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第313课 如何表达“一大早” [Copy link] 中文

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I usually upload the latest lesson first thing during weekdays. How about you? What do you do first thing each day?

first thing: 一大早
I’ll send you our catalogue first thing tomorrow. 我明天一大早就把我们的目录给你寄过去.
I go to play tennis first thing each day. 我每天一大早就去打网球。

The first thing: 立即,首先
I usually check my emails the first thing when I get to work. 我通常一上班,首先是查邮件。
I take off my shoes, and put on slippers the first thing when I get home each day. 我每天一回到家立即脱掉鞋,换上拖鞋

First things first: 手头上的第一要务, 重要的事情先来
First things first, you need to talk to her. 当务之急, 你需要和她谈谈.
It's more important to get a job than to buy new clothes. First things first! 找工作要比买新衣重要得多。重要的事情首先做。

In the first place: 起初,本来;首先
Why did you choose basketball in the first place? 你为何首先选择篮球呢?
I am a teacher in the first place and a writer in the next place. 我首先是一个教师,其次才是一个作家。
Why did you marry him in the first place? 当初你为什么会嫁给他呢?
In the first place, we must build up confidence.首先,我们必须建立自信。
So we always put quality in the first place. 所以我们总把质量放在首位。

First things first, find a job and an apartment, and then settle down. By the way, why did you leave your regular job in the first place? Anyway, go look for a job first thing tomorrow. (当务之急, 先找个工作和公寓, 然后稳定下来. 随便提一句, 你当初为什么要丢掉你那份稳定的工作呢? 算了, 不提这个了. 明天一大早就去找工作。)

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