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第311课 如何”拒绝” [Copy link] 中文

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Reject: vt. 拒绝, 谢绝; 驳回;舍弃, 排斥, 退掉
They rejected his application for membership. 他们拒绝考虑他的成员资格申请。
He rejected changing his mind. 他拒绝改变主意。
Choose the good apples and reject the bad ones. 把好的苹果挑出来, 把坏的剔出去。
He rejected the old records. 他丢弃了那些旧唱片。
It is hard for me to reject religious beliefs. 要我抛弃自己的宗教信仰是困难的。
He rejected the idea of settling down in England. 他放弃了在英国定居的想法。

Rejection: n. 拒绝;退回;剔除
The publisher’s rejection slip has sapped her will. 出版商的退稿通知逐渐使她丧失了信心。
He decided not to approach her for fear of rejection. 他因怕遭拒绝决定不再去找她。

Refuse: vt. & vi. 拒绝; 回绝
It never occurred to me that he would refuse. 我从没想到他会不肯。
She refused their invitation. 她拒绝了他们的邀请。
My legs refused to carry me further. 我实在走不动了。
The plane absolutely refused to start. 这架飞机完全发动不起来。
He doesn't refuse her anything. 她要什么他就给什么。

I was rejected again. It never occurred to me that they would refuse my application again; however the constant rejection can’t shake my belief. (我又一次被拒绝了。我从来没想过这一次又会被拒绝。但是,一次次的拒绝并不能动摇我的信心。)


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i cann't really find the differences between the two words from your example sentences.but thank you anyway.

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