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Feel sorry for Totothedog and Wahahaha   [Copy link] 中文

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ktbond Post time: 2012-7-14 09:42
Even if they were never to come back, I believe they have succeeded in bringing attention to:

How  ...

There were always hidden gems in Toto's work, Wahahaha did little but insult others and even when complimented he sought to antagonise others.

Toto provided "one" point of view of how the world has evolved, history is very subjective dependent on the stance of the speaker. Toto's strength was that he did indeed write from a very alternative view to the Western mainstream. That does not mean that westerners would not agree with him although Toto usually lumped every man, woman and child into the same bag, calling them all evil, disgusting and corrupt.

Petera does a much better job of pointing out the gaping holes in Western Political and economic policy without automatically sloughing every sentence with a liberal saucing of hate.

There seems to be a growing cry about the "lies and propaganda" spread on the internet towards "non-aligned" countries such as China and Russia. China does not align with anyone because it is China, it would never stoop to agreeing to an equal partnership with another political group or nation. It is business it seems and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with that.

However, China is not adverse to having less powerful nations align with her, the African nations are prime candidates, especially after the mishandling by colonial powers but do not think these relationships will ever come without cost. Loans must be paid, with interest, technology must be shared, raw materials sent in exchange while all the time China itself, and Russia too, sit on their own huge reserves of resources for the time when the rest of the earth is exhausted.

I have no doubt that there are individuals whose work involves destabilisation, there always have been throughout history and technology is merely a new method of infiltration. Those who think that it is merely one group assailing the others though are woefully misguided for those who hold the strings care little for race or religion and puppeteer us all for perverse desires of power and vice.

This is humanity as it stands and this is why we, as a race, will fail.

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St_George Post time: 2012-7-13 21:45
This forum has been “hijacked” by our dearest “Anglos” because they are in the majority

Thats n ...

‘its always a numbers game and should be, majority rule.”  Exactly!

“Anglo traitors”?  They are prophets, much smarter and kinder than common Anglos

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RealMadrid1 Post time: 2012-7-14 00:08
If you feel so attached to Totothedog & Wahaha, you are more than welcome to join them. The exit do ...

Sorry. Your suggestion will be ignored
I am free to stay or leave. I will try to figure our more time to come and have some fun here

Totothedog and Wahahaha are too serious and honest in this forum
Their biggest mistake was trying to tell the truth to a group of liars. It was humorous actually

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29042012 Post time: 2012-7-14 00:24
Displaying the image of the pope is not allowed in China and in Chinese media.

Your comment is completely off-topic

We are talking about Toto and Wahaha, you jumped in and mentioned your pope
If your rope has such a narrow mind and stops others from speaking the opposite views, he is not qualified to be a big man

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zglobal Post time: 2012-7-14 00:35
Perhaps that's your problem.

There is nothing to respect with those two....... ZERO

If they disagree with you, you should give them the right to debate with you
Banning him is definitely not a decent decision
If Anglo is not allowed, why not just block the word “Anglo” instead of banning them

You have used “zero” “irrelevant”...all empty insulting words. No specific reason why they shouldn’t be respected
It’s hard to find any meaningful point from your post.  Try harder!

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expatter Post time: 2012-7-14 01:43
Cool ...........

Do you have any proof of that  ..........  ?

proof? He doesn’t care the proof

Of course three smileys are not enough. But according to our dear mods, a group of smileys might work

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SMITHI Post time: 2012-7-14 04:17
i miss them too, great posters indeed.

very true!

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