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第312课 我特别需要好好休息 [Copy link] 中文

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basically I’m a good and responsible English teacher, it’s just occasionally I stand need of a good rest, which explains why we don’t have new updates during weekends.

Basically: adv.基本上, 根本上, 本质上
Basically, it’s totally up to me. 基本上, 这完全取决于我.
Basically, it's all a question of upbringing. 这基本上全是一个教养的问题。
I'm basically a bit of a square. 我是比较古板的人。
She is basically a nice girl, although she does put on a bit sometimes. 有时她确实有点装腔作势,但基本上是个好姑娘。
So we are basically, in agreement on that agenda. 那么在日程问题上,我们基本上意见一致了。

Basic: adj.基本的, 基础的; 根本的
The family is the basic unit of society. 家庭是社会的基本单位。

Be badly in need of something: 急需
This company is badly in need of new blood. 这个公司急需新人.
Raw material is what we are badly in need of. 我们急需要的是原材料。
The doctor told me I was badly in need of a rest. 医生对我说,我特别需要好好休息。
He is badly in need of immediate friendship. 他非常需要友谊。

Stand in need of: 需要…
I don’t stand in need of anything. 我什么也不缺。

Basically, I don’t think I stand in need of anything, as you see, I’ve got pretty much everything: my house, my car and my career, however, I always feel there’s some emptiness inside, I haven’t figured out what it is. Or, I guess it’s time that I need a husband-a soul mate, a warming family. (基本上,我什么也不缺,你也看到了,我基本上什么都有了:房子,车,事业。但是,我总觉得心里空空的,我至今仍未搞明白心里空的是什么。或者,我猜是时间该有个丈夫了--一个心灵知已,一个温暖的家。)


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