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Western School Kids Having Major Behavioral Issues [Copy link] 中文

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Tying the Hands of Teachers

Mary Morrison

American Renaissance

January 25, 2013

Just getting an angry student out the door is usually difficult. Blacks and some Hispanics have hair-trigger, explosive tempers, which make them very dangerous. Students who are disruptive want to “diss” their teachers and make as much trouble for other school personnel as possible, and they want an audience. Many absolutely refuse to leave—calls to security go unheeded and calls to the office are often unanswered. Plenty of students have to be dragged away cursing and screaming.

And then the teacher has to notify the principal, and then call an often absent or utterly uninterested parent to arrange a parent conference.

A few days ago in a class of 43 Algebra I students, I suddenly noticed a two-inch flame light up in the back of the room. I walked back to see what was going on and the flame shot up again. I could see it was coming from a Bic lighter a student was trying to use to light a pipe—the type used to smoke crack.

“I sent the student to the office with a brief referral describing the circumstances only to have the student return the next day with a note from the office explaining that the kid was in his ‘fifth round of drug rehab’ and was trying to ‘get clean.’ ”

“Last week,” she continued, “a student in chemistry lab peed into a beaker in full view of his lab partners and other students. The teacher sent the kid and the beaker to the office, only to have the kid return promptly—sans beaker—with a note from the office stating that the ‘problem has been taken care of.’ ”

I asked a former colleague, who now works as an administrator in a large, majority black/Hispanic high school, about discipline policies. “Student behavior has coarsened,” he said. “All day, I hear every obscenity imaginable. Kids have also taken to wearing pajama bottoms, bedroom slippers, or flip-flops. They wear T-shirts with images of marijuana leaves, pro-drug messages, photos of automatic weapons, or even the F-word printed on them. We used to make students wearing such forbidden attire turn the T-shirt inside out or change into one we kept in the office. If the kid refused, we sent him home. No longer; it’s simply not worth it to fill out the reams of paperwork required, and parents more than likely will defend their children, and ask what ‘our problem’ is.

“We used to round up students who loitered around the campus all day instead of attending class, and herd them back into classrooms. No longer. It’s far easier to let the miscreants hang out on the far side of the PE field than to force them back into class, where the teacher is likely to send them to the office for disruption anyway—meaning more paperwork. This way, at least the students are on campus and we can count them present for state ADA money.”

“Last week, a female student entered my office and said: ‘Mr. T, do you know they’re doing heroin on the PE field now? A boy invited me out for periods 4 and 5 to use heroin with him and the other kids out there. He said he’d show me how.’ ”
Teaching is already an uphill battle. Even when students genuinely want to learn, many are struggling because of low IQs. The textbooks are full of propaganda. And on top of this we have policies that prevent us from controlling disruptive students because we must correct those racially “skewed” discipline statistics. The theory is that we have a secret, racist desire is to keep the Hispanic/black students in trouble, suspended and out of school, and deprive them of an education.

It should go without saying but I will say it anyway: Blacks and Hispanics are suspended more often than whites and Asians for the same reason boys are suspended more often than girls: They cause more trouble. For at least the last 10 years, teachers have avoided disciplining black students even for egregious behavior because they know blacks will complain and that teachers will be accused of “racism.”

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Thoughts please?

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