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李安:拍《少年派》是对信仰的考验 [Copy link] 中文

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周四上午,李安凭借其执导的影片《少年派的奇幻漂流》(Life of Pi)获第85届奥斯卡最佳导演奖提名。这部3D史诗大片根据作家扬•马特尔(Yann Martel)的小说改编。现年58岁的李安在2006年曾因执导《断背山》(Brokeback Mountain)而获当年的最佳导演奖。但对李安来说,《少年派的奇幻漂流》则是一部难度大得多的电影。

Ang Lee received an Academy Award nomination this morning for directing 'Life of Pi,' the 3-D epic based on Yann Martel's novel. Lee, 58, won in this category in 2006 for directing 'Brokeback Mountain,' but to him, 'Life of Pi' was a much more difficult film.


Directing 'Brokeback Mountain' 'was quite breezy,' the director said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Even though they were high up in the mountains, it wasn't an uphill climb the way 'Life of Pi' was to Lee. 'It was actually easy to make, from beginning to end that movie was all good.'


'Life of Pi,' however, was the opposite. It took Lee four years to make, and he built a water tank in a former airport in Taiwan and hired 3000 people to work on the film. 'It was the hardest movie I made,' he said and, tapping into one of the themes of the film's storyline, said 'it was like a test of faith.'


'Life of Pi' received 11 nominations Thursday morning, including Best Picture and Best Cinematography, in addition to Best Director. Lee talked with the Journal shortly after the announcement to discuss 'Life of Pi,' and the possibility of directing 'Cleopatra' next.

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Congratulations on your nominations.


It's a good morning for us. Thank you.


How did you hear the news?


I was awakened by my assistant. That early, I thought it might be good, because I was having a dream actually.


Were you dreaming you were nominated?

李安:不,不,是别的事情,我不记得了,然后我就醒了(笑)。我周三晚上刚到洛杉矶,以便参加周四晚上的“广播影评人奖”(Broadcasting Critics Award)颁奖典礼。所以我住在酒店里。

No, no, about something else. I don't remember, then I woke up [laughs]. I just arrived in L.A. last night for the Broadcasting Critics Award tonight. So I'm in a hotel.


You won the Best Director Oscar for 'Brokeback Mountain.' How did directing 'Life of Pi' differ from that experience?


This movie ['Life of Pi'] seemed like everything was uphill. I worked for four years. It was the hardest movie I made. 'Brokeback' is probably the easiest [laughs], or easier at least. This was really hard and 3000 people worked on it. It's like a test of faith. Everything was uphill. Difficult elements, turning a philosophical book into an expensive movie. A lot of pressure. I carried it [to] the only place I think I could do it, my hometown, Taiwan, to create a new facility to make it. First acting boy, tiger, 3-D, water. It was all difficult. And how to put it together? To be viable commercially?

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李安:两个月的拍摄时间,整个过程非常顺利。剧本写得很好,演员也很优秀。你可以做最简单的事情,结果发现它很难。但《断背山》就这样拍了下来。一切都很顺利。从第一幕拍摄开始,大家都融入了这部影片(笑)。事实上,在《绿巨人浩克》(The Hulk)之后我认为我可以拍摄一些简单的影片。我认为《断背山》是一部纯艺术电影,但当它进入购物中心后,我开始感到担心。

Two months shooting, and everything went well. The script was great, the actors brilliant. You can do the easiest thing but it turns out to be difficult. But that one just happened. Everything went smoothly. From the first cut on, people just melted over that movie [laughs]. Actually, after 'The Hulk' I thought I would do something easier, and I thought that was going to be strictly arthouse. When it hit the shopping mall, I got worried.


What did you have to learn or perfect specifically for 'Life of Pi'?


Well, India. Religion. It's about God, not necessarily religion, but I still needed to get into it somewhat. Water. A lot of study about how to do water, except you're paying for it. You're not studying and doing research, and then the work. You're doing the work while you're learning. So, that actually turned out to be the most painful part. 3-D is new to me. It's a new cinematic language, new to everyone. Nobody can really give you advice. So, we were groping along the way.


How did you study religion? Through texts?


Yeah, texts. I’m not like Pi, practicing all the religions [laughs]. I talked to people, to the faithful. Particularly India, the Hindus I’m not familiar with, so I had to get into it. Visiting temples.

《华尔街日报》:我估计影片中的那只孟加拉虎里查德•帕克(Richard Parker)说不定会获得提名。

I half-expected Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger, to get a nomination.




Was that one of the most challenging aspects?

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Yeah, to have the tiger not only be realistic but to behave like a tiger. That took a lot of work. Our visual effect guys really did some groundbreaking work.


You also built a water tank at a former airport near Taichung.

李安:我想模拟开阔的海洋,想对它有所掌控。影片中很大一部分都是在海上,我想让水成为一个角色。这是一部没有汤姆•汉克斯(Tom Hanks)的漂流片,所以你一定程度上得通过视觉来抓住观众(笑)。必须让水说话,必须实现某种控制。如果我跑到真正的海上,或者按常规办法,只表现出海浪,让它从墙上反弹回来、起起落落,那样根本就没有效果。所以我必须要创造出某种新的东西。

I wanted to simulate the open ocean. I wanted to control it somehow. A big part of the movie is out on the ocean, and I wanted the water to be a character. It's an adrift movie without Tom Hanks, so you gotta visually grab them somehow [laughs]. The water has to speak. I have to have some kind of control. If I go out to the real ocean or the conventional way, of just showing the wave and it bounced back from the wall and go up and down, up and down, it just wouldn't work. So I had to create something new.


What are you most proud of with 'Life of Pi?'


It's something quite abstract, like everything. Just the sheer chance that people took a leap of faith on this one, whether the filmmakers or Fox. Even when I was doing it I thought god, what are we doing? I think that part is most special.


Are you going to direct 'Cleopatra'?


I don't know. They say they're going to send me the script. I think okay, good, I'll read it. They have not sent the script. It's a very attractive idea.

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《华尔街日报》:之前你跟安吉丽娜•朱莉(Angelina Jolie)有没有谈过合作的事?

Have you and Angelina Jolie ever discussed working together before?


Not face to face but we exchanged emails a little bit.


How was it filming in your hometown, Taiwan?


I was born in Pingtung. My mother is in Tainan. I reconnected to Taiwan. Since I left I had not spent that much time working, reconnecting to society. The help I got was just incredible, from government to just everybody in Taiwan.


Will you film there again?


Oh yeah, yeah. It's my hometown.


Each of your films is so different. Is there a type of film, like a musical or a biopic, you'd like to do in the future?


Well, the elements of a project have to grab me. Normally that grabs me before genre. Then I choose genre to fit the subject matter. I don't have a checklist. I'm not a movie buff type of filmmaker.


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