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Hi Linlinlin....First of all expatriates get their resident permit for specified activity and with a DanWei sponsoring his stay. It is very diffiult to moonlight < do something else> unless you are a language teacher in areas in China where you can go in and out of China with just a tourist visa but this is geting very difficult because the need for language teachers by unqualified foreigners are diminishing.

There are a few exceptions when you have a special skills and sought after as consultants with short term stay. (a)as in the area of advising how to list a Chinese company public in the USA or Hong Kong or Singapore. The principal would have employed companies like Cannacord Capital or Nesbitt BMO(for Canada) or J P morgan Chase Capital (for USA), Rothschild (for Singapore) or Hang Seng Capital Markets (for Hong Kong)  but may need someone who is well versed in the industry to become his private what PetroChina does before they listed in New York. Sort of second opinion and proivate advisory in areas that is not common knowledge like who to influence to get faster listing and which auditors to chose or which market makers to use. Beacsue he pays the Laowai directly and recommended by mutual friends, this skilled laowai shold be more loyal than the other companies who just keep promoting their own company interest.
(b) the other are part time job that the boss allows. My general Manager in Beijing is from Michigan USA and he knows a lot about milk and ice cream but some business associate of mine need him to advice them how to plant Alfafa Hay to feed the Milk cattle in Inner Mongolia. With my permission he works as secondment. The Inner Mongolia company pays my company in Beijing and I pay his we all pay taxes and everything is legal. (c) In my Nanjing company we publish Time Life Children books with Jiangsu Publishing Company, our production manager was once asked by some influential person how to print stock certificate or options that is difficult to reproduce as fakes. Since he is an authorithy on security paper and watermarks and three dimensional holograms and since I do not want to know the details as it is confidential, He had to resign for some time and work for this person with an assurance that I wil take him back after this assignment. His Danwei sponsor then changes from mine to that of my friends'. The Public Security bureau and Bureau of Labor were duly notified so everything is legal. (d) using Lao wai face for consumer market however is growing so for the laowai who is married to Chinese. The laowai has certain lattitude to work using his laowai face. If you are in business, laowais are very effective in gving HONEST opinion specially of the kind that is not the same as the Boss. Many Chinese bosses education were interrupted by the cultural revolution and relay on his staff to find information but too embarrass to admit his shortcomings....The Laowai can always say..that in USA, Canada, U.K, Poland, or Russia we would have done this...this leave a good face saving for the boss to consider all options and may accept the honest but harsh suggestion  as if it he had the idea all along at a much later date. His second man would have avoided a confrontation or embarrassing his or her boss and life moves on. There is stlll a culture of face saving to a fault in Chinese management or managemnet by personality raher than results which the laowai can achieve since he is considered a rude laowai and his "discourtesy" is thus acceptable as his inborn " fault" and no offence taken.
(e) the worse possible situation is to use Laowai as sales tool. Like showing his face for certain promotion and giving him or her a high title that actually he may not be doing anything significant and his tasks changes from day to day. He or she gets burnt out.I know in several cases where laowais were used to sign expensive English Language contracts that they are not even qualified teachers or lesson planners. Many of them were drag from Karaoke to karaoke until they burnt out or used to entertianed government officers who issue teaching licenses as a means to ingratiate them. Watch out if Laowai are used to collect the cheques or credit card payment up front. Some of these operation just fold overnight and Laowai would be caught holding the bag. (f) there are many smart Chinese coming back from overseas and can easily replace Singaporeans, Hong Kong, British or USA because in addtiion to knowing they also know how to navigate the Chinese culture ( and backstabbing politics) to get things done... I have an official Beijing Residence permit as an investor so I can work anywhere  if I want to. But this is an exception.

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