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US marines drink cobra blood in exercise[1]| [Copy link] 中文

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US marines react as a cobra gets too close to them during a jungle survival exercise with the Thai Navy as part of the "Cobra Gold 2013" joint military exercise, at a military base in Chon Buri province, Thailand, Feb 20, 2013. About 13,000 soldiers from seven countries, Thailand, US, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia are participating in the 11-day military exercise. [Photo/Ag ...

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Is that a way to show the world that the US army is bonding with the rest of the world.  It\\\'s pathetic.  These army people are idiots!  Even the locals don\\\'t do this kind of things.  It\\\'s a disgrace.  The delusional US is sinking deeper and deeper everyday.

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no, thanks & i think i have some green tea with ginger, please (not exactly a macho animal cruelty in me) {:soso_e114:}{:soso_e113:}
a man who uses his hands is a laborer. one who uses his hands and his mind is a craftsman. but he who uses his hands, his mind, and his heart, is an artist...

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All soldiers must desensitize themselves to fear.  This makes stronger soldiers.  This is nothing more then games to challenge a wide fear of snakes that north americans have.  The questions is.. why is China showing these pictures.  

This back and forth slaping each other in the face I hope can stop.  It does no good for relations  between the US and China.  
Regarding this internet hacking.  Its disgusting that both partake in hacking each other.  But what I dont hear or understand is.. what secrets are the US trying to steal from China?
What I really worry is.. the US is just creating more fear in their own country to scare the people into giving up more of their rights and freedoms that will be taken away in the name of \\"protecting the US people\\" .    I think China would be best to adopt its ancient practice and ignore the barbarians.  The more the US screams and bullies, the more they hurt their own world image

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Armies don\\\'t \\"bond\\".  Lovers bond; armies kill.

Although I agree that the world needs to find peaceful solutions to problems, now more than ever, it\\\'s important to understand that the primary purpose of a soldier is to kill another human being in the most violent form.

War, in and of itself, is an extension of diplomacy and represents an actual failure of normal diplomatic channels.

When two countries go to war, it represents a lack of leadership on the parts of one or both countries leaders - and it\\\'s rarely the sole failing of just one country\\\'s leadership.

The last person who wants to go to war is the soldier and the leader who is responsible for the lives of their men and women under their command.

It\\\'s usually the arrogant civilian leadership (no country is immune), who has never had to dodge a bullet, stop a bleeding wound or take another human\\\'s life who is in such a rush to commit the lives of others to die and to defend \\"political\\" ends.

The soldier is directed to kill people that they don\\\'t know nor hate, unless they have been indoctrinated to hate that group, for no farmer in one country wakes up in the morning with an innate desire to kill a farmer in another country.

We each want the same things in life: to be loved, to have a bright future, to have a family, to have a safe and prosperous life and future for ourselves and our families.

We each want quality of life.  Hunting another human being and being hunted is not quality of life for anyone, rich or poor.

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