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Amnesty International: The filthy public relations running dog of fascism   [Copy link] 中文

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I found this article on a blog. It is incredibly interesting even if it is taken with a grain of salt. Plese mind the harsh language at some points.

Death squads have been released upon the people of Tripoli. We can even see them on the screens of their friends in the corporate media. We can see them firing their guns in the air and at everything that moves. We can see them looting houses, rampaging through the city; these hoards, these bandits, cheered on by  ruthless intelligence agents posing as journalists.

Hospitals are over flowing  with dead bodies, people are being beheaded in the streets, black people are being lynched, tortured, beheaded, eviscerated.  The mainstream press even admits that thousands of Gaddafi supporters have been massacred. They call it ‘settling of accounts’ as though it is perfectly normal, perfectly acceptable. After all, these people supported Gaddafi, so they deserve to be raped, tortured, burned alive, beheaded.

We have reports of patients being taken out of hospitals and murdered. Yet  Amnesty International, in order to deflect from the atrocities of the NATO death squads, suggest that some of the patients in the hospitals could have been murdered by ‘Gaddafi’s forces’.

Now where did you get those rumours Amnesty International? Why do you suspect that a government currently under siege from the combined forces of the richest and most powerful nations on earth would have the time or malevolent will to go into hospitals and murder the patients there, murder doctors who they so desperately need? Why haven’t you investigated the PROOF of rebels going into hospitals in Benghazi, dragging Libyan soldiers out by the ears and hanging them over the entrances?

They even filmed it for you and posted it on the internet. Do you have any other sources of information other than NATO and their death squads? Why haven’t you investigated it? Is it okay now Amnesty International, is it okay now to behead black people? Or is this all part of Gaddafi’s ‘propaganda’ plan? Were the beheadings carried out under ‘Gaddafi’s orders’?

Muammar Gaddafi who so hates the black race that he set up the African Union, Muammar Gaddafi who so hates the black race that he wears the portraits of all the African heroes on his robes, the African heroes murdered by the CIA and their cronies since Black African countries achieved independence, thanks to training and funding from Tripoli?  Are you afraid Amnesty International? Afraid of losing your credibility by criticizing the powers who fund and promote you?

Why didn’t you investigate the outrageous  racist allegations that the Libyan forces were using ‘black mercenaries’, allegations which lead to the massacres  of hundreds of black Libyan families right throughout this war? Why didn’t you condemn the disgusting use of the term ‘African mercenaries’? Did you not know that Libya is in Africa? Did you not know that there are thousands of black Libyans serving in the Libyan Armed Forces and police, just like America, Britain, France and other countries?  

Why are you continuing to cover for NATO’s crimes?  Why haven’t you condemned NATO’s arming of the rebels, in violation of international law? Why haven’t you condemned NATO’s deployment of mercenaries, in violation of international law?
NATO have carpet bombed Sirte yesterday.  

Did you hear about that Amnesty International? So far more than 400 civilians dead. NATO’s hoards are systematically terrorizing the people of Tripoli, all of whom support Gaddafi. We know this because they all demonstrated that support throughout the war. We saw them on the streets of Tripoli on July 1st, all 1.7 million of them, waving green flags and holding up portraits of their leader.

We know this because you cannot bomb a country for six months, day and night, bombing and bombing and bombing and killing and killing , just like Vietnam, just like Laos, Just like Cambodia, just like the bombing of over 30 countries by US imperialism in the last century, you cannot bomb a country and expect its inhabitants to like you. It did not take long to oust Ben Ali of Tunisia nor Mubarak of Egypt, because neither of those leaders had the overwhelming popular support of Muammar Gaddafi. That’s why the target of NATO bombings is not ‘Gaddafi’s forces’, the target is the Libyan population.

Why have you not published more information about your directors, Amnesty International? We know, for example, that the mastermind of Al Qaeda, former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Bzrezinski, was one of your directors when his Al Qaeda thugs were raping and mutilating men and women in socialist Afghanistan during the 1980s, while you only concentrated on harassing the legitimate government of the country which was trying to stop them!

What a disgusting and discredited cabal of liars you all are!  We will expose you Amnesty International, we will expose you for the scoundrels that you are, the scoundrels that you have always been, the NAUGHTY WORD REMOVED  of  Western imperialism that you have always been.

When humanity needed independent humanitarian observers most, you were always on the side of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation, the US/EU rapists of the planet.  You, who thrive on ‘humanitarian intervention’ in the form of depleted uranium bombs, cluster bombs, death squads and mass murder, which you pathetically attempt to attribute to the victims in order to protect the perpetrators.
In order to maintain your credibility among the uncritical, you sometimes make concessions to truth, you sometimes admit that the ‘good guys’ nominated by the Western military-industrial-media complex, have committed some crimes.  
Yet, you know what is happening on the ground; you know this is a colonial war of conquest; you know that the rebels are deranged psychopaths; you know that many of them are not even Libyan; you know that they are raping women en masse; you know that they are lynching and torturing black people and you know that the Libyan government had one of the best human rights records in the world ; you know that it was the Gaddafi Charity Foundation that revealed and condemned abuses of prisoners in Libyan prisons; you’ve read the UN report on human rights in Gaddafi’s Libya; you know that political prisoners in Libya were Al Qaeda, the same people who are now slaughtering the civilian population, lead by NATO special forces, Apache helicopters and ceaseless bombardment from the air. You know this is imperialism; you know that it is NATO and not the Libyan Armed Forces who are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity . You know all of this because you are part of it. You are an essential part of it all. You provide ‘humanitarian’ and ‘human rights’ cover for the crimes of imperialism.

The richest and most egalitarian country in Africa is being bombed into the stone age and ‘human rights’ groups are doing everything they can to make us love it. Amnesty International are nothing but the filthy public relations NAUGHTY WORD REMOVED of fascism.

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Come on guys, don't hide. Come and see the truth behind the propaganda

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seneca Post time: 2012-12-28 20:25
We don't always respond to propane gas released in this forum with a view of turning facts upside  ...

Stone the flocking crows..

Propane gas? You are a fire bleeding hazard.... you should wear a danger warning. There is propane coming out of your every orifice....
The world needs more idiots like me, all the others think they are clever.

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Everything would be so perfect withotu amnesty, and other NGO, huhh?

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seneca Post time: 2012-12-29 11:49
Hey bro: did a drop of vinegar enter your tear ducts? You sounded one hell of grumpy!

You shou ...

You must be pleased with the results then.... Libya led to waste with the loss of numerous lives and for what?

There is still fighting there you know, but the media is not reporting it and when they do mention the raping and beheading, they call it "settling of scores".....
The world needs more idiots like me, all the others think they are clever.

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seneca Post time: 2012-12-29 12:45
I think YOU KNOW    t h a t   I    a m   NOT PLEASED!

But I can live with Muammar Ghaddafi's depa ...

It was a needless wanton slaughter of so many innocents as well as combatants... how you can condone it beggars belief.
The world needs more idiots like me, all the others think they are clever.

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