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Are Chinese people becoming more irritable?   [Copy link] 中文

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msrong Post time: 2012-10-10 12:35
The social fabric and civility deteriorates in a super-competitive and over-crowded society.   The G ...

What you have said is to the point. I agree with you.

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Generally it is the serious imbalance between the development of economy and social moral that causes these incidents. I see that Chinese people are intolerant and suffer insecurity, mentally and physically.

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menglitingyu8 Post time: 2012-10-11 13:22
To be grateful for the good things is not a bad thing. Existing violence is not unavoidable in any ...

So I should be grateful to the old man for bite the young.Ridiculouse !!

I havent seen such thing anywhere.Seat complexcity solved before any clash took place.Usually other passenger intercept.See in the video there were another five seats were available.I belive its a ego problem started outside the train.I myself handled many cases and given first option to a child,elder,pregnant and women.I did slap some but they didnot dare to hit me as public support was in my favour.

How many country you did travelled,man??

You are a bird brain.

And the onlookers?Just compare them as hore.They donot have any productivity,selfish !!

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I would say this was the inevitable response of urbanization, overcrowding and the stress it causes. Having said that there seems to be plenty of space on the train and the old guys reaction was extreme! Perhaps having a bad hair day. That's a lot of blood, sickening.

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Maybe its because people now moving away from families and living alone.  Family values are lost and so there is no value for people.  Also people are coming from different parts of the country so there is also a feeling of being uncomfortable and irritation towards people of other provinces.  Also now we are having more money than before so we feel we have more rights and that also is expressed in Airplane behaviour if there are delays etc. We dont feel any sense of patriotism when we are interacting with people or travelling with strangers or while driving on the roads.  Every person wants to be first even though he puts others to inconvenience.  In trains and buses we see that elderly people, pregnant women and children standing wile young peopel are glued to their seats.  And even if someone offers a seat to others people look at that person as though saying " are you stupid?"  Every man becomes an individual and feels the other person is an obstacle.  Probably its time to advertise on Television about behaviour and politeness.
if you can be happy with what you have, dont wait for more

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aziz Post time: 2012-10-11 18:27
So I should be grateful to the old man for bite the young.Ridiculouse !!

I havent seen such thing ...

So you dealt such things also with violence, right?

And when I travel in other country, I must stare with those violent incidents instead of those who help me with smile? Maybe you will offer a seat to me one day on a bus or train, and I say thank you greatly here.

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