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American man wants Pretty Chinese girlfriend [Copy link] 中文

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look out all the girls, he's really ill-intended

I know him and he's got such a egoistic, conceited, boastful character. He's only after sex with a very pretty chinese girl, probably a lover, apart from that, nothing.
But of course if you look like a super model and indeed wants to go to america by this measure, take your risk and go for it.
If you're a prostitute, that would be better, just grab his money and go.
Anyway, this is a warning out of goodwill.
Dirty guy, repulsive.

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It's good!

This is a good thing. The more arrogant, obnoxious, rich guys there are out there looking for a "chinese girlfriend" the better.

They are obviously advertising their finer points, being their nationality and their wealth, and will thus attract such similarly shallow girls.

Why do i say this is a good thing? Simply because this will take the shallow and stupid out of the dating pool, and thus leave a better quality of girls left for those who are truly looking for somebody decent.

Thus, i would encourage such shallow adverts for girls.

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to mike....very well said

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If you can't fid any chinese girl in CHina just waxing yourself up buddy.

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Oh God's gift to Chinese women!!!

This is so funny, just so funny....!!! *snort*

I've lived in America for years pursuing my university education - and you remind me so much of my college days - men who came my way - the one-liners they'd give and hoping that they'd get lucky to go out with a doll-face like mine!

Well, that didn't work... I put them back to where they belonged with wits and dark humour... and the truth is that - - they couldn't match my words to my Chinese face. Some backed off and dissappeared, and some stayed on for the challenge and ended up looking at me with new eyes.  Some actually did become good friends of mine, but they've never stopped being suggestive.

I've always drawn the line there and then, and is upfront with 'no romance or intimacies'... as I'm already bethrothed to another.  

I've read the thread here, and you've got quite a few interesting responses... emotional ones and neutral ones alike - impressive. Perhaps your post is a joke or whatever to test what kind of responses you'll get by 'strutting and snorting into China with a Rupert Murdock-styled attitude' - haha!

Anyway, I hope you can take it if the joke backfires on ya. To be fair, I think everyone has his or her own points that's worth internalising...?

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hey hey.... calm down

Naturally if he is from America he would say an American. Sounds like most of you here are into attacking his culture instead. Read ANY personal ad in the world and you will see people tell in this order.....   AGE/SEX/Location......    give it up and quit bashing his culture. Also Im sure everyone has their own reasons for finding certain relationships... is it for you all here to cut him down for his reasons? Learn variety and culture experiences and maybe someone's own personal experience before you all attack someone like so

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