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Nominate your "Most Valuable Members for 2012"   [Copy link] 中文

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Dear Members,

We're very grateful for the support and contributions you've made to our forum. As the New Year approaches, we’d like to invite you to nominate your China Daily’s most valuable members for 2012.  

The rule would be same as last year. You can choose your nominees as long as you are a "Primary" member.

Just click “I want to join”(

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Download attachment (1.8 KB)

) to give your initial nomination in the table, and then submit message

2011-12-23 09:37 Upload
Download attachment (6.48 KB)

With 2 members’ usernames (VIP members can nominate 3 members). Only the first two usernames (3 for VIP) will be considered as nominees. You can give your reasons by replying to this post. The deadline to vote is

16:26 pm on 26, December , 2012 (Beijing time).

The top 10 names will be listed in a poll and the five that receive the highest number of votes will be named China Daily Most Valuable Members 2012.

The winners will receive a forum medal of honor, for example:


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The medal can shine

2011-12-19 14:57 Upload
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The banner pops out when the cursor is on the medal

Please note new members are excluded from this activity.

All the nominees will be awarded 300 credits

Welcome to join this activity.


MVP nomination and poll threads in 2011

China Forum Most Valuable Members 2011 Nominees List

Final result of "China Forum Most Valuable Members 2011" activity

Passed (15 Person)

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1.- Seneca 2.- Seneca and 3.- Seneca

2013-1-11 15:35:47

Am I too late :( I nominate Nabil0086, Aaron-Woodrow, Chechen.

2012-12-29 17:39:24

Jackieyao2012, seneca

2012-12-22 23:25:57


2012-12-19 21:51:07

expatter, Kbay, satsu_jin

2012-12-19 14:08:36

Austin, expatter, seneca

2012-12-16 16:33:10

let see who get my vote.

2012-12-14 21:17:12

It's going to be hard to choose, there are sooo many

2012-12-14 03:07:52

Well, given my rather spotty participation this year - can't exactly nominate myself, can I? :P :L :o But in all seriousness - I throw the following folks into the fray, with my reasons for doing so ...

2012-12-13 14:38:17

I want to join

2012-12-13 14:24:31

Whitebear, expatter, UYA

2012-12-13 13:03:18

include me.

2012-12-13 00:23:28

let's roll~

2012-12-12 23:24:25

Shame Moderators don't vote

2012-12-12 22:41:50

I wish

2012-12-12 20:45:10

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Here comes the fun

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ok, last year I said I would vote for kbay

but kbay rigged the vote

so, there was nothing I could do for him, except to say, I would vote for him this year, if he was a good boy

so, my votes for 2012:

1. seneca
2. jackieyao2012
3. kbay (however - if there is any vote rigging, then I give it to ttt222).

(beast ex machina)

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Mr. Bean.
Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. Arnold Bennett

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This post was edited by TheHermit at 2012-12-12 20:16
The rule would be same as last year. You can choose your nominees as long as you are a " Primary" member.

This must be a trick to weed out all the dumbers on the forum... because none of those who responded are Primary members..
The world needs more idiots like me, all the others think they are clever.

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Writer's real name is Lau Guan Kim.  lau_guan_kim is for commentary and analysis. He writes also under another alter ego jinseng. I will respond to good reasoned debate. Mudslingers shall be ignored. What I do not like are ignorance, stupidity, chauvinism and bigotry. The other party has as much right as I have until it resorts to insults and nuisance.

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Where to type the members name for MVP???

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