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sinoecolearner :
Husband, Xiang Heguo, 40, and wife, Liu Chunyan, 38, have two children, a boy and a girl. The two children now study in local prestigious senior middle schools. "we hope our children could make a bright future by working hard in school. " The wife quit the low-income job as a teacher in kindergarten of hometown and worked together with husband in Taiyuan.

Gu Shunbin is a easygoing and short-spoken man in his 40s while Zheng Juan, an extrovert, is in charge of cooking for the workermates of tap water and electricity equipment installing. They have two children, the older brother now studies in the Chongqing University of Technology while the younger sister is still a senior middle school student in her hometown. The mother hope the son could keep his study as a postgraduate, "we don't want them to follow our steps and education can make the difference. "

Chen Shanguang, Du Jun, both 23 year old, got married and have a one-year-old kid. They came Taiyuan after Chinese spring festival. The husband is too shy to talk.

Li Aofei, 24, came to Taiyuan from Honghe of Yunanan when he was 18 years old. He worked in different sites in the past 6 years and now the family, his wife, mother and 11-month-ol daughter live together in the construction site.

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voice_cd Post time: 2012-12-10 14:43
Now we present you with the first issue of the contest. Remember the deadline of entry for this issu ...

Loving Couples on Construction Sites
Xiang Heguo, 40, and Liu Chunyan 38, parents of a boy and a girl who are at a key high school in their hometown,  "We just hope our children can study hard, earning themselves a bright future". Liu, the wife, joined his husband Xiang to work in Tianyuan, due to the low salary from her previous job as a nursery school teacher.

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voice_cd Post time: 2012-12-10 14:48
陈善光和杜俊今年都23岁了,在家乡结婚,有一个一岁多的孩子,今年春节后来到太原。陈善光比较腼腆,不怎 ...

Cheng Shanguang and Du Jun, both 23, got married in their hometown, now parents of a one year old. They came to Taiyuan after the Spring Fesitval. Cheng, the husband is a shy man of few words.

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Mr. Liu Chunyan and his wife Ms. Xiang Heguo have one son and one daughter, both at high school back in their hometown. "Hopefully the kids will enjoy a bright future and work hard" said Mr. Liu Chunyan, who used to work at a kindergaren and later came with his wife to Taiyuan to do odd jobs due to low pay.

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voice_cd Post time: 2012-12-10 14:49
李教飞24岁了,云南红河人,18岁就来到太原打工,工作在不同的工地,一直呆到现在。现在,李教飞一家4口都 ...

Li Aofei, 24, from Honghe, Yunnan, has been working in different construction sites in Taiyuan since the age of 18. At present, Li's family of four live at a construction site. After the birth of their daughter, now 11 months old, his mother came to look after their daughter for them.

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Medal of honor

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First, I would like to say that all of the participants did very well. I did not experience any confusion when reading the translated stories, so the relevant information was transmitted. Great job!

That being said, some mistakes were made and there must be a winner, which means I have to be picky. I've decided to count the mistakes (however small) to assist with my decision-making process, but it is not the sole criteria for my final choice.

To the participants: I'm keeping my comments mostly negative, because there are more good things to say than bad things and I'm too lazy to write down all of the good things. Please don't take offense and keep up the good work!

Mistakes: 10
Comments: The majority of the mistakes here were minor punctuation errors, with a couple of grammar and structure mistakes. I really liked the translated title here.

Mistakes: 22
Comments: Most of the mistakes here concerned grammar and sentence structure. Example: "not talks much" should read "doesn't talk much" or "does not talk much."

Mistakes: 9
Comments: Again, some grammar and structure mistakes, but well done otherwise.

Mistakes: 6
Comments: Good job. Clear translation with a few minor mistakes.

Mistakes: 6 (incomplete)
Comments: Incomplete submission. Some grammar and structure errors. Also, the expression "four-mouth family" is not commonly used in English.

Mistakes: 5 (incomplete)
Comments: Incomplete submission. Chinese can be a more poetic language than English. Some of the issues in this translation have their roots in this difference, where certain sentences just don't "feel right."

Mistakes: 12
Comments: Mostly punctuation mistakes, with some grammar and structure errors. There were words missing in some cases.

Mistakes: 18
Comments: There were some minor and major mistakes. Don't forget to capitalize the start of a quotation and try not to switch the context around. For example, when discussing the two children, do not refer to them as the older brother and younger sister. Instead, refer to them as the older son and younger daughter, because the focus of the story is on the parents.

=== ===

In my opinion, the winner this week is...

>>> DSseeing <<<

Why? Well, while linda_sun and Rainyweather edged out DSseeing with less overall mistakes, I feel that DSseeing's English translation was the most advanced and was the easiest to read out of all submissions. But I'm just one judge. We'll have to wait and see what the others think! Once again, great work everybody!

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Col Post time: 2012-12-13 13:05
First, I would like to say that all of the participants did very well. I did not experience any conf ...

Thanks for your excellent comment, Col. I believe all the participants will benefit a lot from it.

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