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-ing and -ed 绝对没有语法中所谓的分词在作形容词用! [Copy link] 中文

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-ing and -ed 绝对没有语法中所谓的分词在作形容词用,分词从来没有做过形容词,因为,形容词在英文中未之有也!如同在宇宙中,modify 的行动未之有也!英文在宇宙中行,当然,modify 未之有也!

1. a loving look : (of my version) to give one a look motivated by a feeling of a strong friendship for the one

2. loving cup : (of my version)  cup made or used on the purpose of conveying  a love for each other  
             (of dictionary) a large drinking vessel (usually with two handles) that people drink out of in turn at a banquet

3. loving kindness :  kindness motivated by a feeling of love for someone

4. increasing difficulity: difficulity in continual even continuous increasing
difficulty to increase   difficulity to increase to go on with the action-increase .........
用-ing来显示动作 to increase 它的发生的时间频率多么频繁。
    increased difficulity: difficulity has increased than last time 这回的难处要比上回在难的程度来得更大
用-ed 来强调跟以前的事件所造成的difficulity相比,这次事件已经更加的difficulity了。这里若不用-ed洋人会很难受的,

    the company got into increasing difficulity----difficulity in continual increasing
    the company got into increased difficulty-----this difficulity has increased than last time
    This method should lead to increased efficiency.
    (now efficiency has increased than before)
    She was returned (to Parliament) with an increased majority.
    比上一回的多数票更多的多数票的前提下,选民returned her as their ballots returned back to the box的方式把她给送上议会。

5. a trying day: a day in which or a day mapped someone were tried , put to a severe test
   a day is agent or a dominator

6. UFO : unidentified flying object = flying object formed a sight to come into one's mind using the power of seeing, but the one cannot identify it
object = thing for which / that the feeling of seeing felt or come into one's mind  ---能够促使某人用眼睛,将它自己的影像输入某人心版的东西。-----促使你完成看这个动作的东西。(不能理解为看见的物)

7. flying object = object to fly: object which fly
    drinking water = water to drink: water which men drink

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针对a trying day 补充内容:
Owners can try out their youngsters for the first time on a race course.
这样子来诠释或翻译,是大家的通病,因为,对"for the first time" 没有语言哲学或语言逻辑上的认知,有以置之。
the "for the time" means something based on the time
你若依了Grammar的意,就得把for the time 做modify来使。那么,不能跟英文印心,就变成必然。

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针对:“形容词” 在英文中未之有也,做补充。

This coat is a beautiful fit.
This garment is a tight fit.

(beautiful or tight 绝对不能按语法,当“形容词”来使!)
【句中的文心】这件衣服,有能力按beauty 所认可的标准做到the action of fit。

(= This coat is the particular way in which it is the right size or shape for beauty / in which it fits (for) beauty.
= To fit (for) beauty is  this coat's quality. = We can give a standard for this coat of fitting (for) beauty.= This coat offers a standard of fitting (for) beauty.
= This coat reflects that it fits (for) beauty.)

不论怎样来表达原句的意涵,你若依了‘语法’ 的意,就飞到原句意涵的外太空。

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