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The USA needs to make sure Kerry does not win the Presidency. [Copy link] 中文

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We agree with you Sir. We agree with you. Vote Bush.

That was the whole point of the post.

You wrote:
" you made your case for why it's bad for china to have kerry, now tell us why it's bad for america? "

Keep in mind, that the USA has an interest in the protection of the China economy ( a different subject ), but in any event, if China crash's the USA will crash with her. ( I think all the thinking people know this ).

But back to what you wrote, if you will agree to accept why Bush is good for America versus Kerry, I will answer as follows, keep in mind, why Bush is good for American's is in effect the same as why Kerry is bad for American's.

chairman wrote somewhere " better the bomber you know than the bomber you don't ", in the case of American's, they are much more "SAFE"
with Bush than with Kerry, they are better protected, they have a President that will attack and will kill to protect the USA, they do not know what wishy washy policy they will get from Kerry.

A DUD President is the worst thing for the USA right now.

BUSH has guts, he has the right stuff, maybe that was written by chairman also, but who cares, it is a fact, Bush is a brave President.

With Bush, the American's can sleep at night, knowing he will protect the USA borders, knowing he will drop the bombs and knowing he will kill the enemy's of the United States.

Bush has an interest in a strong USA economy, the GreenBack has done well the last 3 months and continues to do so, this is all the policy of the Bush Presidency at work.

Until the recent Arab backlash in Iraq, the USA looked good and was doing well under this President Bush and so was China.

The USA needs this President, he is a man of known limitations but also a man of known values.

Kerry is an international incident and accident and an American nightmare economy waiting to happen.


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bchung has been deleted
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look these presidents

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mikeghet : to Blackie Lau...thank god

"I tought there were only liberals on this website "

Well, yes, there are many bleeding liberals, but not 100%, yet.

"'VOTE BUSH, VOTE AMERICAN!!" I think that would be good. "

Well, it's true. " VOTE BUSH, VOTE AMERICAN "

be American, vote for the Texan.
Daniel Boone,
Davey Crockett,
Sam Houston,
Remember the Alamo, give baby Bush another go.


" He didn't have to go to war in either afghan or iraq, which i consider the same war (another topic ;-) ) "

Yes, I agree it is the same war.

"No matter if he is wrong or right, he does what he believeis and that's enough for me to vote. This will be the first time I vote and I'm proud to say it's for a great american leader. See, the thing is with the liberal voters (democrats), is that they want a change . I'm ok with that idea, but it's the person they are choosing for change. Kerry is not the answer to any problesm you (they) have with Bush. He doesn't even have an opionion...i tell people his opinion is whatever Bush's isn't. What a joke! "

Yes, Yes and Yes again.


Keep America Safe, vote Bush.

Keep China growing, Vote Bush.

Vote for bravery, vote for Bush.

VOTE BUSH !!!!!!!

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I don't like Bush...

Yeah, I prefer it to be shaved :)

A lot of Americans don't like losing their freedoms living under Bush in the US - it's almost as bad as living in a com munist state...

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why vote Bush?

Blackie wrote:
>"'VOTE BUSH, VOTE AMERICAN!!" I think that would be good. "

Isn't Kerry an American, too? Or, are you saying not voting for Kerry is unpatriotic to America? Either way, I don't see the point, unless its intention is to provoke the irrational side of voters' mind. Yes, I do know voters can be easily confused and elections have been won that way.

>Yes, I agree it is the same war.

In my book, one is anti-terrorism and the other one is counter-anti-terrorism. Enough said.

>"No matter if he is wrong or right, he does what he believeis and that's enough for me to vote.

I hope you don't really mean it. A great leader with all the wrong ideas is a greater danger than an average leader with a sensible hand. In other words, leads us down the right path or not lead us at all, we ought to ask a leader. Much of Bush's belief is religion based and is showing in his policies. If that's what you want to follow, so be it.

>Keep China growing, Vote Bush.

Maybe, since he is good for China, you don't care if he is right or wrong. In that case, are you urging US citizens to vote for what is best for another country? No wonder election is such a mess to any make sense of.

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