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What do you think of Chinese people?   [Copy link] 中文

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linda_sun Post time: 2012-8-1 15:18
As a Chinese, I do believe Chinese people are in general nice. But some behaviors are just unaccepta ...

indeed, very unacceptable...

please wake up
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I learned many Chinese in Stockholm - Sweden where I live. I was really much more open and generous to them without expecting anything in return. The joy of learning new people from an exotic coutnry was enough for me.

In contrast, I experienced the Chinese towards me as pretty passive and closed up, even unpenetrable. And this obvservartion is even much more apparent here in Beijing.

NOw I am in Beijing for a  couple of weeks and my conclusion is that there is a fundamental difference of mentality between West and China. We westerners are on the average very curious about other people, open minded, generous, full of humour and easy going approach. But at the same time we keep times and serious promises.

That's semething that certainly hepled us to spread our languages and culture all over the planet.

I like the Chinese ancient culture but it is somewhat difficult for me to see how modern China is an heir to that old civilization. I see all around me very unfair society with a few rich and a vast majority of pretty simple and poor people. The consumerism and materialism is very striking. hobbies and alternative life styles to shopping barely visible. Of course in the West, we are buying things as well but in addition we learn foreign languages, travell, fishing, having romances and relaxed behaviour in between our working hours.

SO at the moment I am a little bit disappointed. In addition, it is really funny to hear about those superstitions of lucky 8 and bad luck 4, the powerful people who happenend to be born in the year of the dragon, mianzi , guanxi et cetera. Maybe the Chinese had better look at the people as a potential and have the courage and motivation to explore it? {:soso_e100:}

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I am proud of the performace of Chinese athelets during the Olympics.

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traveller_in_Cn Post time: 2012-8-2 15:46
I learned many Chinese in Stockholm - Sweden where I live. I was really much more open and generous  ...

lucky 8 and bad luck 4 is an example of culture too
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As a chinese,sometimes I love my chinese fellowmen, but sometimes I hate them too,it's complicated

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408945969 Post time: 2012-8-2 16:10
lucky 8 and bad luck 4 is an example of culture too

lucky 8 and bad luck 4 is an example of culture too

Yes it is. If we accept superstition as expression of culture. But I give another example. A Chinese woman whom I know well married a man who was born in the year of the Dragon. Now she is pretty unhappy in this marriage because her "Dragon" proved quickly to be a rather boring chap without inspiration and committment to the relation ... They have no child and she is devoting herself  to studying literature instead

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I have mixed thoughts about the Chinese. Most people I have met have been warm friendly and very helpful, especially those in the countryside and poorer regions. But I do think that as a whole the Chinese have room for improvement especially where spitting, letting kids urinate on the footpaths, animal cruelty and begging are concerned.  With that said I understand the people are in transition and undergoing not only an industrial but also social revolution.  I just hope that  the average Chinese person doesn't fall in to the western trap and become a bland travesty of themselves in the future.
Per Ardua Ad Astra

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