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Why do western women seldom marry Chinese men?   [Copy link] 中文

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If you have read the book name the  survey of chinese man you will find the answer

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Here, i've got your answer...

Because men are usually taught to appreciate women based on their looks, so it's more likely that they'll have an asian fetich and that they'll act on that when they want to marry someone.

Women are usually  taught to look for stability etc in men in order to make a family with them. Going to another country and getting a man isn't very stable.

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it is so weird  to see foreign men hand in hand with chinese women. i beliecve people should follow the tradtion and custom that have been in existence.  and many asian-ameicans are inclined to marry aisians who share not only the familiar face but also the values and tradition

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why china  men must  choose foreign women, i think china women is best in  the world

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For woman, the standard of their choosing spouse is men's ability and quality.And the more foreigners which Chinese women can touch  behave politely and are more successful. As far as  chinese men ,the standards of theirs are mostly women's beauty,the  women from tha same nation are always look more beautiful than women from aboard. That's why the result you  mention above can produce.

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as i am concered about, foreign women are independent in mind and life, different lifestyle and education have replied to this question, most chinese girls have a strong mind in depending on men, so they can change anything for the marriage which help her live a better life.
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i think the reason many chinese women would
chooses a partner from outside of their own racial divide
is due principally to the following  reasons:

(1) economic incentives -- the biggest draw

this is why it is that, perceivably, many a youthfull and attractive chinese females are willing and prepared to enter into even may-december relationships over something that is more in the normal side of life...  the bottom line for these girls are all about economic rewards and incentives and they are prepared and willing to pay big time for these rewards and incentives and that includes every kinky you can think of under the sun to keep their catch or their bank account in the happy go lucky instead of becoming sexual predators and\or serial murderers ... hey! it's better than walking the streets for pennies a pop, which is a life many of these women does chances existing in and\or are maybe discreetly ar already living, don't you agree? couple of examples here which is based on my personal perceptions only:

example (1)

I bet Julian XYZ wasn't no sex maniac when she did what she did Eddy. I mean she just don't look the kind to be a liberalized girl of thought and mind. i mean seriously, most chinese females are very very conservative and will never undersell themselves as they do unless they are forced into it or unless they've been captured by the exceptional incentives and the rewards it offer...

therefore, i'm betting that, what it was, was that it's a session at a photo opt designed to serve as an advertisement phamphlet geared and aimed at the rich, famous, and the wealthy, which, undoubtedly, carries with it an extreme price tag. this was a field iof specialty said to have held by ms. fatty; there's probably many bucks to be made there; and i'm willing to bet that near 90% of celebrities, however strong willed they are, are disgreetly participants in the program because the incentives was just too handsome to pass up...

example (2)

the heftner is said to be getting marry again. he is in his late 60's and his newest of partner is some twenty something'ish... it's a may-december relationship -- i bet it's a relationship of incentives and convienance as well...

i mean god, of and with all of the hunks out there, why would this twenty something let this smelly and dirty old man crawl all over her, unless, there's are some incentives involed as a trade off and that incentive has to be pretty mighty for her to force herself to pute herself to death as she does?

and, yes, it does beat having your busines card with your sexiest of impost printed on it passed around to tourists by illegal immigrants in the streets of vegas...

I mean would you, if you are a youthful and attractive female with all of the selections available to your choosing chooses to let these old geezer crawl all over you? hell! I wouldn't! not unless, of course, it's an agreement that's going for a few million per pop... or greater incentive even if on a lease agreement...

example (3)

another may-december example; this deng girl for instance who flies out at this guy with her black belt of a kungfu smaster lapping hand to protect this multi billion dollar billionair who's being grilled by the british court for whatever the reason... how loving do you think their relationship is if -- there weren't that massive estate on her eye sight? I mean even the Z'yi had more taste that because her partner, though not chinese, are but still maybe just ten years her senior meaing still stinks but not as smelly...

(2) escapade  -- draw number 2

this group belongs to the naive of thought; very very naive sector of population; dummies and simpletons that is who lives in a fantasy world of their own; or, they are outcasts of the community;  they a group that have skeletons in their closets hence can't make it in their own community because of these background or history. this group have nothing to lose so why not a new life -- elsewhere - with a laowei if that's what it's going to be...

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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