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第317课 如何表达“怀疑” [Copy link] 中文

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I’ve been teaching online for over a year, but I’m still doubtful about my teaching style. Do you doubt about what I’m doing?

Doubt: n.怀疑, 疑虑, 未确定
There is no room for doubt. 没有怀疑的余地。
There is not much doubt about his guilt. 他有错几乎是可以确定的。
When in doubt, call the doctor. 如有疑问,请联系医生。

Doubt: vt.怀疑,疑惑vi.不确定,不能肯定或怀疑
I doubt if it will rain today. 我不能确定今天是否会下雨。
We doubted him a liar. 我们怀疑他是个骗子。

Doubt about: 对…怀疑
I have no doubt about that. 对于此事我很肯定。
We doubt about the penetration of our new products into the European market. 我们都对我们的产品渗透入欧洲市场表示怀疑。

Doubtful: adj.难以预测的, 未定的, 怀疑的, 可疑的
Let's try to clear up our difficult and doubtful points. 让我们设法把难处和疑点解决一下。
It is doubtful whether it is true or not. 这件事的真假是可疑的。

Be doubtful about: 对…表示怀疑
I ‘m doubtful about keeping my promise. 我不敢确定我能守约。
I ‘m doubtful about the value of your proposal. 我怀疑你的提议是否有价值。

I never doubt about my ability, neither do you. The only thing is I’m doubtful about my judgment, is there any doubt about my judgment from you guys. (我从来没有怀疑过我的能力,你们也从来没有。 唯一的问题是,我不确定我的判断,你们是不是也对我的判断有些怀疑?)

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