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What will the world be like when China is a global superpower?   [Copy link] 中文

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RENREW Post time: 2013-1-7 20:52
Yes, sorry lets to come back to the topic;

"We will all be thankful for the daily jiao-zi our Lor ...

When I worked in Hunan a few years ago, all I knew was dumplings so I ate them only for 6 months. I know hate them for obvious reasons.

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exportedkiwi Post time: 2013-1-7 22:12
When I worked in Hunan a few years ago, all I knew was dumplings so I ate them only for 6 months.  ...

There is some real good dumpling food’s in this regard that you can find, just try again. The best I found in Shanghai area, - although Shanghai kitchen is not spicy enough for me. But their dumplings/ jiao-zi are something worth to try. You say you ate those 6 months? Where you living at your mother in law or what?
Twentyfive percent out of nothing is still nothing!

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I can see the complete habitual ignorance of some commentators who have nothing to say but rant on this topic. Let alone China's ascendancy to global superpower or not, but yet all these story tellers from the West were not out there to celebrate that coming. For that comes the euphemism hidden with a hostile feeling; the truth is that they never wish that day comes true for a good number of reason, because we happen to know them better than themselves. The century old western mentality has been deeply anchored with a sense of  indulgence in their success or even pride for shaping up the world in their image according to some,  and they know better with their infallible superiour knowledge to others...But all of these are just another self-delusion than fact...

However,  we all sense that the history of the world is about to change, no matter how it changes, how profound the change will take place. One good thing will be absolutely positive, it's more people will know that the world really belongs to the mankind not any particular of race, even less to that white god... Country just like an individual, who works hard and harder deserves the best of his/her fruit. In the West, all debates around this topic generates plentiful of euphemism and mockery with some uncertain fear. The not so wishful thinking scenario is that they will be strying to stop if that happening as we see in their prepraredness each day, if China happens to be the rising star to guide the new world, and hopefull that will be not to same path of self-destruction with most disloyal conquer and rule as the West have always been doing to this world up to now, but to a new concept of the world where the most dominant country of the world doesn't need to implant its police military bases everywhere to frighten and to pillage, and to create more enemies and conflicts, since the survivability of the species is called into question etc...And hope that China maintains its peaceful cape and promises to offer the alternative of the actual self-destructionalist western world. And the world will be much better place for generations to come...

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