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What cultural symbols can symbolize China?   [Copy link] 中文

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As the world’s second largest economy, China has attracted more and more tourists from all over the world. Many are fascinated by Chinese culture and it has become even fashinable to learn Chinese among foreigners. Where do you feel the charm of Chinese culture? What cultural symbols do you think can mostly symbolize China? How do you view Chinese culture’s integration with foreign cultures? What will the world benefit from Chinese culture? Please share your thoughts with us.

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I suppose Chinese cultural symbols are not material or superficial ones.As a Chinese, I'm fond of Suchow ancient parks, where I may linger for hours, just enjoying the tranquil and harmonious atmosph ...

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RavindraSk 2012-11-15 00:39:51

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Chinese gardens, penjing, shadow puppets, kites, papercuts, embroidery,  hanfu are some beautiful and charming symbols of Chinese culture that need major promotion and preservation before they are lost to history or claimed by other countries.

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Beijing Opera

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culture is the lagacy pass from a generation down to the next. culture speaks itself  much louder after a generation died out that in turn proved culture got its life and functioned , is what our descendants will do to what extent  based on what we do today , and how will they review what we do today ,this all is the coherency and adherency of a do this with much more conciousness and this not just means you are bearing great responsibility for the  nation  but also makes you are the great put everything which you want to give in  acceptable ways by all means---true works.

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Where I feel charm of Chinese culture? In small streets, seeing multi-generational families sharing free time at afternoon.

Is learning Chinese fashionable? Maybe it is more about being prepared for a changes that comes?

Chinese culture symbol... maybe Chinese Dragon painted on the shape of traditional Chinese vase, and The Great Wall at the background.

How do I see integration of Chinese culture with foreign? It is better outside China, when cultural influences  from Chinese art, music, and other parts of the culture impress on "local" cultures. When "foreign culture" comes to China... in 90% it is disaster, and implementation of pure consumption, "rat race" and copying designs. Good, that hygiene culture is better, but still littering under own feet are more standard then exception. And this is also a culture...

What world would benefit from the Chinese culture? I hope that in first place - philosophy. World needs the calm of Taoism, Buddhism and just "calm mentality". And yes, I'm talking about it in terms of philosophy, not religion. Then - art, that is based on that philosophy, full of stability, with balanced forms. Some internal harmony is what we need, to stop for a second, to rethink, to sit and drink a tea instead of getting "coffee on the go" running from home to the office. We need some Chinese "table culture" - to eat more healthy, slowly...

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Pesonally, I vote for Chinese Caligraphy, Chinese Medicine and Chinese embroidery. Actually , Western cultures are so flushing into Chinese cultures  that many new generations know and like western things more than something Chinese.
When you know more, you know less. Happy-go-lucky ;)

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Culture means too much, China tea,silk, and all kinds of foods, Kongfu, Music
I can not tell all of them, but I know there are too much, but we may forget them in our daily life, and many of us are getting away from them.

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