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The USA army are building another tomb for themselves! [Copy link] 中文

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The USA army in Iraq are facing the attackings constantly from IRAC people,scores of soldiers were killed in the attacking issues all over IRAC.We can say that they are building another tomb for themselves.the invasion to IRAC has taken them into a great disaster.

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Bush, the Unifier

Bush is indeed the great unifier --- he has unify the whole Iraqi people against the brutal US occupation.  But it will not be easy to drive the US imperialists out of Iraq. The whole region has too much geopolitical importance to the US rulers and their dreams of world domination:



If the analogy with Vietnam has validity, it is this: U.S. political leaders, again emboldened by arrogance and drunk with power, falsely believe that their possession of high tech weapons is sufficient to subdue small Third World countries seeking independence and sovereignty. The words associated with Vietnam - 揹ebacle,?搎uagmire,?etc. - are certainly apt for Bush抯 war and the occupation of Iraq.

But there are fundamental differences between the war in Vietnam and Iraq. The most important one being that the United States could, at the end of the day, disengage from Southeast Asia and withdraw from Vietnam. The policy planners and decision makers for the U.S. imperial establishment know full well that the United States military, political and economic structures will never voluntarily withdraw from Western Asia and Northern Africa, also known as the Middle East.

This is where the oil is. Not just in Iraq, but also throughout the Gulf region where two-thirds of the world抯 known petroleum reserves are located. This region is also the gateway to the rapidly expanding economies of East and Southeast Asia, the northern entrance to the African continent from Europe, and the where several strategic waterways are located: the Suez Canal, Gibraltar Strait, the Red Sea, and the Gulf. The Arab portion of that region is also simmering with a popular notion of unity and desire for full sovereignty spanning northern Africa and western Asia. It is where the Palestinian struggle anchors a populist anti-colonial sentiment, and where imposed proxy regimes are dependent in their existence directly on the U.S. In the heart of that region, there is Israel, the U.S.抯 most important ally and power broker, functioning as a spearhead that simultaneously requires a political, economic and diplomatic cover and support from the U.S.

Absolute control ?military control - over these highly strategic resources is the key to the exercise of hegemony in the world capitalist economy. If the United States were to leave, Japan, Germany, Britain, France would be quick to attempt to fill the void. Therefore, Bush does not contemplate withdrawing from Iraq as an option, nor would it be a considered option if Kerry replaces Bush in November.

The Bush gang opted to use naked military force as a means of further consolidating an existing U.S. dictatorship over the region. The project in Iraq was designed not only to crush the Iraqi government, it was seen as a means to a larger end. The plan was to build large-scale U.S. military bases in Iraq, establish in Baghdad the largest U.S. embassy (more than 3,000 personnel) in the world, and use Iraq as the launching pad for regime change throughout the region - the imposition of a true Pax Americana. Earlier U.S. governments, including the Clinton administration, also declared regime change in Iraq as the top priority in U.S-Iraq relations. The Bush administration, however, saw Iraq in a different light: that the conquest and takeover of Iraq would be used as a strategic pivot for the long-term reorganization and globalization of this region under U.S. authority.



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Natural consequences

When war is chosen, the life of soldiers is at stake. If the commander-in-chief has prepared to accept it, so should the service men and women and all voters. Make no mistake about it, as President Bush put it. But the question is, how many tombs should be prepared at Arlington and is it worthy?

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What's wrong with the world?

Nowadays,the conflicts all over the world are becoming more intensive,especially in Mid-east.we don't know what's wrong with the world.Our mankind,as the only creature with inexhaustible wisdom,must love each other.But with the development of the society,human beings begin to pursue the benefits through plot and war

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other arab countries should learn

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The spirit of Iraq people is respectable!

As a independent country,Iraq people should have the right to govern the country, I think they are just  to resist the invasion from the other country.We all notice that they are facing a serious environment nowadays ,and the lives of the USA army's soldiers are losing constantly.we appeal that Bush and his partners must make their decision immediately,they must leave Iraq in the nearest future,and take the peace back to Iraq people and themselves.

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