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American man wants Pretty Chinese girlfriend [Copy link] 中文

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yes you are right.......... canada has a complex.......when it comes to america

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yaya..America is richer, is more powerful, is the most perfect country in the world..SO?? still want to find Chinese girlfriend..please REMEMBER: money does not mean everything, especially love...sorry,maybe you didnot mean "love" when you said you wanted to find a girlfriend...

Thank you for your "attention" to chinese girls.
Feel sad for your future girlfriend..cause at least now you little boy still donnot understand what is LOVE.

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Hi mR mike

Are you that rich? What do you mean by "im also rich'?  Define and mind your words before you decide to put that out and think over whom you're talking to VIA your typical dumb head. Look, a yankee is riding a lawn-mower around our backyard.

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Also very arrogant

No wonder you do not have a girlfriend. I came here and married a Chinese man who is ten times as good as any American man. By the way, I am also an American. You can find a girlfriend if you drop your arrogance and attitude. Also, being rich is not everything. I have been both poor and rich, and I prefer not being rich but in the middle somewhere. It is no wonder that Americans are hated worldwide. I never understood this until I came to China 3 years ago and just quietly observed this. It made me very ashamed of a people who used to be very caring and kind.

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you're american, rich...and pretty dumb my friend!

No wonder you are not in the USA. You're probably none of what you say. People who are nice or even rich don't need to be showing off to everyone around.

I also came to China about 3 years ago and married a Chinese girl when I could hardly pay my rent! She didn't care too much about it. She wanted a good man to share her life with....not a bank account. As the previous poster I have also been rich and poor in my 40 years life...and really...I found most of the best things of life when I was running out of money or close to it.

Very cheap from you to come to a Chinese forum and treat Chinese citizens(women) as you have done. You say you have a lot of money and you're living in Beijing? Go to Maggie's bar...maybe you'll find there the type of girl you're looking for.

I want to apollogize in the name of ALL the good American citizens to those of you that have been offended by mrmike. We are certainly NOT as this man is. Sorry especially to Canada, you're great people and the country is lovely, and SORRY,SORRY,SORRY, to China and the Chinese.

Mrmike please respect the other countries and very especially this country that is welcoming and hosting you!

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Try charm school.

Let me see if I have this right mikey?
You are rich, you are single, you live and work in a great city filled with millions of pretty girls.
And yet you still need to post this desperate advertisement in these forums?

That's very sad.
You must be hideous in real life my friend.

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American looking for wife


America is a better country than Canada????  Ask any Chinese person about a certain Dr. Norman Bethune.  They will tell you that Canadians ARE better than Americans.  What have Americans done for China lately?  To help, I mean.  Not to usurp the country and use the chinese in sweatshops, building Nike shoes for 2 yuan a day, then selling them in America and Canada for $200.00 and up.

I came here to help the Chinese Youth learn English.  I think we already know what you came here for.

As for other Americans that read this; I am not saying all Americans are mrmikes.  The ones that I have met have all been friendly and outgoing.

Mrmike......who was it that opened their hearts and homes to Americans on 9/11 when they had no where else to land their aircraft?  We Canadians did.  I think that in itself allows me to say that Americans are NOT better.  We are all equals in this world, and until you realize that, you are going to remain a lonely little man.


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