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第316课 这事我来处理 [Copy link] 中文

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Are you worried about your English study? Relax…let me take care of it, follow my online class every day, your worries will be far gone away…

Take care of:照顾(人), 照料
They appointed her to take care of that old man. 他们委派她照顾那位老人。
I won’t be available tonight; I’ll have to take care of my sick sister. 我今晚没时间,我得照顾生病的妹妹。
I’ll be away for weeks, take care of yourself. 我要离开几个星期,请多珍重。
Linda, would you help me take care of the guests. 琳达,帮我招呼下客人吧。
The children are well taken care of in the school. 孩子们在学校受到很好的照顾。

Take care of: 对付, 处理
Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it. 别担心,这事我来处理。
I've got plenty of things to take care of. 我有许多事要处理。
Mr. Smith takes care of marketing and publicity. 史密斯先生负责产品的销售与推广。
Her secretary took care of all her appointments. 她的秘书处理她的一切约会。

Take care of: 小心,当心
Take care of your head on that low ceiling. 当心你的头别碰上那低矮的天花板。

Let me handle it, I’m capable of taking care of everything. Just tell me what happened, you help me take care of my son, then I’ll take care of your troubles. (我来处理, 我能处理一切事情. 告诉我发生了什么, 你帮我照顾一下我的儿子, 我来解决你的麻烦.)

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