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全美各地女性赤裸上身宣扬男女平等   [Copy link] 中文

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The right to bare breasts: Women across the country take off their tops to show solidarity for women's rights (and hundreds of men supported the cause too)

Women across the country took off their tops and exercised their right to bare breasts yesterday.

Some two dozen women took to the streets of New York wearing shoes, shorts, and not much more. Elsewhere in the country, scantily-clad participants had posters and pamphlets.

The revealing events were part of what participants called ‘National Go-Topless Day,’ to draw attention to inequality in topless rights between men and women.


Free your breasts: Yesterday, activists marched in a rally in Times Square to protest for the right of women to go topless anywhere.


White out: Wearing white pants, black heels, and not much else, activist Karen Heaven is followed by photographers as she marches in the event in New York
活动者 Karen Heaven 只穿了一件白色的裤子和黑色高跟鞋,她在该活动上游行时,身后跟了众多摄影者。

Some two dozen topless women protested in a New York City park on a hot, sweaty Sunday as part of National Go Topless Day, a non-profit U.S. organisation founded in 2007.

There were topless men in the park, too, but nobody paid them much attention, a disparity, organizers said, that demonstrated the need for the event.

The topless women drew crowds of onlookers who took pictures and video with their cell phones.

'We say there is nothing wrong with the female nipple,' Karen Heaven, an organizer of the event, told the crowd that quickly formed around her in Manhattan's Bryant Park.
“我们认为女人的乳头并没有任何错,”在曼哈顿的布莱恩特公园里,活动的组织者 Karen Heaven 告诉她周围迅速形成的围观群众。

She was wearing white pants and a purse over her shoulder. 'My dog has six, I have two, but I can be put in jail for showing my nipples. It's 2012 – what are we thinking?'

Equality: In Venice Beach, California, participants took to the surf to protest, wearing bikini bottoms, but leaving the tops behind


Top free: Protesters turn out to take part in the 5th Annual Go Topless Rally in Venice Beach, California

It is legal for women to go topless in public in New York City but laws vary widely across the United States. Heaven and her colleagues say discrimination is unconstitutional and they want full equality.
在纽约,女性在公开场合裸露上身是合法的,而在美国各地法律都有所不同。Heaven 和她的同事说这种歧视是违反宪法的,她们想要完全的平等。

'I'll show these to a few friends and then delete them after a few days,' Rudy Sison, a New Yorker who happened to visit the park on Sunday, told Reuters as he thumbed through photographs and video he had just taken on his phone.
“我会把这些给一些朋友看,然后几天之后再把它们删除,”一位周日刚好来公园游玩的纽约人 Rudy Sison 一边翻着他刚刚用手机拍下的照片和视频一边告诉路透社。

Several women waved signs saying: 'Equal Topless Rights For All.' After the speeches, a guitarist led the crowd in a reworking of The Beatles' song 'Let It Be.'

Similar protests were scheduled in about 30 U.S. cities and 10 around the world, organizers said. In Phoenix, another two dozen men and women marched down Central Avenue to promote their rights.


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i support you girls,
come on , take your tops off.

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Strongly support these girls!

Up !
桃花坞里桃花庵,桃花庵下桃花仙。 桃花仙人种桃树,又摘桃花换酒钱。 酒醒只在花前坐,酒醉还来花下眠。 半醉半醒日复日,花落花开年复年。... ,世人笑我太疯癫,我笑他人看不穿。 不见五陵豪杰墓,无花无酒锄作田

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Just in countries like America these activities can be organized.

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should be legal anywhere, why only the women in african tribes allow to go topless?
chinese and other asian women and western women shold be allowed too

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hahahah it's wise ! then they can take all the intention of men and politicals too

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If they take off their pants, does that mean they are even superior than men.

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