peasants Protest before Japan's embassy in Beijing (photo attached) [Copy link] 中文

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The Beijing News reported on Monday that six peasant workers made a protest before Japan's embassy in Beijing on Sunday. They felt angry that Japanese right-wing vehicle attacked Chinese consulate and blocked Chinese people to land on Diaoyu Island.

It's a pitty that the young students, oftern regarded as the most active society force, kept silence in this event.  I am moved for these six peasants' action, especially considering the fact that they lived a hard life in China now.

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My opinion

the least previleged love our country most,
and this love for it is pure, untanned by any external facts,
is from the bottom of hearts,
Peasants and workers, unite!

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that is right!
but,we will wait for the actions by the government or ???
unite is power, who knows why jan-sino relation is staggaration in resent? who will be resposible for these things?

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davidyounger, I couldn't have agreed more

This is a fine example of grass roots patriotism.

Yet I think the rightists wanted to create an incident so why fall into their hands anyway?

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But remember that "racism" often hides behind "patriotism".

Condemn the people who comitted the crime but don't condemn the nation. I don't see what protesting outside the embassy will achieve apart from inflaming the old, lingering hatred that many Chinese people have for the Japanese. It isn't very courageous of these people to demonstrate outside the embassy, because  criticising and openly expressing dislike/outrage/hatred for the Japanese at every opportunity is openly accepted and even expected/encouraged sometimes.

Both the crime and the hysterical reaction that it has envoked are a real shame.

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placing the blame appropriately

What are these farmer's really achieving?  What are they protesting?  Why go to the Japanese embassy in Beijing?

Let's make a comparison.  (A): a lone nutcase from Pajan drives a van into the Chinese consulate gate in the middle of the night, causing no injuries and minimal damage, or (B): a country (let's call it Emarica) bombs a Chinese embassy abroad, completely destroying the building and killing 3 Chinese citizens.

Now, in (B), the Emarican government is clearly responsible, and the Chinese should be pissed off and lining up outside the Emarican embassy in Beijing to protest.  More power to them.

But in situation (A), protesting outside the Pajanese embassy implies that the Pajanese governenment was responsible, or that the lone nut-job represents the majority of Pajanese people.  Which I don't think is the case.

I think wchao was on to something -- making such a big deal out of a relatively minor incident is probably playing right into the extremists hands.


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student/peasant protesters

amazing how student/peasant protesters saying the right things (things the chinese government wants to hear) get to do so, but those that say the wrong things get put in jail.

one group gets their story in the paper, the other group is covered up and not known to anyone on the mainland ... only in the foreign press.

both groups love their country and want the best for china.


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