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第319课 “off”的活用 [Copy link] 中文

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Off: 介词 prep.
1.(表示方向)从…, 通向, 偏离, 从…离开
He fell off the ladder. 他从梯子上掉下来。
The kitchen's off the dining room. 厨房通向餐厅。
We are going off the subject. 我们正偏离正题。
He was off his seat. 他离开他的位子。

2.(表示比较)低于, 不及
They are selling the bikes off the market price. 他们按低于市价卖出自行车。

He is off tea. 他不想喝茶。
She's off work with a bad cold. 她因患重感冒而不上班。

Off: 副词 adv.
They drove off. 他们开车离开了。

He's had his beard shaved off. 他已经把胡子剃掉了。

The radio is off. 录音机是关着的。

4.光, 完
His money was off yesterday. 昨天他的钱用完了。

We are off one day. 我们休息一天。

Off: 形容词 adj.
1.休息的; 闲散的; 安静的
The winter is an off season. 冬天是淡季。(busy season: 旺季)

This fish has gone off. 这条鱼已不新鲜。

I bit off a large piece of the apple, and I rushed off to work leaving my bed unmade. When I got to my office, I was off coffee or anything. It might be the apple I had this morning, it had absolutely gone off. (我咬下一大块苹果, 急匆匆地赶去上班,床也没辅。 当我到达办公室时,不想喝咖啡或其它什么的。应该是我早上吃的那个苹果,它绝对不新鲜了。)

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1. We are going of the point.
2. Peasant often sell their vegetables off the market prices when they can't find the right way to sell or they have much harvest.
3.She is off work because of broken leg.
4.They drove off.
5. The light is off.
6.We are off today.
7. The winter is an off season for travel industry.

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I have learned many new things about "off", thanks a lot!
To be a better girl !

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