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第315课 你过奖了 [Copy link] 中文

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当你得到别人的赞美时, 你该如何用英语表达自己的谦虚呢。“Flatter”,“ Flattering”,“ Flattery”和“ Compliment”。

Flatter: vt. 向…奉承; 阿谀, 给以愉快的感觉, 使显得更漂亮;使胜过本人
You flatter me. 你过奖了。
The music flattered his ears. 这音乐使他听得很愉快。
This photo flatters me. 这张照片比我本人好看。

Flattering: adj.谄媚的, 讨好的
They listened with flattering interest. 他们为了奉承而听着。
He likes to make flattering remarks. 他喜欢说奉承话。
That's a very flattering dress Ann 's wearing. 安穿着那条连衣裙显得更漂亮了.
The photo is not very flattering. 这张照片照得不如本人好看。

Flattery: n. 奉承(话)
She is pleased by the flattery. 她听了这些奉承话而得意起来。

Compliment: vt.表扬; 恭维, 钦佩
I compliment you for your fine work. 我钦佩你的工作能力。

Compliment: n.赞美(话), 恭维(话);向…送礼以表示敬意
It's the nicest compliment I've ever had. 这是我听到的最好的恭维话。
I was embarrassed by their compliments. 对他们的称赞我感到很不安。
He addressed her with high compliment. 他以非常恭维的话向她献殷勤。

Thank you for your compliment. As a matter of fact, this photo flatters me a lot; I’m not that beautiful and young. I hope you won’t be hugely disappointed when we meet. (谢谢你的赞美。 事实上,这张照片美化了我;我没那么年轻和漂亮。我希望见面后你不会太失望。)


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