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China: Freedom of Speech in a Forum …….. ?   [Copy link] 中文

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China is a place often accused by the West as having no ‘freedom of Speech’, few ‘Human Rights’ and a place where the ‘Single Party’ rules with the ‘Iron-Fist’. Yet, in this forum we frequently get to discuss just about everything happening in our world around us. That only changes when very occasionally the ‘topic’ is considered ‘off-limits’ due to legal or political concerns at that time, or even more noticeable when some posters decide in a pack that they will not allow a topic to run.  Here the ‘pack’ will descend and abuse the poster whilst completely ignoring a topic or point of view that does not suit them.

Those self same attackers are those who are coincidentally the most vehemently critical of China and its human rights and freedom of speech. Therefore, we have a situation where these soi-disant experts on rights refuse to allow those same basic rights to others and even disallow those basic rights that they freely espouse in the name of freedom and justice. In other words, their supposed idea of freedom and justice can be likened to the old church methods where your beliefs must be their belief otherwise you will be forcibly converted or even killed.

I am currently looking into the ‘Cold-War’ and I find this same hypocrisy in the beginnings of the same. In 1945 PresidentTrueman told Stalin that all nations had the right to free determination and the people had to be free to choose their own ideals and path in free elections in the name of freedom and rights. However, immediately following this the US under Rhee had all communists in S. Korea incarcerated or killed because although apparently the people had the right to choose, they were not allowed to choose communism.  Hence from thereonin followed the Cold War as maybe Stalin could see that true freedom of choice was chosen by capitalism with a gun for the suitably selected followers and therefore another false value.

That same mind-set seems to exist here where you are allowed by the forum to discuss with very clearly a certain freedom, but it will only be allowed if a pack of certain ‘freedom espousing’ posters allow that topic to run. If they do not approve then the topic will be spammed and the poster attacked until the thread is closed or that poster leaves. Too many people have already been shouted down in this forum and it is time for other posters who notice this to start acting as forum Mods. If someone is being abused it is your duty to report the offender and I do not care which side ofthe fence you think you are on.

If, or when someone posts that the moon is made of green cheese then this is where real freedom kicks in. Either ignore that post or present some evidence to refute the claim, but do not resort to name calling and especially the use of the word liar. This word is often used by those who are the most prolific and proven liars in its application.

Obviously there will be those that are more likely to report one side of a disagreement than another, but if we all make it our responsibility to stop the abuse then eventually we might actually have a real forum with actual discussion because this will find a balance. I have personally seen some very lucid people turn to abuse in this forum because the frustration level of dealing with ‘thick-skinned’ abusers can get very tiring.

If you want the forum to prosper then you must also be prepared to help make it a better place, and that starts with personal responsibility to other posters. I have seen one particular poster under abuse from others for more than a year now and I did nothing as I did not see it as ‘my place’ to do anything about it. But that is wrong as if I allow this poster to be abused then the abusers will just target more posters in their bully pack and style themselves as ‘righteous’ in their own persecution of others.

I was brought up to believe that ‘telling tales’ was a very bad thing, but I can clearly see here in this forum that unless the abuse is brought down the turnover in posters will be high. A good example is a very valuable veteran member here was recently banned for a couple of days due to the use of colorful or politically incorrect language, I am not sure which because I have not seen the thread, but that situation should never have arisen as I am sure both sides just upped the anti until it was too late. That veteran poster may never come back which is a tragedy and it might have been avoided.

My advice here is that the CD might publish a neutral warning in the thread for both combatants:

CD: Warning, this topic is overheating and it may be necessary to take action if the posters here do not take the appropriate action to calm this down to a suitable level.

Please refer to the forum rules for guidance.   Thank you the CD Moderator.

As a side-note, in the past I have also been a part of the problem as I became dragged down into the gutter by the abusive posts of others, and I have diligently tried to avoid this since my little self-imposed holiday. Make no mistake it is not easy sometimes not to fall into the trap of the abusers, and that is possibly what this post is about. That trap should not be there in the first place to take the threads down to such a base level, which I believe is a self-destructing force for this forum and the target of the abusers themselves to stop any real debate.

If you agree with any or even part of this I would welcome your own thoughts and ideas, and I have become aware that we have some very noteworthy intelligent new posters, and I do hope that they will also posit their own ideas here as it would be a travesty to lose good people when this forum needs them the most ………      {:soso_e181:}

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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I can feel you sincere heart through the post. Though I am not involved in the forum so deeply like you, but expatter, you have my support.

You act like  a solider, instead of giving up, you earn my respect.

No tolerance to foul language, it should be a bottom line.

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Thank  you ,expatter, we will take your words seriously. To make the forum better place, it's everyone's duty to say no to foul language.

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voice_cd Post time: 2012-8-9 14:36
Thank  you ,expatter, we will take your words seriously. To make the forum better place, it's everyo ...

What are you calling ' foul language '  ?

You can put people down without swearing anyway, its done on a daily basis in every forum under the sun.
Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. Arnold Bennett

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China is a place often accused by the West as having no ‘freedom of Speech’, few ‘Human Rights’ and a place where the ‘Single Party’ rules with the ‘Iron-Fist’


Do you know how many countries has this world???

not only your dreamed West

in Nepal

in Chile

in  Africa

in India

in Alaska

in Jordan

in Mexico

in Morocco

in many countries knows how things works in China

why you blame everything to your dreamed West (included your motherland)

all the times ????

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the first post

is your creation? your thoughts?


its from some of your characters or invented authors ???

please clarify

thank you

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voice_cd Post time: 2012-8-9 14:36
Thank  you ,expatter, we will take your words seriously. To make the forum better place, it's everyo ...

Voice cd

it should surprise me your words when you said "we will take your words seroiusly"

but this time don't

I will appreciate your opinions in an open and wide explanation about this poster and your support

As this OP openly show that

He is not pro West

He is not pro Chinese people

He is pro Chinese Government only

his point of views reflects always his poor consideration to social problems in this country

I hope you can think well before to support some posters with poor reputation as expatter

Be fair, you are the Moderator

Thank you

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